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Friday, January 28, 2011

The FUNNIEST Strip Of 2010

Many voted. This contest saw the likes of Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Wanda and Darryl, Doug and Sophie, Garfield, Grimm, Mooch and Earl, Pig and Rat, Red and Rover, and Jeremy square off against one another. Pearls, Zits and Garfield had upset strips within one another. Many upsets followed including Blondie over Dog Eat Doug. Great punchlines like; Please Don't Make Me Think, Jackie's Got Some People Friends!, An Airport, There's A New Girl In My History Class, And If There's Anyone Dumb Enough To Marry You, Let's Wait A Minute Before We Come Back and Ask For Passes, Winter: The Ninja of the Four Seasons, I Think I'm In Omaha, and I Can Believe It's Not Better have been voted on. A month of 2010 greatness has come down to this. The votes are tallied. Darryl, Pig, and Rover are all on the edge of their seats. An ArcaMax representative has joined me at the podium. The trophy is placed:

"The winner of the Search for 2010's Funniest Comic Strip is....."


"Jackie's Got Some People Friends!" here's the comic:

The comic battled Red and Rover, Baby Blues, and Mutts. Some of the funniest on ArcaMax today. Pig, Rat, Larry, Goat, Guard Duck, Stephan Pastis and Zeeba go to the podium to receive the award from Jeremy, last year's reigning champion.

Here is the Pearls celebration:

They're pretty happy aren't they?! Congratulations to the entire Pearls Before Swine team! That concludes the Power Blog's biggest tournament. See ya next year!

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  1. Wahoo! So glad it won, cause it was just damn funny! Love it, congrats on a fun competition!