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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

You Can Call This One a Comeback

I figured since it has now been almost two years, it is probably better to acknowledge something that we all know to be true. This blog is now in heaven, running around with all the other blogs.

I always envisioned the end of this would be something much grander. Something akin to the series finale of The Office or something. But alas, it went out with a whimper. And I had complete control over that, too. And yet, everything remains unsatisfactory. Including the ongoing list, which would likely crown Jim from The Office as the best, in case some of you are still tearing out your hair wondering who the winner was.

This post is an attempt at reclaiming some of that satisfaction. From covers to lists to videos to everything in between, this was the vessel I used to share the things that excited me for a large part of my childhood and adolescence. And I was so happy to do that. And to share it with the over one million people who visited this blog. It was truly delightful.

And you should know, I still do it all. I just don't really share it. I'm still making lists and debating things and heralding my favorite people as heroes (the Adam Richman Is My Hero t-shirt is still worn to this day). But now I'm in college, so it's really for me and the people I talk to. It's hard to then also put it in blog form.

It was truly a delight to engage in this blog. But now, I've gone onto other things, none of which would be possible without this blog. I mean, can't you tell that I clearly am a better writer now? That's because of this blog. I've got a book I'm on the verge of sending too publishers. I just started my own podcast. I've been doing some casual writing over on Medium. It's all still here. It's all still part of me.

I'd provide you all with the links to these projects, but I know the only people who ever truly read this. And I know they already know about these projects. And that's what's really cool.

Through this blog, I met some great people and I shared some things with people I already knew. And even though that Miley Cyrus video from my very first post is removed from YouTube, fear not. Because even though I know some of this stuff might be cringy, I don't care. It's who I was. And it's here forever.

Thank you. My power is no longer beyond your understanding. You understand completely.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Don't Call It a Comeback Because I Was Never Gone

Yes, I know it's been thirty-seven days since I last posted, but things really got in the way. More than I anticipated! But don't worry, I have a plan. Every thing that was planned will be caught up with by my posts without a problem. You'll still see everything as intended. As for the daily posts? They will start anew once I get caught up. Never fear. We'll be back real soon. Have a good new year!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

60 Favorite Television Characters: 25

Like Lena Dunham, the main character on Girls is a very polarizing person because she has so much in common with Lena herself. Which makes sense because if you're going to create a character, write her as you know her. In that case, she wrote Hannah Horvath like she knew herself. And it reflects and really shines through and I believe just putting in complete honesty allows for a real character. That doesn't go unnoticed. And Hannah is admittedly very troubled, but that scene when she sings Wonderwall in the bathtub, she just felt real. That's why she's so high up, kicking off the top twenty-five.

Hannah Horvath: Lead character on Girls portrayed by Lena Dunham.

Kenan and Kel Reunite

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has orchestrated some pretty phenomenal reunions over the years (see: Saved by the Bell and Full House), but I think they've really outdone themselves now. Jimmy and the gang (probably lead by Mike DiCenzo) brought Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell (from the great show Kenan & Kel and the movie Goodburger) back together to do yet another Goodburger sketch. Man, it's good to see those two hanging out again. They're so great.

The SNL Documentary

This year, a documentary about the history (primarily political history) of Saturday Night Live over the course of its now forty year history titled Live from New York was released, but only in select cities so I did not have a chance to see it. But, thankfully, NBC aired the documentary on October 3rd before the season premiere of SNL and it was very well-made. The chills-inducing first couple moments were worth it alone. I give it my highest recommendation!

Monday, November 23, 2015

60 Favorite Television Characters: 26

As soon as you saw Burton Guster (Gus) on this list earlier, you had to have known that Shawn Spencer was coming. And here he is: behold! Shawn is the exact type of character who you can really connect with and for somebody like me who actually grew up with Psych as a show, he was such a role model that I wanted to do so much to be like him. He was so cool and funny and charming and just hyper-intelligent but quick-witted, too, that how couldn't I have wanted to be just like him? I wanted to be Shawn Spencer so much. He was the epitome of what it meant to just be endlessly cool. You gotta love him.

Shawn Spencer: Lead character on Psych portrayed by James Roday.

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