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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Emmys of All-Time: Outstanding Animated Program

Now, we enter the official nominees for the series television as a whole. Acting? Done. Reality? Done. This one, however, is the first step into the biggest categories. Animated programs. Notice I say program. Not series. Anyway, here we are. If you decide to vote, please choose one.

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas

One special. One Emmy nomination. One Emmy win.

2. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

One special. Three Emmy nominations. Zero Emmy wins.

3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

One special. Zero Emmy nominations. Zero Emmy wins.

4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

One special. Zero Emmy nominations. Zero Emmy wins.

5. The Simpsons

Twenty-five seasons. Five hundred and fifty-two episodes. Fifty-nine Emmy nominations. Thirty-one Emmy wins.

6. Blue's Clues

Ten seasons. One hundred and forty-three episodes. Twenty-four Emmy nominations. Zero Emmy wins.

Love for the animation!

Ghostbusters Reboot

For a long while, there's been rumors of a third Ghostbusters movie. In fact, Dan Aykroyd even confirmed it on the Today Show while promoting Get on Up. But now, a more firm confirmation has come to light. The Ghostbusters film franchise is actually getting a reboot. With an all female cast. And boy am I excited if they do it right. Because they could either do it really well or really garbage. The bad way to go would be to cast people like Melissa McCarthy, Mayim Bialik, and Kat Dennings. That would be the biggest let down ever. On the other hand, the photos above are the way to go. Amy Poehler, naturally, in the Peter Venkman role. Mindy Kaling would be the new Harold Ramis-Egon Spengler writer type. With Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig, however, I think they could be used interchangeably with the Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd. They'd work either way, but I chose Tina for Dan because of more Tina-Amy interaction. Now, that cast would be probably unlikely to come to fruition. But one can dream, right? I'd love that movie so much. For now, we'll just hope it'll be done right. I would like to see Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, return for a cameo, at least. (It's too bad about Harold.) Also, Paul Feig will likely be the director and he's pretty cool. See you on the other side.

The Haunted Mansion Special

Forget about Eddie Murphy and forget it'll be on Disney XD. Let's hope, for a moment, that this will be good. An animated television special about The Haunted Mansion is coming to our screens this October. Yes, a Halloween special in honor of the forty-fifth anniversary of the amazing ride. Illustrator Gris Grimly (a good name for it) will do the animation and Phineas and Ferb's Scott Peterson will write. I'm not going to set my expectations too high, but maybe it will be good! One can hope.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Emmys of All-Time: Outstanding Leading Actor in a Comedy Series

This one's an interesting one. It's the last presentation of the six official nominees in an acting category. But there also doesn't seem to be a clear favorite. There are definitely dark horses or underdogs, rather, but no real favorite like there was yesterday. Nevertheless, one must be chosen! There are also some gross snubs when looking at the Emmys. You'd be surprised that none of these guys ever won one. It's a terrible thing to realize because they all deserved to win. Now, one of them will.

1. Steve Carell

Leading actor on The Office. Six Emmy nominations. Zero Emmy wins.

2. Desi Arnaz

Leading actor on I Love Lucy. Zero Emmy nominations. Zero Emmy wins.

3. Andy Griffith

Leading actor on The Andy Griffith Show. Zero Emmy nominations. Zero Emmy wins.

4. David Schwimmer

Leading actor on Friends. One Emmy nomination. Zero Emmy wins.

5. Matthew Perry

Leading actor on Friends. One Emmy nomination. Zero Emmy wins.

6. Jason Gann

Leading actor on Wilfred. Zero Emmy nominations. Zero Emmy wins.

Who will you choose?

BoJack Horseman Debuts

About a month ago, the first poster for the new Netflix original series, BoJack Horseman, was released. The name was obviously eye-catching as was the fact it's a cartoon horse-man. Also, with a cast of Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie and Aaron Paul, it sounded like something I truly needed to watch. And I have been. After finishing Freaks and Geeks, I immediately began on this show and I love it. In one day, I've watched eight of twelve episodes so far, but I don't want it to end. I've heard great things about the eleventh episode, but I'll enjoy the ride of the first season. Hopefully more comes! It's a quality program.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Emmys of All-Time: Outstanding Leading Actress in a Comedy Series

We inch closer toward the end, but for now, let's revel in the process. Leading actors? We've proven we can vote for them. But what about when it's turned comedy style? Will it get tougher? Especially with this elite class of comedy actresses? Who knows? What we do know is one must be chosen.

1. Lucille Ball

Leading actress on I Love Lucy. Seven Emmy nominations. Two Emmy wins.

2. Betty White

Leading actress on The Golden Girls. Six Emmy nominations. One Emmy win.

3. Lisa Kudrow

Leading actress on Friends. Five Emmy nominations. One Emmy win.

4. Tina Fey

Leading actress on 30 Rock. Six Emmy nominations. One Emmy win.

5. Elizabeth Montgomery

Leading actress on Bewitched. Five Emmy nominations. Zero Emmy wins.

6. Mary Tyler Moore

Leading actress on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Four Emmy nominations. Three Emmy wins.

Who will it be?