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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The SNL Tournament Champion!

After essentially ten months of voting for the Best Sketch of Saturday Night Live's fortieth season, we have found the champion. Bill Hader's sketch on Weekend Update as Stefon is what you voted as the best sketch of the season!

I do like this outcome because Bill Hader's episode was my favorite of the entire season so it's good to see him get some recognition for that. The return of Stefon was definitely an iconic moment and definitely a worthy recipient of the lofty title. He took down some heavy competition by beating Sarah Silverman, Chris Pratt, Jim Carrey, Amy Adams, and Louis C.K. It takes a great sketch to do that and Stefon? Well, that was just a great sketch.

Congratulations, Bill Hader!

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  1. Congrats indeed, and thanks for all the funny, Mr. Hader!