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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Michael Phelps

In 2008, I watched the Olympics thoroughly and meticulously. What did I witness? The greatest feat in sports history. Eight gold medals out of eight chances for Michael Phelps at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It was perfection. It was greatness. That relay where Lezak kept Phelps' hopes alive! And Phelps beating Cavic by one millionth of a second? Simply amazing. Eight gold medals. Unprecedented. Of course, there was Sydney, his first, and Athens in 2004, where he strove for eight and managed six golds and two bronze.

Today, Michael Phelps got his 19th gold and his 2nd silver. That, and the silver he got earlier in London, put him as the greatest Olympian of all time. After 2008, I loved him, he was one of my favorites and he still is. No one is more deserving of this. The greatest swimmer ever. The greatest Olympian ever. One of the greatest athletes ever. Huge props, Phelps.

Huge props.

Community Challenge: Day 31: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Whatever? Hmmm.....

Hilarious, right? Get out.

That was a good challenge. Community's a great show. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done. Well done. Lots of humor.

Didn't Even Realize It

Yes. I am at 100 posts in July. Actually, this is 119. I just didn't even realize, but hoorah, hoorah! 100 ye be welcomed to the vast 100s before ye. Here's the updated checklist:

January: [x]
February: [x]
March: [ ]
April: [x]
May: [x]
June: [x]
July: [xx]
August: [x]
September: [x]
October: [xx]
November: [x]
December: [x]

Ah, the elusive March.

100 Greatest People of 2012: #30-21

This group makes the transition to the Top 25. An elite 25, if you ask me. The other 75 are awesome too, though.

#30 - John van Benschoten. Former Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher and he is now in the Padres minor league system. Benschoten has a career 2-13 record and 9.20 earned run average. Why is he on here you may ask? Because in an alternate reality where the Pirates won back-to-back World Series titles in 2008 and 2009, where Zach Duke set the single season strikeout record and Jason Bay won NL MVP and Nick Swisher, Cliff Floyd and Matt Cain all had career years for the Pirates and where Mike Gonzalez saved 40 games with a stellar bullpen behind him featuring John Grabow, Jonah Bayliss and look at that, John van Benschoten.

#29 - Ferris Bueller. Leisure rules for Ferris. Bueller was portrayed by Matthew Broderick and he took a day off from school and was legendary. Sausage king of Chicago? Cubs game? Twist and shout? Amazing. Save Ferris.

#28 - Anthony Melchiorri. The host of Hotel Impossible on Travel Channel. He is so aggressive and assertive in his attempts to better the hotel. I think his personality is what makes Hotel Impossible so addicting.

#27 - Rhod Gilbert. The performer of the funniest stand up comedy routine ever. Ever. The three plus minute showing about his luggage gone wrong is the most hilarious thing ever. He should be proud of his hilarity.

#26 - Zooey Deschanel. Adorkable? Maybe on New Girl, but her role in Elf was far from New Girl. She doesn't look at all like she does now! Definitely one of my favorite actresses.

#25 - Ron Swanson. The man's man. He likes bacon and eggs. He only owns one bowl. He also loves scavenger hunts. Portrayed by Nick Offerman, Swanson has quickly become a favorite among television lovers and a favorite among people.

#24 - Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli. Ayyyy! The coolest man in the 1950s AND (technically because of Henry Winkler) the 1970s. Not many people can say that. He can make a jukebox work with a single punch. That should say enough. Ayyyy!

#23 - Dan Andelman. The fantastic host of Phantom Gourmet. He's like the New England version of Adam Richman! The New England food lover has showcased many awesome places such as When Pigs Fly and Yummies. Keep on keeping on, Andelman.

#22 - John D. Ryder. The best person on WEEI. He hosts Celtics and Red Sox Rewind. He's responded to multiple tweets and texts from me. He's an all around great guy with a great voice. John D. Ryder is a beast warrior legend.

#21 - Kevin Millar. Such a lovable idiot. He was a key piece of the 2004 Reverse the Curse World Series Red Sox team. He coined the Idiots and Cowboy Up. A great guy to have in the clubhouse, I imagine. If I wasn't six years old in 2004, he probably would have been my favorite. I'm sure Pedroia is a good heir to the number 15.

We get closer and closer tomorrow! The last one before the final one!

Monday, July 30, 2012

100 Greatest People of 2012: #40-31

#40 - Jeffster. Yes, a duo. They're like peanut butter and jelly! Cover song by cover song. They're taking over the world. Songs like 'Africa' and 'Take On Me' have vaulted them onto the international stage. And they're picking up steam. Jeffster!

#39 - Danno Williams. James McCarthur was good and all, but Scott Caan is amazing. Everything he does is perfect. His hand motions are like none other. He will forever live in Hawaiian lore. Book 'em Danno.

#38 - Kevin James. Not a bad resume. Grown Ups. Grown Ups 2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop. The King of Queens. There's a lot more, but those are a few of my favorites. The comedian is one of my favorites and he's got too first names. Love Kevin James!

#37 - Billy Eichner. The host of Billy on the Street! Have you ever seen that? I've seen two episodes before. He gets right up there and is yelling all over to ask trivia questions. He's hilarious!

#36 - Eric Violette. Yes that Free Credit Report.com guy. He produced some of the greatest commercials ever and then they replaced him. What? What? He's back now, though! I'm happy about the return. He's come along way. What a cool singer man.

#35 - Walt Disney. Of course he's here! The man who created Disney! Without him, there would be no Mickey Mouse, Fantasia, and Disney World. He is the man behind all that magic. It's a shame he never got to see the World. He had bigger dreams than anyone and people love him for that.

#34 - Jean Shepherd. This man had the greatest voice ever. Not only was he the narrator of A Christmas Story, but he was the lead in the Carousel of Progress! Every time I hear his voice, I feel all warm and happy inside. I like his voice.

#33 - Kevin Hart. He stole the show in the Celebrity Game and Think Like A Man. He's one of my favorite comedians. If you go to see a comedy in theaters, make sure he's in it first. He's got quite the sense of humor!

#32 - Tom Hanks. One of my favorite actors. He has the biggest resume of the Top 100. Forrest Gump. Big. Toy Story. The Simpsons Movie. Toy Story 2. Saving Mr. Banks. Toy Story 3. Jungle Cruise. Cars. The Polar Express. Cast Away. A League of Their Own. Happy Days. Impressive resume, right? That's why he's great. Hanx.

#31 - Brian Wilson. It's obvious he hates attention, right? He coined the hat tip and sported a spandex tuxedo to the 2011 ESPYs. He's a World Series champion and 3-time MLB All-Star. He's a certified ninja. Along with all that, he has a beard, bigger than your head. Awesome, right?

The Best 10th Inning I Ever Saw

Red Sox - Yankees. Extra Innings. Rubber Game. Following the 8-6 win. Walk. Hit by pitch.

Wait. Hold up. Guess he wasn't?

Will Middlebrooks showed bunt and then pulled back. However, the ball hit him on the wrist. The umpire also fell so he didn't get to make the call. He claimed he heard the ball and the bat connect, despite Middlebrooks showing the umpire the welt on his wrist. He showed it. A big bruise. He showed it! It was there! Bobby V comes out to argue and he gets furious. Yelling and screaming! He gets tossed. On the walk back to the dugout, Cody Ross and Dustin Pedroia are telling him that he's right and to stand his ground. So he turns around and keeps arguing. Walks back. Turns. Keeps arguing. He's fired up and screaming! Then, Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett are angrily yelling from the dugout. Beckett gets tossed. (Which is good, because Beckett needed that or else his rep in Boston would be at an all-time low). Next pitch. Middlebrooks single. Then, Pedro Ciriaco bloops it into right field and scores a run. 3-2 score. Inning ends and Alfredo Aceves emotionally shuts down the Yankees. That was awesome. All after Pedroia's motivating comments. I like that. They beat the Tigers, then after. Hopefully. Hopefully, they can turn it around.

And it's still the best 10th inning I've ever seen.

Community Challenge: Day 30: Favorite Song/Musical Moment

Oh, god there's so many. The theme song, Greendale Is Where I Belong, Daybreak, Finally Be Fine, Jehovah's Most Secret Witness, Kiss From A Rose, Carol of the Bells, La Biblioteca, The Betty White Africa Rap. So so many. But how can you pick anything other than Baby Boomer Santa?


This Week's Sports by David

Sunday, July 29, 2012

100 Greatest People of 2012: #50-41

Now we're starting to see the best of the best come out to play. Lots of TV in there!

#50 - Steve Burns. The man who lived with Blue for a very long time. He solved countless clues and accepted our help without a single complaint. When he left, he went to college! What a class act. Irreplaceable. Although they tried.

#49 - Patton Oswalt. Luckily, he's still alive! King of Queens. Ratatouille. Airplanes with Henry Winkler. This man has done it all. He's pretty cool, pretty funny. Sure Patton isn't a common name, but hey, it's not bad.

#48 - Ellen DeGeneres. Not only does she have her own talk show, but she played Dory in Finding Nemo! She might be the new Queen of Comedy, since Lucille Ball passed. She's a cool person. Not afraid to be herself.

#47 - Patrick Warburton. It's safe to say he's the King of Pre-Ride Spiels. Not only has he done Soarin' at Epcot, but he created the most hilarious parody for Funny or Die. He was Kronk in Emperor's New Groove. Joe on Family Guy. Jeff on Rules of Engagement. Spotless resume.

#46 - Barney Stinson. The writer of the Bro Code! He's a character on How I Met Your Mother, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris. Stinson is a modern day Renaissance Man, fighter-jet pilot, and many other things. He's legen -- wait for it -- dary!

#45 - Edward Talpey. Like Pavlou, I couldn't find a picture of Talpey, so I used what he's known for. The Goldenrod. Yes, Edward Talpey created The Goldenrod restaurant in York Beach, Maine. Best known for taffy, it also boasts great slushies, omelettes, club sandwiches, meatloaf, etc. Great establishment! Nice work, Talpey! Granted, he lived over 100 years ago, but still. Nice work!

#44 - Milan Lucic. The hardest hitting man in the NHL. Lucic is a beast for the Bruins, best known for his monster hits on opponents. He's a Stanley Cup champion, among other things. Lucic is a very tough guy and has been my favorite hockey player for quite some time.

#43 - Ryan Seacrest. He's everywhere! Lightning round: American Idol, Top 40, Today Show, E!, Commercials with Joel McHale, New Year's Rockin' Eve. He does it all. America's host man. This post will be right back after the commercial break. Just kidding. I'm not a sellout.

#42 - Tomie dePaola. The best author in the world. He grew up on 26 Fairmount Avenue and then wrote a book about it. His three books, 26 Fairmount Avenue, Here We All Are, and On My Way, are my three favorites of his. Him and his books will forever live in this blog's lore.

#41 - Happy Gilmore. Tour Champion one year. Gilmore can drive it over 400 yards with an uncharacteristic swing. He eventually learned how to putt with Chubbs and took down Shooter McGavin to win his grandmother's house back. Adam Sandler portrays him. If that shot of his was in real golf, SportsCenter would put it on Top Plays everyday and it would win the ESPY for Best Play.

Tomorrow we reach the Top 40 People! Seacrest will not be hosting it.

Awesome Story

You've gotta read that. I saw it on Facebook and it was just awesome. Too funny and cool!

Community Challenge: Day 29: What Your Overall Opinion Was Of The First Three Seasons

That. That emotion right there. So perfect. Not a flaw in them. Brilliant television.

Casey's On The Office!

Technically it's Jake Lacy, but he played one of the best TV characters of all time in Casey of Better With You fame. Now he'll be on The Office as a regular! How cool! Maybe he'll be sliding into the Ryan-esque role? Clark Duke is also new to the show. Looking forward to seeing Casey once again after a year of absence!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It Had To Be Said

He didn't say their names, but he pretty much called out Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Josh Beckett. He said they were not doing the little things that win games like working the pitcher and getting him tired. In the eighth inning. It was: Ellsbury out. Crawford out. Pedroia works for the single. Gonzalez out. Nine total pitches in the inning. Pedroia had the majority. He said "We're the Boston Red Sox. These first 100 games were [bleep]. If anyone's happy with where we're at, they need to reevaluate that. I don't like losing. You don't like losing. It's frustrating."

Somebody had to say it. With Captain Tek no longer around, someone needed to step up and be a leader. Looks like its Dustin Pedroia. Hopefully it motivates them. Hopefully.

100 Greatest People of 2012: #60-51

We've got some characters in this one! No, literally, four of them are fictional.

#60 - Slinky Dog. Easily the best character in the Toy Story trilogy. He bests Woody in checkers, saves everyone's life by stretching, and is clearly one of Andy's favorites. It's great to be Slink.

#59 - Buddy the Elf. Don't you wish more people were like him. He runs around New York with such optimism like "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" and "Congratulations! World's best cup of coffee!" Will Ferrell probably isn't like that, but what can you do, he's Buddy!

#58 - Batman. He is Batman. Here's the question. Adam West or Christian Bale? Both of them are good as the Dark Knight. Howard Wolowitz is not. He's such a B.A. superhero, I'm surprised Mr. T didn't play him because of it.

#57 - Keegan Bradley. He's Irish. He's a golfer. Two very good characteristics in his favor. He won the PGA Championship and brought it back to Boston. But again, he's Irish and he's a golfer. Can't get much better than that.

#56 - Lucille Ball. She was Lucy Ricardo on I Love Lucy! The queen of comedy. The greatest comedienne of all time. I Love Lucy was and is considered the greatest TV show of all time, and that's hard to argue. Just watch her in it and you'll know.

#55 - Stephen Curry. Davidson legend. Lead one of the greatest Cinderella runs in March Madness ever. They defeated Georgetown, among others, and came so close to knocking Kansas, who would go on to win it all. Curry was drafted two years later and is now the face of the Golden State Warriors franchise. He'll go down in the Top Ten of all-time three point shooters.

#54 - Stan Verrett and Neil Everett. I had to put these two together because they're an amazing duo. If you watch SportsCenter and these two are hosting get ready to laugh. They work so well and play off each other so well that it's just perfect.

#53 - David Spade. Just Shoot Me, Rules of Engagement, The Benchwarmers, Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2. Those are just a few notches on a very impressive resume for Spade. He's very comical and you've gotta respect that. He's awesome.

#52 - Hedo Turkoglu. The Brian Scalabrine of Orlando! I still love him though. Turk quickly became one of my favorites by just watching him play. He's got hustle and man, does he have a shooting stroke. His shoe size is awfully big, as well.

#51 - Wilfred. He may seem perverted, but he helps Ryan out a lot and teaches him valuable lessons, though through weird methods, on the show 'Wilfred'. Oh, who am I kidding? He's a man in a dog suit that freaks the hell out of people.

Tomorrow we get down to the wire. Closer and closer as we close in on the top half of the greatest people. 

Community Challenge: Day 28: What You Want For Season Four

I just want the show to be the same. I know it's impossible without Dan Harmon, but I still hope to have the same uniqueness as it has had before.

Pixar How I Love You So

Yes, I love them for Toy Story, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, and all the rest, but this is the next level. Jon Favreau's upcoming and sure to be awesome film about the Magic Kingdom has been taking a while. Have you noticed? Plot twist. He's getting help from Pixar and there's more details. Here are some quotes from Favreau at Comic Con.

"Magic Kingdom is a big film. It's a very special piece of intellectual property with all the characters from the park and the legacy of Walt Disney."

“What we’ve been doing is writing a script, going up to Pixar, meeting with the brain trust, coming back down, bringing on artists, story editors and putting it together as though it were an animated film so that by the time we actually film it, we’ll have a rock solid story. I don’t want to rush anything. I want this thing to be perfect. I want it to be one shot one kill, like a sniper. I want to make sure this movie’s right in the crosshairs that we can really knock it out of the park so to speak.”

 “Fortunately there’s no rush on it. I’ve been working on it as a writer now and we’re looking forward to beginning that long lead prep as you would on an animated film. Then you work your way to where you know what the whole movie is going to be before you ever roll camera. You actually watch it as the Pixar people do and actually watch it on a screen and evaluate it before you ever roll camera.”

Thank god there's news about it. I was ready to go insane. So looking forward to it! Beyond excited!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Case of the Missing Monster

#FreeWally and #WheresWally hashtags rang out on Twitter yesterday afternoon when the Wally the Green Monster mascot costume was stolen from Fenway Park. Apparently the guy left with it on and boarded a train. Imagine if he did? This would happen:


That's such a weird story. It was recovered an hour later and was supposedly a "misunderstanding." It just made me chuckle. So odd. Some tweets from other mascot were released as well.

There's this commercial too:

I love it. I just love it.

100 Greatest People of 2012: #70-61

This is probably the most athletic group. Five are athletes (that's half of these ten) and one is a former DFTBA MVP (Fieri). Here we go.

#70 - Nick Markakis. Markakey! I fell in love with the Baltimore Orioles right fielder at a Red Sox - Orioles game in Baltimore. He's just so majestic and underrated. He's great. Leading the Orioles to over .500, hopefully.

#69 - Blake Griffin. Every other shot he makes is a dunk. That's his beauty. He laughs it up and has a good humor. I hated him at Oklahoma, but he's much better in LA, on the Clippers. Hopefully that knee holds up.

#68 - Dwight Schrute. I should have written Dwight K. Schrute. He's probably the wackiest man on The Office! Portrayed by Rainn Wilson, Dwight is a television character like none other. With a family like none other, hello Mose. He'll be getting his own show soon. Dwight's all about bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica.

#67 - Damon Wayans Jr. Star of Happy Endings. He provides a lot of humorous one-liners on the show. He's also hilarious whilst doing Parkour.

#66 - Kevin Love. He has the same kind of humor as Griffin. Love and Griffin are very good friends and can create many funny things. Love can also create many scoring opportunities. He set the record for consecutive double-doubles last year. He'll be in the postseason this year with Minnesota.

#65 - Rob Gronkowski. GRONK! Gronk, gronk, smash, gronk, gronk. He's just a beast. This offseason he hasn't been able to escape the media at all, but yet he continues to work on his game and improve. He flicks defenders off like flies. He's an awesome guy. If only he caught that Hail Mary. Yes. I am still hung up on that.

#64 - Enrique Deve'reaux. The Puerto Rican Mohican. That's his hip hop name. In Tower Heist he was the tech guy. He was also awesome. He worked at the BK and the Tower as an elevator technician. What a bro.

#63 - Dan Harmon. How can there not be a spot for the creator of Community? His brain is magic as he created such storied episodes as Digital Estate Planning, Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas, Pillows and Blankets, A Fistfull of Paintballs, Remedial Chaos Theory, and Introduction to Finality. Genius.

#62 - Guy Fieri. Former DFTBA MVP, DFTBA champion, and leader of Blackstone Valley in the DFTBA. He hosts Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dive and Minute to Win It, but he's here because of the DFTBA. One of their all time greatest players.

#61 - Mike Vrabel. His career had a horrific ending, but his tenure with New England was golden. He caught a touchdown in the Super Bowl against Philadelphia! Guess what his position is? Linebacker. That's on D. He filled in at tight end. That can give you an idea of the kind of player he was.

Tomorrow is the last day of the first half of the 100. Check it!

Community Challenge: Day 27: Favorite Cast Image

Can't get much better than that, can you? The Greendale Seven. In 8-Bit Video Game form. Oof baboof.

Call Me Maybe - Swimming Style

There's plenty of baseball versions! Why not swimming? Well. Here you go. Phelps, Lochte, and all.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

100 Greatest People of 2012: #80-71

This is probably one of my most eclectic groups.

#80 - Bill Simmons. One of the best guys at ESPN. He runs 30 for 30 and Grantland. In the 30 for 30 film 'Four Days In October' he chatted it up with Lenny Clarke in some very humorous banter about the 2004 ALCS. Including an awesome reaction to Dave Roberts' stolen base.

#79 - The Incredible Hulk. Otherwise known as Bruce Banner. Not only was he pretty hilarious in The Avengers, but that roller coaster at Universal Orlando is just fantastic. Mark Ruffalo and Lou Ferigno are the only one to portray him well so far.

#78 - Ballsy. The mascot of Wipeout! You can always see him squealing and frolicking around the course with merriment and glee. He's the mascot's mascot.

#77 - Paula Poundstone. I didn't understand the lube rack skit when I was young, but it's hilarious now. I met the comedienne in Ogunquit, Maine, she signed a cup for me.

#76 - George Lopez. ¿Sabes qué? George López merece ser reconocido en el idioma que habla con fluidez in Spanglish. Así que, ¿sabes qué? He had a great show and he did justice for Senor Conan.

#75 - Billy Mays. HI BILLY MAYS HERE! Sadly, he's no longer here. God, I miss him so. His pitches for Oxi Clean will live in broadcasting lore forever, though. What a man he was. He could advertise like no one else could. Unprecedented greatness.

#74 - James J. Braddock. Eh, it's the Cinderella Man! Russell Crowe does justice to him in the film 'Cinderella Man', which we watched after the Christmas Break in Social Studies in 8th Grade. He had one of the biggest upsets of all time against Max Baer. Right right left.

#73 - Joey Tribbiani. One of the funniest characters on Friends. He was dim with a good heart. Some of his best were:

Joey filling out Ross' hospital form: Joey: "Name."
Ross: "....it's Ross."
Joey: "I know Ross, but what's it short for? Rossell? Rostopher?"
Ross: "Just Ross!"
Joey: "It's pretty. Okay, occupation. Dinosaurs. Emergency contact?"
Ross: "Uhh...Rachel."
Joey: "Okay, relationship. Oohhh, this could take a while."

Joey: "Je de plee floo."

Joey: "It's a moo point."
Rachel: "A moo point?"
Joey: "It's like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter. It's moo."

Contestant: "You put this in your coffee."
Joey: "A spoon. Your hands. Your face!"
Contestant: "It's white."
Joey: "Paper. Snow. A ghost!"
Contestant: "It's heavier than milk."
Joey: "A rock. A dog. The Earth!"
Contestant: "Pass. You put this on a sandwich."
Joey: "Salami. Anchovies. Jam!"
Contestant: "It's white."
Joey: "Paper. Snow. A ghost!"
Contestant: "It's made from eggs!"
Joey: "Chickens?"
Contestant: "Pass. You put this on a hamburger!"
Joey: "Ketchup!"
Contestant: "Yes!"
Joey: "Relish!"
Contestant: "Stop."

#72 - Abed Nadir. The gentle one. Not Evil Abed. He's the soul of the Study Group on Community and he keeps them happy. He's got an innocent soul. He's cool. Cool, cool, cool.

#71 - The Swedish Chef. Urf gurndy. Geesh ga doo. Flurdy flip flip flip. Yurf Muppet furndy girf de shoof le floof de Cook the cheekens. Ya foof foof foff, pretty cool, no? Slurdy lurdy ya furf da loo fa loof foof foof, favorite. Mindeee gustee gosta gistt a doo.

Community Challenge: Day 26: Something That Didn't Happen That You Wish Did

Community is perfect so I struggled with this one. I guess it would have been cool to see the Yard Margs at Skeepers as mentioned at the end of Digital Estate Planning when Gilbert wants to treat the Study Group to said Yard Margs.

This Week's Entertainment By David

Open To More Community

Aren't we all, though? Greenblatt said that Community "has not been set to die", "wants to broaden the audience", "going to get the same show under new showrunners". I'm still skeptical, but at least it's not bad news, right?

In other news, a show from Dan Harmon is in the depths of FOX. How cool!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MLB Second Half Q&A

On WEEI the other day, two hosts were asking one another ten questions about the second half of the MLB 2012 season. They had some good answers, but I thought I'd share my thoughts as well.

1. Which team out of the playoff race gets in?

I'm so tempted to say the Athletics or the Mets. But I can't. I've gotta go with the White Sox. Yes I know they've won only four of eleven games in the White Sox - Tigers season series. However, Detroit seems to be at the pique of their dominance for the year. With the emergence of Kevin Youkilis at the hot corner, fan-favorite Paul Konerko at first, and the MLB home run leader in Adam Dunn, the Sox are poised for a playoff push.

2. Which team in the playoff race is out?

The expected answer would be the Pirates, but they look so strong. Sadly, I'll say the Baltimore Orioles. They start off every season with such promise. Hey, they still have a chance to get over .500 this season, but their time has not come yet. They've got the ability to win the close games, but they're third to last in batting average in the MLB, and in their last ten games, they're slipping, they have a 5-6 record. I don't see them contending.

3. Who will be the first manager fired?

The man at the helm of the 36-60 Colorado Rockies. The only team with a worse record than them are the Astros, but this is just awful. The Rockies were playoff contenders only a little over a year ago, in the World Series five years ago, but now they don't seem to be contenders for a winning percentage over .400 anytime soon. Jim Tracy, the Rockies skipper can only seem to be able to talk about the negatives in the clubhouse. Colorado has had no trouble firing other managers who had once been successful, for example, Clint Hurdle. Don't expect Tracy to make it through August.

4. Should Stephen Strasburg be shut down?

Yes. At the beginning of the season, the Nationals imposed a 160 inning limit on Strasburg. He was coming off Tommy John's surgery and they wanted to be careful. I thought about this one, going back and forth like a tennis match, but came at the conclusion of yes. He's at 110 innings right now, so it's still a little bit away, but he'll reach it eventually. He should be shut down because we're talking about the face of their franchise. You're not guaranteed a playoff spot next year and they need to be so careful and so meticulous with the way they treat Strasburg, or they may lose him for good.

5. How many combined wins will Jon Lester and Josh Beckett get?

Let's see. Both of them have records of 5-8. That's ten combined so far. I'll say they'll finish at twenty-one combined. Beckett always seems to have the offense going for his starts and I can't help but feel like Lester will turn it around, although I'm skeptical with Beckett. I think Lester will get seven of the eleven. At least. I hope.

6. Will Boston's coaching staff change by the end of the season?

I'm gonna say yes. The one who gets the boot will likely be Bob McClure, the pitching coach. He clearly hasn't had the success that John Farrell and Dave Wallace have had. The bullpen is great, but the rotation is just awful. He better be careful or else he's gonna be gone quickly. Also, if Bobby Valentine doesn't guide Boston to a playoff spot, I don't know if he'll be back in April 2013.

7. Who will have better offensive stats by the end, Kevin Youkilis or Will Middlebrooks?

I'll narrow this down to batting average, home runs, RBIs, and on-base percentage. Let's review the numbers so far. Batting average: Youkilis is at .250. Middlebrooks at .293. Advantage Will. Home runs: Youkilis has 9. Middlebrooks has 11. Advantage Will. RBIs: Youkilis has 34. Middlebrooks has 42. Advantage Will. Youkilis is at .338. Middlebrooks is at .323. Advantage Kevin. I'm clearly gonna go with Middlebrooks, not because he has advantages, but because Youkilis just sprained his ankle. Advantage Will.

8. Over/under. Adrian Gonzalez will have 18.5 home runs at the end of the season.

Over. He's got nine right now. It's hard to think that he can't hit at least ten more. Especially because of his recent surge. He's been hitting to the opposite field lately and we're seeing what he was last year. His batting average could also be over .300 due to that recent hitting streak and he's at fifty-eight RBIs. I wouldn't be surprised if he finishes with a .300 average, 20 home runs, and 100 RBIs or over. Definitely over. How could you say under?

9. How many games will Carl Crawford play in 2012?

Forty. He's played eight games so far and there are sixty-five games left. He won't play everyday to be safe that he doesn't blow out his elbow. He may even get hurt soon and be limited to ten, but I think he'll play forty and have a small impact on Boston. He feels the pressure to play and that could be his motivation to get  forty.

10. What will be the final record of the Boston Red Sox?

They're at 49-49 right now. 65 games left. They have a chance to finish 114-49, but they probably won't. Three of their four upcoming series' are against strong contenders for the postseason. New York, Detroit, and Texas (Twins are the fourth). 46 of their last 65 games are against teams over .500. They don't always beat the weaker teams. I think they can take down division teams like the Rays, Jays, and O's, but the Yankees will give 'em tough times. They've proven that they can beat Texas and win some close games. Detroit and Anaheim might be hard, but they might catch the A's when they've cooled down. Factor it all in and I think the Red Sox will finish with a record of, drumroll please, 89-73. That's what I think. I think they're due to get hot soon. I like to look on the positive side. It might just be enough to get them into the playoffs. I hope.

100 Greatest People of 2012: #90-81

Ah yes. #90-81. A special group. Here we go.

#90 - Tom Bergeron. I've never watched him on Dancing with the Stars, but he kills it on America's Funniest Home Videos. He trumps Bob Saget. He's a host's host. No one rivals him as host.

#89 - Matt Harding. Where the hell is he? Oh yeah probably dancing somewhere. Harding is the star of the Where the Hell is Matt? videos. He's been on quite the journey and he definitely seems to have fun doing it. Good guy.

#88 - Regis Philbin. Live! With Regis and Kelly was a hit. Live! with Kelly. Is not. Why? Because he's Regis. Think about that one. He is Regis.

#87 - Diedrich Bader. He rocks the short-sleeved dress shirt. He portrayed the Schrute-esque character of Charlie Davies on Outsourced and he's been in many roles, but to me, he'll always be Charlie.

#86 - Jon Favreau. Notice how he dropped a bit. He'll get higher. When the Magic Kingdom comes out. He'll get lower when he doesn't. Maybe he needs an ultimatum. For every year there's no poster, film, trailer, or anything, he'll drop two spots. Maybe he'll be motivated.

#85 - Johnny Boychuk. The original Johnny Rocket! The high-flying Bruins defenseman has prompted broadcaster, Jack Edwards to give him the nickname Johnny Rocket. Everytime he scores Edwards yells "he scores, a Johnny Rocket!"

#84 - Magnitude. Number 84 is a prestigious spot on my Top 100 lists. Why? Because 84 is my favorite number. Magnitude snags the coveted spot, that in some ways is better than being in the Top Ten, but probably not. He can win any argument and silence everybody with a simple "Pop! Pop!"

#83 - Dr. Seuss. He wrote the awesome Green Eggs and Ham. Hit after hit went bam bam bam! The Cat in the Hat as a classic. The Grinch featured an ad for Vlasic. Maybe I'm making up some of this. But Seuss created words that would not miss. Will I ever talk about him without rhyming. Maybe. Boom.


#81 - Amy Adams. Easily one of my favorite actresses. She starred in The Muppets! That's an honor all by itself!

Keep checking back! We'll be in the 70's tomorrow! Oohhh, it'll be groovy!

Community Challenge: Day 25: Something That Happened That You Wish Didn't

Of course it's the firing of Dan Harmon. The creator of Community. I can't shake the feeling that Community won't be the same without him, despite what everyone within the show says. I'll miss him. Wish it didn't happen.

Picnic In The Park Has A Catch

Picnic in the Park sounds awesome. A picnic in Fenway Park, the game after. Games with Dustin Pedroia. Meeting Red Sox players. Sounds like a great day.

But here's the catch. Tickets range from $350 to $500. Per person. So is it worth it? One day. When I'm rich.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mother of God Yes

Ellen Degeneres has campaigned for a long time that there be a Finding Nemo 2. So it makes sense that she'd be back for one, right?

Of course!

You know where I'm going right?

Pixar is making a sequel to Finding Nemo!!!!!!!!!!!! Add this to the list of films that are must-sees for me! We've got the Monsters Inc prequel coming up to hold us over until the second installment for Nemo. This is so great! I can't wait for the film and more details!

Also, a Toy Story 4 has been rumored, but Lee Unkrich, it's creator, has denied it. Which is good. I'm satisfied with the ending.

Can't wait for Nemo 2!

100 Greatest People of 2012: #100-91

Ah yes, the first section. Here's my in-depth description:

#100 - Erin Cahill. She was the host of the very awesome Happiest Celebration on Earth, Disney Vacation Planning DVD. The DVDs haven't been quite as great as that year, normally featuring the same thing every time, but she headlined the group of Erin, Stacy, Luke, and Dave. Pretty cool.

#99 - Paul Blart. The lovable mall cop portrayed by Kevin James. He saved the mall from death and he's just very cool. The movie was filmed by nearby Burlington Mall. Blart!

#98 - Bob Jellison. The wonderful, fantastic Bobby the Bellboy. What a man he is. Always doing the right thing and coming up with the best ideas. Sure he's a push-over, but how can he not be? He has to deal with Lucy's antics!

#97 - Jack Sparrow. What a winner. Let me tell you about one of his scenes. Being held captive by a king and eyeing his muffin, Sparrow knees the soldier's arms, grabs their guns, shoots the chandelier, runs along the table, throws a chair out the window, uses ropes to swing to the top of the mantle, where he grabs the chandelier, swings to the balcony, and then (this is the pique of awesome) grabs the muffin he put on the chandelier and takes a bite, before running out and knocking the hat off a soldier and stealing his gun. Catch my drift?

#96 - George Takei. Easily the funniest man on Facebook, if Jennings if the funniest man on Twitter. Every picture Takei posts is hilarious along with a witty caption from Sulu himself. Ohhh myyy.

#95 - Blake Lewis. The best beatboxer American Idol has ever seen. Five of my favorite songs from his run on the show would be Virtual Insanity, This Love, She Will Be Loved, Doug E. Fresh, and, of course, You Give Love A Bad Name, which could be the best ever. Stay cool.

#94 - Leap Day William. Leap Day William, Leap Day William bursting from the sea. I hope he brings his bucket of sweets for Mom, Pop, and Me. Leap Day William is always wearing blue and yellow for Leap Day. He is portrayed by Jim Carrey in the film.

#93 - Mary Pavlou. Couldn't find a picture of her, so I instead used the first ever Simple Disney Things post. Yes she is the creator of Simple Disney Things, the best blog on Tumblr. Everything posted is perfection.

#92 - David Schwimmer. He'd be higher if it weren't for his Schwimmer Fatigue. Yes Schwimmer Fatigue. He gave everything he had, and he did it with perfection, into the role of Ross Geller. While Ross was cool, it led to Schwimmer being fatigued from his strong efforts (he won an Emmy for the role) the most notable role for him since Friends? Madagascar. Nonetheless, he's Schwim.

#91 - Kyle Busch. The M&M and NASCAR connoisseur. He's one of the most consistent drivers in the NSCS. I don't care for the sport, but I do care for Busch. I just hope he wins the coveted trophy one day.

Well that's all for today. Check back tomorrow and the day after that and so on for deeper in the list.

The Universe Is Like Jar Jar Binks!

I can promise you, I didn't expect to be saying that when I woke up this morning. Yet, they have the same Twitter technique. Remember when I posted about Jar Jar Binks replying to me creepily? Well, the type of thing does the same. It filters Twitter for key words like universe, like Binks did for Jar Jar Binks. Many of the responses the Universe on Twitter gives to people are humorous. Here's my favorite:

@theleica: "Weird to think that one day, unfathombly far in the future, the entire universe will not exist."

@THEUNIVERSE: "At least I have a lot more time than you!"

My dad pointed it out to me. Give it a follow. It's hilarious.

Community Challenge Day 24: A Scene That Made You Angry

I'm not sure why, but this scene got me quite mad with Pierce. How could he be so cruel to Troy and Jeff?

Monday, July 23, 2012

100 Greatest People 2012: Honorable Mentions

These are my five Honorable Mentions. Andrew McCutchen just missed it. He was #106. These are #105-#101.

You've seen them. Here we go:

Steve Nash: He would have been higher, if he was not a Laker. But that Bridgestone Basketball commercial killed me. Nash was hilarious. He's a two-time MVP and a Canadian point guard. He's spent his career in Dallas, Phoenix, and now Los Angeles.

Zach Braff: He was not originally here. He was a last second addition because of a tweet he sent. Ryan Seacrest tweeted "Trying tea instead of coffee. Anyone know what I'm supposed to do with the bag?" Braff replied with "I'm pretty sure you know." Just so hilarious. He played Dr. John "JD" Dorian on the show 'Scrubs'.

Ken Jennings: The funniest man on Twitter. I strongly suggest following. In 2004, he set a record for consecutive and most Jeopardy victories.

Coco Crisp: He was my favorite Red Sox player until Dustin Pedroia came along. Who can forget his Game Seven ALCS catch. Or all of his other catches. Or his name. Or that fight against James Shields. That was mint. Too bad he's in Oakland now.

Jeff Feagles: Ah yes, The Hammer. Jeff "The Hammer" Feagles. Everyone knows how awful people can comment on Youtube. Well, back when my voice was high, I'd post some videos I thought were amazing from sports video games. One featured Feagles. The only nice comment was one saying

"this was the coolest video i've ever seen on youtube for several reasons.
1. Jeff "The Hammer" Feagles is in it.
2. Terrell Suggs on the Vikings? Whatttttt
3. Really tight commentary
4. Crazy azz glitch yo!"

There's the Hammer.

Community Challenge: Day 23: A Scene That Made You Cry

This didn't make me cry, but it definitely made me sad. I don't know why, though.

ESPY Montages

I couldn't find them for a week, but here are the three best, in my opinion:

The opening montage. The montage of the best of the year in sports. Will forever be my favorite.

The Best Game montage. The song fits perfectly.

The Best Moment montage. One word. Tebow. Would be higher, but too many Rays and Yankees.

Two more notes: In the opening montage, Jason Mraz's song 'I Won't Give Up' was used!! Great song, great singer, happy about it!

The Florida Gators won the Capital One Cup. They were considered the best school for athletics! Yes! They are! Pretty awesome ESPYs!

This Week's Sports by David

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Emmys Nomination Recap

The Emmy nominations were announced a few days ago. There were snubs aplenty, but some good ones as well. Here's my thoughts about each one. Awesomes are described and so are snubs. Picks are in bold.

Best Comedy: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Girls, 30 Rock, Veep, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory

Uhm....what? Why is there no Community? I can understand The Office (all 22 of their episodes were nominated for the worst episode of the year in another TV award show). But Community? Come on. Emmys suck sometimes.

Best Lead Actress in a Comedy: Zooey Deschanel, Lena Dunham, Edie Falco, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Melissa McCarthy

Deschanel definitely deserves this one.

Best Lead Actor in a Comedy: Larry David, Jon Cryer, Louis C.K., Jim Parsons, Don Cheadle, Alec Baldwin

Sure I would have liked to see Joel McHale here, sure it's still a snub, but there are some good ones in there.

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Mayim Bialik, Merrett Wever, Julie Bowen, Kristen Wiig, Sofia Vergara, Kathryn Joosten

Bialik will have her time, but Joosten carried Desperate Housewives and it's finale until she sadly passed away.

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Ed O'Neill, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, Bill Hader, Max Greenfield

Three thoughts. Number One: Where the hell is Danny Pudi? Number two: Think there's enough Modern Family? Number three: Schmidt.

Best Drama: Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Homeland, Game of Thrones

That was tough. I don't watch any of them. I'll go with the Men.

Best Lead Actress in a Drama: Julianna Marguiles, Michelle Dockery, Elizabeth Moss, Kathy Bates, Claire Dannes, Glenn Close

Marguiles. The only name I recognized.

Best Lead Actor in a Drama: Steve Buscemi, Michael C. Hall, Bryan Cranston, Hugh Bonneville, Jon Hamm, Damian Lewis

Never cared for Hamm, but what can you do?

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama: Archie Panjabi, Anna Gunn, Maggie Smith, Joanne Froggatt, Christina Hendricks, Christine Baranski

My, but Smith has gotten old.

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama: Aaron Paul, Giancarlo Esposito, Brendan Coyle, Jim Carter, Jared Harris, Peter Dinklage

Only for his guest appearance on The Office does Pinkman get the nod.

Best Variety Series: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Real Time with Bill Maher, Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

If you watched an episode of Jimmy Fallon, you'd fall in love. Amazing. Fallon is great.

Best Reality-Competition Program: So You Think You Can Dance, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, Top Chef, Project Runway, The Voice

The Amazing Race is a quality program and it saddens me that I've seen very little of it the past couple of years.

Best Host for a Reality-Competition Program: Cat Deeley, Phil Keoghan, Ryan Seacrest, Betty White, Tom Bergeron

It's hard to go against Bergeron and White for anything, but come on, he's Seacrest.

Best Animated Program: American Dad, The Penguins of Madagascar, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons

Hahahahahahhah, Bob's Burgers.

Best Writing for a Comedy: Louie-Pregnant, Girls-Pilot, Parks and Recreation-The Debate, Parks and Recreation-Win, Lose, or Draw, Community-Remedial Chaos Theory

I picked this one out specially because it's Community's only nomination. I know what you're thinking. Bull. They should have had 1000 nominations, but this episode was so very amazing and I'm glad it's recognized. With five nominees, they're creating five different timelines.

Best Guest Actor in a Drama: Mark Margolis, Jeremy Davies, Jason Ritter, Ben Feldman, Dylan Baker, Michael J. Fox

I singled this one out too because Jason Ritter.

There you have it. My thoughts and picks. I'm not too pleased about Kimmel hosting, but meh.

Community Challenge: Day 22: A Scene That Made You Happy

This Season Three finale montage is just so many different kinds of amazing. Especially Starburns.

Too Many Avengers

This is a humorous video. Very very very quality. The best part is Super Grover. Just so clever.

Here's The Thing

Remember before I left for Maine I said I'd feature my 3000th post, sports current dream teams, how TV shows would end, and my annual 100th Greatest People List. However, I was unable to finish the list before we left. Therefore I will do it in stages.

7/23: Honorable Mentions
7/24: #100-91
7/25: #90-81
7/26: #80-71
7/27: #70-61
7/28: #60-51
7/29: #50-41
7/30: #40-31
7/31: #30-21
8/1: #20-11
8/2: #10-1

It's hard to go against Betty White, but here are the Greatest People list distinctions. It's just going to be awesome people. Not anyone I know personally (which knocked Billy, Casey Lock, and Sir Rum Matey out of the running). I can't rank people I know, can't be done. Just all-around awesome people. Real or fictional. Dead or alive. Ok? Cool.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Community at Comic-Con 2012

There's no video yet, but I'll get you one. Here are the highlights:

  • Showrunners claim they won't screw it up
  • Jeff Winger's father will appear
  • Foosball will return
  • Get to see Pierce's mansion
  • Inspector Spacetime convention
  • Britta and Troy's relationship will bud further
Cannot wait whatsoever!!

Oz: The Great and Powerful

This has more potential then I thought. I'd probably wait for DVD, but still could be Disney quality.

Community Challenge: Day 21: Least Favorite Guest Star

Didn't really care for Jack Black as Buddy. I don't know why.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Would The Real Batman Please Stand Up?

Many have uttered the phrase 'I Am Batman.' Only Batman is Batman though. Watch this montage, it's awesome and explains what the hell I'm talking about:

Pick Florida My Man!

Imagine if the best high school basketball player since LeBron, elected to go to Florida? National Championship baby! Pick the Gators. Jabari Parker, the number one college recruit is considering Florida, BYU, DePaul, Duke, Kentucky, Georgetown, Kansas, Michigan State, North Carolina, and Stanford. Pick Florida dude!

Other Sport Dream Team

If you wanted go to the Olympics in some messed up sport, these are your guys:

Roger Federer
Novak Djokovic
Jason Day
Rory McIlroy
Tiger Woods
Kyle Busch
Jimmie Johnson
Michael Phelps
Usain Bolt
Lionel Messi

What a strange sport, it'd be.

Community Challenge: Day 20: Favorite Guest Star

Gotta go with Josh Holloway as the Black Rider, right?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

American Idol In Turmoil

Simon, Paula, Ellen, and Kara have all left. Now joining them is Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Will they survive? Adam Lambert has been rumored to be a judge, but hey, they've still god Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest, not to mention Hollywood, commercial breaks, and vocal talents.

This Week's Entertainment by David

NHL Dream Team

Hockey, eh?

Martin Brodeur
Tim Thomas
Jonathan Quick
Brad Marchand
Milan Lucic
Zdeno Chara
Alex Ovechkin
Sidney Crosby
Henrik Lundqvist
Evgeni Malkin
Steven Stamkos
Corey Perry
Rick Nash

What a front line that would be.

Community Challenge: Day 19: Favorite Friendship

There is no option except for Troy and Abed. Here's their best moments:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3000 All-Time Posts

Wooohoooo this is my 3000th post on the blog! Makes me remember the days when it was young. What a run and we're not slowing down one bit. Pop the cork and let's keep steamrolling! They're actually quality posts too, not just factory churning them! This blog is prestigious.

Ice Age Is Historically Innacurate

The order of their movies goes: Ice Age, Meltdown, Dinosaurs, Continental Drift. The order in real life is: Continental Drift, Dinosaurs, Meltdown, Ice Age. Maybe it's Star Wars and they're going backwards, but I still find it humorous.

NFL Dream Team

Prepare for an offensive onslaught:

Drew Brees
Aaron Rodgers
Cam Newton
Tom Brady
Rob Gronkowski
Brandon Spikes
Wes Welker
Tim Tebow
Jason Babin
Adrian Peterson
Arian Foster
BJ Raji
Patrick Willis
Vernon Davis
Mario Williams
DeMarcus Ware
Jeff Mathis
Austin Collie
Darren Sproles
Ed Reed
Ray Lewis
James Harrison
Jerome Simpson
Andre Johnson
Matthew Stafford
Jahvid Best
Calvin Johnson
Matt Bryant
Ndamukong Suh
Billy Cundiff lol No

I'd go out there with those guys.

Community Challenge: Day 18: Least Favorite Ship

How could Chang do that to Pierce?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Community Thrives

Community was moved to a Friday death slot. Grimm was also there, so that gave hope, but there's more hope! They'll have some beatable competition! ABC is making a TGIF slot and it will have Last Man Standing. Go Greendale Go!

Peter Pan Steps Up

Apparently, a 4 year old kid was in Adventureland wearing a princess outfit, with a princess autograph book, just decked out in princess gear. A random man was calling him gay. Peter Pan hangs out in Adventureland. He saw what was going on and went over to him and said "Excuse me, sir, but I'm going to give you some advice that I never give anybody. Grow up." How awesome is that?

MLB Dream Team

Installment number two:

Stephen Strasburg
Dustin Pedroia
David Ortiz
Adrian Gonzalez
Nick Markakis
Jose Bautista
Prince Fielder
Josh Hamilton
Michael Young
Bryce Harper
Mike Trout
Chase Utley
Roy Halladay
Justin Verlander
Jered Weaver
RA Dickey
Andrew McCutchen
Cole Hamels
Pablo Sandoval
Troy Tulowitzki
Andre Ethier
Clayton Kershaw
Brian Wilson
Matt Kemp
Bryan LaHair
Joey Votto
Adam Wainwright

Pretty good, I might say.

Community Challenge: Day 17: Favorite Ship

Abed and Pierce for sure. Watch all the way through and you'll understand.

Monday, July 16, 2012

NBA Dream Team

One day, I'll do the All-Time Dream Team, but for this week, like I promised, I'll just do it with current players. Here's the NBA team in my opinion:

Chris Paul
Blake Griffin
Kevin Love
Deron Williams
Dwight Howard
Rajon Rondo
LeBron James
Kobe Bryant
Kevin Durant
Dwayne Wade
Carmelo Anthony
Russell Westbrook
Amar'e Stoudemire
Stephen Curry
Steve Nash

Not too shabby, eh?

This Week's Sports by David

Community Challenge: Day 16: Favorite Other Character Moment

I couldn't decided between Leonard, Magnitude, Starburns and Dean, so why not all of them?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

How TV Shows Should End

I'm going to highlight 6 shows that are coming to the end of their runs and say how they should end. Just a few sentences of my take on the perfect finale. It's not only The Office.

How I Met Your Mother: The finale should have the mother finally revealed. I think that's what they were shooting for anyway. Then, the five, Marshall and Lily's children, and Ted's wife can make their way down to McLaren's where Barney says this night will be legen-wait for it-dary. Then, a montage of new pictures from that night in the same style as the opening theme with the song will play as it ends.

Two and a Half Men: This show is weird so why not have a weird ending? Walden moves out with his new girlfriend and plot twist, Alan dies and is reunited with Charlie. Jake inherits the house.

The Simpsons: Homer is driving home from work and considers stopping at Moe's, but instead keeps driving home. Marge and Maggie are also driving home. Lisa is biking back, and Bart skateboards. They pass all the residents of Springfield and they sit on their couch one last time.

Family Guy: The giant chicken kidnaps Stewie and Peter sets out to kill it with Quagmire, Joe, and plot twist-Cleveland. Peter encounters him and they do their usual fight. And as usual, when the fight is over, they go to the chicken, but this time it's really dead. Brian and Lois are reunited with Stewie and the Griffins sit down, with an impeached Adam West, to watch the news.

30 Rock: TGS is finally cancelled and Tracey and Jenna have no place to go. Kenneth, who has improved his life, takes them in. Jack and Liz finally hook up. The five leave the studio together, with no more show.

The Office: Michael comes back to see how Dunder Mifflin is doing. Holly's parents have passed and when he seeds that David Wallace is back and that he's looking for a CFO, Michael gets the job and stays near Scranton. Michael leaves the Scranton Branch at five, followed by an eager Dwight and his wife, Angela. Kevin and Oscar go out with Angela. Creed and Meredith follow with Stanley and Phyllis after. Andy, Erin, Kelly, and Ryan go out together as they head out on a double date. Pam tells Jim to leave as well. Jim tells Pam to go right ahead and he'll be out shortly. As Pam leaves, Jim reaches into his desk, pulls out a stapler in jello and puts it in Dwight's desk. He turns off the lights. Toby comes out and asks where did everybody go?

They'd all be cool, no?

Tom Brady: Funny or Die

What a company Funny or Die is. This may be a tad older, but still good. Yeah, still good.

The Dark Knight Rises Looks Incredible

I can't stop watching this trailer. It's so great. I'm betting that this will be better than The Dark Knight. Entertainment Weekly says Oscar worthy. Take a look:

Community Challenge: Day 15: Favorite Chang Moment

Is this a new sterotype?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Off On Vacation!

I'm on vacation in Maine! Don't worry, though, I've got lots of fun stuff scheduled for you, including my second annual 100 Greatest People list and sporting Dream Teams and how TV Shows should end! Look for 'em!

Fantasyland Expansion Update

I've got three things on Fantasyland for you.

One is they'll get new uniforms, take a look: 

Another is that the expansion will create 1500 new jobs! Point for Obama!

Lastly, a TV station went behind the walls. Oooooo. Take a look:

Dreamworks Theme Park?

They could call it Themeworks! They'll probably follow in the footsteps of Universal and Disney, but instead open up shop in New Jersey. Shrek and dragons? It probably wouldn't be as thrilling as others, but could be cool, emphasis on ish. The Disney Blog reported it.

Community Challenge: Day 14: Favorite Pierce Moment

Ah yes, Pierce and his bout with racism.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Winger's Father

Jeff Winger's father has been mentioned a lot on the show. In fact, in the Season 3 Finale, Jeff is shown typing William Winger into Google. So, yes, he will be coming to Community in Season Four. Bill Murray, John Larroquette and Corbin Bernsen's names have been thrown around. I'm pulling for Bernsen, because I bet he could play the role well. Who's your pick?

Human Bowling Ball

This would be so fun. Why does everything that looks so fun have to be foreign? I'd love to be a human bowling ball.

At The Bar With Roger Federer

This is so awesome. Jimmy Fallon + Roger Federer = Greatness. I love how he refers to Roger in third person. This is a must watch in my book.

Community Challenge: Day 13: Favorite Shirley Moment

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

2012 ESPY Recap

The ESPYS are easily the best night of the year for me. This year, it was their 20th annual so it was bound to be good. And good it was. Two montages were pretty epic. The beginning one which had Jerome, Peyton, the Cardinals, all in one. It was a classic. The other was the 20 greatest moments of the past 20 years. The Red Sox of 2004 were featured and that was perfect. When I find the videos I'll share them.
Rob Riggle was an okay host, but I was skeptical when I first heard about him in Florida in April. There were definitely some better hosts, but he seemed to enjoy it. Joel McHale, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers are my three picks for next year.
 I was very much distraught when Christian Watford won Best Play. Every other play deserved it so much more. This is a buzzer-beating three. We've seen it before. We may never see some of the others again.
 I was quickly happy once again when Tim Tebow won the ESPY for Best Moment. It really was an amazing moment. My favorite of the year. Lindsey Vonn delighted me when she Tebowed. He deserved it.

All in all the ESPYs were awesome, per usual! Can't wait 'til next year!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hardest Suduko In The World

One day I will finish this. Mark my words. Toughest one in the world, but don't worry. I got this.

Eduard Kiel's Replacement

Sadly, Kiel, the Trololol man, passed away not too long ago at the age of 77. No need to fret however. This kid can fill the shoes, even though they're giant.

Community Challenge: Day 12: Favorite Troy Moment

Troy doesn't really make much sense, but it's still hilarious.

This Week's Entertainment by David