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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The 2009 Comics Championship: Pearls Before Swine vs. Zits

Stephan Pastis and Jim Borgman worked hard all of 2009 to try to produce funny comic strips. They had numerous comic strips that were funny such as Pearls' Doorstoppo or Zits' Pierce's rumor about school but these two strips are the funniest ones from the geniuses. The Internet Happy Box vs. Driving A Clown Head Through a Funeral Procession. These comics have fought their way here and clawed their way to the top. Zits took down Mutts' evil butcher in the semis, Beetle Bailey's Sarge trying to lose weight, and Rhymes With Orange's therapist monkey. Pearls had tougher tasks taking down Mutts' evil butcher*, and which was favored to win and ranked #1 overall Garfield's holiday comic strip. Last year, a Garfield holiday strip took the title home. You will see the strip tomorrow when it presents the award to either Pig or Jeremy. Now it's just these strips. Vote for the funnier one. Now.

* - Error in tournament brought Mutts back into contention.


  1. Well, if we are looking for FUNNIEST, then I have to go with ZITS.

  2. Such a toss up! I have to go with the Zits one as well!