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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Britanick Made it Big

We all know and love Britanick, but now, they've made it big! They appear in Joss Whedon's new film Much Ado About Nothing. I even saw them in a commercial on television for it. It's pretty cool! Entertainment Weekly has the full article.

Becoming More and More Twitter Famous

Yes, I've been retweeted by the Florida Gators, Dunkin' Donuts, Life is Good and even the great, Adam Richman. But in the past week, three different accounts have interacted with me.

I tweeted about the awesome film Jeff, Who Lives at Home and then the guy who made it, Jay Duplass of the Duplass Brothers, favorited the tweet! Zoltan Mesko was getting really cocky about the Bruins in their loss so I tweeted that I blamed him and he sure responded! I even wrote to the Cap'n Crunch, pledging my allegiance to him and he went ahead and retweeted AND favorited me! Hashtag.

It's Safe to Say I Love My New Backgrounds

I alternate between both of these daily as my computer wallpapers. And they are amazing. When A.A.R.M. and Finale both aired on The Office I was so wrapped up in what was going to happen that I didn't process the greatness of Dwight's portraits of him and Mose and then just him. The only question I still ask myself: Which do I love more?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Office Season 9 DVD Cover

The ninth and final ( :-( )season of The Office will be released on DVD on September 3, 2013. It will contain deleted scenes, rare cast auditions, blooper reel and over forty hours of footage. Sounds great! Very good DVD cover though. Not flattering of Ed Helms and Andy Bernard, but hey, what can you do?

Dinosaur Wedding

I know what you're thinking. Dinosaurs can't get married! And they can't. But they can attack weddings via photoshop. A photographer at a wedding told everyone in the party to run and pretend that they were sprinting from a monster. Then, he put in this dinosaur. The final outcome is incredible.

Jobs Trailer

I'll admit that I probably would not pay to see this movie and I don't think I'll see it in theaters. The only thing that might make that happen would be Josh Gad, but even then, unlikely, extremely unlikely. Still an interesting premise and worth a share. Maybe all we need is this trailer and Steve Jobs' Wikipedia page.

Friday, June 28, 2013

This Is the End

There will probably be spoilers.

This Is the End? More like This Is One of the Best Comedy Movies I've Ever Seen. I suppose it was aimed at my age group, but honestly the funniest parts to me weren't the Franco/McBride argument or when Rogen and Jay Baruchel lit it up in his apartment. That's not really my style. My favorite parts were anything Jonah Hill countering Jay during the "exorcism," Jonah Hill's little gun stunt and everything Craig Robinson. Naturally, I thought the film overall was hilarious. The cameos from Jason Segel, Krumholtz, Kevin Hart, Aziz and Mindy Kaling were awesomely appreciated. Michael Cera and Channing Tatum were just really, well, out there. I doubt I'll see them the same again. And Emma Watson did surprisingly well. My favorites in the film were everyone except McBride and Jay Baruchel. I'd never heard of Baruchel before and McBride just kind of annoyed me. The other four of the group of six were fantastic, though. I think what really did it for me was that even though a coked-up Michael Cera was impaled, the Rapture descended upon Hollywood and the rest of the world, Krumholtz literally fell into Hell, Satan's penis literally was cut off, and we watched six celebrities play fictional, exaggerated versions of themselves on screen, even though all of that happened, there was a sense of realness to it and the actors played off of it like it could be believable. I felt comfortable with these six guys. It's probably my favorite film of the year so far. Amazing and hilarious.

Hot in Cleveland Live Show

The Hot in Cleveland live show worked pretty well and it was as good as the 30 Rock live show, I'd say. The best part was when Betty White just could not say her line. That was hilarious. The highlights were Shatner, Danny Pudi and Brian Baumgartner aka Abed and Kevin. They were weird to see in different roles, especially Kevin's regular voice. I'd say it was good, though.

If Humans Crossed the Street Like Animals

The squirrel has got me dying. This one is better than how animals eat their food. Hilarious, I'd say. Kangaroo is good too.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cool Chris Bosh

I don't really care for the Heat. I don't like LeBron. My respect for Wade is dwindling. Mario Chalmers is alright, but I've kind of got a beef with him. However, there is one player on the Miami Heat that I like and respect probably just because his goof of a life has garnered my attention. The funniest picture of him is posted above and the following is a gif of what happened to him during the championship celebration for the Heat this year. That's right, confetti in the mouth.

Okay, here's another Chris Bosh picture:

Why Didn't I Follow Soul Pancake Earlier?

I don't know why. Rainn Wilson created it and he's pretty cool. I started following Soul Pancake on Twitter and they post such deep, metaphysical stuff that really makes you think. I signed up for it and I will now be posting regularly on it when I can. Here are some examples!

Pretty cool to me!

How Do I Share Vines?

What has got Adam Richman all fed up? There's a crazy man at his gym! I don't know how to share vines on my blog but this one was too hilarious to not share so hear is the link: Adam Richman vine.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Community Cast Auditions

It must not have been looking good for Community before they were saved at the 11th hour and renewed for a fifth season. The cast had to make an audition tape for Jim Rash's, the Dean's, new film The Way, Way Back. Pretty funny.

2013 Charter Scholar Athlete

A senior at my school is going to play softball at UMass and she is very good at softball and I bet she has a strong future in it. She was given this award with a highlight reel that was tweeted by one of my teachers. She's even in my fantasy baseball league! Going places.

Stanley Cup Awards

Not the Stanley Cup itself or even the MVP of the finals or playoffs. It's the awards that make you go "oh yeah! I can see that! Hey, that's funny!" Jimmy Fallon handed out these awards and they are hilarious and viewable at the SportsNet website. This is my favorite:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Johnny MANziel

I guess this is what happens when you get too famous too soon. Johnny Manziel is a young rascal who became the first freshman to ever win the Heisman trophy. However, in NCAA Football 14, the video game, he looks nothing like himself. He looks like a washed-up, middle-aged schlub. I guess they really don't like him over at the video game factory. This is what Manziel actually looks like:

Evan as Tom Hanks

I have no idea who Evan is, but I do know who Tom Hanks is. He's a Power Hall of Famer!

In one of the best biographical and verbal reports of our time, this child delivers the history of Tom Hanks and it is remarkably spot-on. So much so that Tom Hanks even tweeted it!

Late Night 8-Bit

Sorry that it's not better quality, but for some reason Late Night didn't post it on YouTube! Their video game week kicked off this week with an 8-bit intro! It's pretty cool to see Jimmy Fallon all pixelized.

Monday, June 24, 2013

When You're Here You're Family

No, it's not Olive Garden, it's Late Night! Take a visit with the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon crew featuring Higgins, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon himself! It's a great meal for everyone! Oh screw it, this is just hilarious.

This Week's Sports by David

Sorry That I Haven't Posted as Often

It's summer and things are awesome so naturally, I've been busy. But I'm back and I'll re-up the five days I missed and I promise to try to stay more consistent!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cap'n Crunch - A Fraud?

Someone recently pointed out that Navy captains have four gold bands on their sleeves and commanders have three. Cap'n Crunch has three. This means that he isn't truly a Captain of the Crunch, but rather a Commander Crunch. Is the cereal a lie? The Cap himself released a statement via Twitter:

I, too, was shocked about the news, but I think I'm going to stand by Cap'n, the Cap'n of my favorite cereal. I believe in him.

I love when things like this happen.

2013 Golden Remote Awards

The E! website has awards for many different aspects of television. There's the Funniest Stars category, Drama King and Queen, Love Triangle You're So Over and more. The Office is nominated pretty generously in each category, but some of aren't for good things. Anyway, you can vote here. But here's my picks and The Office nominations.

Funniest Female
My selection: Jenna Fischer with Zooey Deschanel as runner-up.
Office nomination: Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly.

Funniest Male
My selection: I voted multiple times for John Krasinski, James Roday, Joel McHale, Nick Offerman, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Neil Patrick Harris, Adam Pally and Matthew Perry. Too many to choose!
Office nomination: John Krasinski as Jim Halpert.

Drama King/Queen
My selection: Monica Potter as Christina Braverman on Parenthood. Hey, it was the only show I watched that had a nomination.
Office nomination: None.

Love Triangle You're So Over
My selection: Ted-Robin-Barney on How I Met Your Mother.
Office nomination: None.

Best Couple
My selection: Jim and Pam. Jim and Pam. Jim and Pam. I voted so hard for Jim and Pam.
Office nomination: Jim and Pam. Obviously.

Oddest Couple
My selection: Tom and Mona Lisa of Parks and Recreation.
Office nomination: Pete and Erin. Toby and Nellie would have been a good nomination.

Best Fight
My selection: Happy Endings' Food Fight.
Office nomination: None. (Although Jim and Pam's over the phone was greatly real television).

Best Kiss
My selection: Jess and Nick's first kiss.
Office nomination: None. (Unfortunately).

Best Bitch
My selection: April Ludgate of Parks and Recreation.
Office nomination: None. Although, Angela probably would have garnered one back in the early run of the show.

Biggest Bad Guy
My selection: Councilman Jamm of Parks and Recreation, the only nominee I knew.
Office nomination: None.

Star You'll Miss The Most
My selection: I voted for John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson once each.
Office nomination: Krasinski, Fischer and Wilson! Hell, everyone of those cast members deserved a nomination.

Show You'll Miss The Most
My selection: THE OFFICE, DUH. Sorry, 30 Rock, Go On and Happy Endings, but I hold The Office very close to my heart.

Good bunch of polls!

Tim Tebow is an Angel

And he almost was a real Angel! A baseball scout for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim really liked the prospect of Tebow as a baseball player. It was almost meant to be, but Tebow never filled out the information card! I guess it was fate because he went on to Florida, won the Heisman, won two championships, became the greatest collegiate athlete ever, went to the NFL in the first round, won a playoff game and is now a true Patriot. I think it worked out for the better.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A SECOND Evolution of Music!

Remember that Pentatonix Evolution of Music? That was pretty awesome. Except it was a capella. This is all instrumental. The best parts are easily the beginning and then when that Pirates of Caribbean comes in you're like, 'I recognize this!' Nicely done.

Psych Trading Cards

This summer, the people behind Psych are releasing trading cards of characters on the show. The only main character with a card right now is Gus, but there's also some for Buzz McNab, Mr. Yang and Major General Felts. Pretty neat!

Hart to Hart

Adam Scott's project, The Greatest Event in Television History, continues with this remake of the Hart to Hart intro. He paired up with Amy Poehler and I don't know about the greatest, but this event is coming along nicely.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Gator or Red Sock?

Jeff Driskel is the awesome quarterback for the Florida Gators. He's not as awesome as Tim Tebow, but he's still a pretty cool guy and a good quarterback with a wide range of skills. He also hasn't played baseball since high school so it came as a pretty big shock when he was drafted by the Red Sox in the 29th round of the MLB draft this year. He said he won't join the team on Twitter, but he could still sign as a fallback in case football doesn't work out. You think they'd do their research and see that he's pretty committed to Florida football right now. But if football doesn't work out it's kinda cool to see that he'd at least be in my view as a player still. Whether it be football or baseball. What an oddly cool story!

You've Just Been Proven by the Racist Prover!

Remember that classic scene on Community with Chang (Ken Jeong)? It's always hilarious! Now it can be applied to real life. Matt Tanner posted a picture of him with an Asian guy and said he met Mr. Chow, also played by Jeong in The Hangover.

Ken Jeong replied to this tweet of a picture that is clearly not him.

Then Alison Brie, Annie, brought it home.

These are the perks of Twitter.

Tom Brady and Tim Tebow are Best Friends!

You take two things that might not seem compatible on the outside and put them together. Take Tom Brady. Take Tim Tebow and put them together. What do you get? Tim Brady! Or Tom Tebow! Either way, they're best friends now! No need to worry, New England. Unless it's about Aaron Hernandez. Then...yikes. :-( But Tim Tebow! Yay! :-)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Return of Tebowie

Jimmy Fallon mashes up Tim Tebow and David Bowie to create Tebowie. It's amazing as he's done two songs in the past. One was about Tebow, the other about Peyton Manning. This one is about his return to the Patriots. 15 months removed and he's back. I love me some Tebowie!

The Laugh of Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais has an amazing laugh. He'd probably one of the people who insures it like how Anthony Davis  insured his eyebrow for a million dollars. Gervais could probably do that if he wanted. But what if everyone laughed like him? We wouldn't insure it, but hearing laughter would be just a little bit better. The Soup made this amazing video and I must say that it is...amazing.

This Week's Entertainment by David

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cinemasins Are Hilarious

Remember those Honest Trailers? These are similar and similarly hysterical. They take films and they point out everything wrong with it in varying amounts of time, whether it be six or five or three or any amount of minutes. Anyway, they're pretty funny and I have to share the Jurassic Park one. People are very funny with Jurassic Park it seems.

Check out there other videos including Twilight (field day) and The Dark Night at their channel!

CB Farms Respect!

For those out of the loop, CB is an abbreviation for Cumberland, as in Cumberland Farms. I'm just kidding, I made it up as I typed. Still though there must be respect for this.

I don't know much about workforce and politics and money and all that jazz, but this sounds pretty cool to me. 1500 of 4200 Cumberland Farms workers will be promoted to full-time workers. 1500...for now. It will give them the better benefits and help and more money and the such of that. The CEO said "it's a good opportunity to put our money where our mouth is." Money it is! It will cost them about $3,000,000 which is about $2000 per employee. That's a class act move by them. Nicely done.

Bring it Back

Time to bring back the All He Does is Win remix about Tim Tebow! He'll be doing a lot of it in New England! Still extremely happy and excited that my favorite player is now finally on my favorite team. Yuzah!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

School's Out!

After 9 months (40 weeks, 180 days, 1260 hours, 75,600 minutes, 4,536,000) of school, it's finally over and I only have about 500 in my regular schooling lifetime! I'm going into my sophomore year and looking back, the freshman year flew by. Those first 100 days with Boston sports arguments helped. The 80 days after were tough, especially with trig, but that's over and so is school until September so a very happy and relief-filled YAY!

Tim Tebow is a Patriot. Tim Tebow is a Patriot. TIM TEBOW IS A PATRIOT!

Finally I don't have to root for a second team on the side because it's safe to say that I am HUGELY ECSTATIC about this news. Tim Tebow has joined the Patriots after I always thought he should because Bill Belichick knows how to make great players assets. Plus, it'd be a mini-2008 Gators championship reunion between Tebow, Brandon Spikes and Aaron Hernandez (sigh). Now, don't get me wrong. I don't want Tom Brady to sit in favor of Tebow. That'd be a terrible decision. Brady should get every snap at quarterback. He's no Mark Sanchez. I think that Tebow would be best utilized as a short yardage quarterback to get those 3rd-and-1s and 4th-and-1s that Brady struggled 49 times in a row with a few years back. If not that, then we could definitely use him at tight end, a position I never thought we'd lack a little at, but with Gronk hurt and Hernandez reeling, why not? He's got the body for it. Most of all, I think he could be the greatest fullback in NFL history. That's basically what he does when he's QB anyway. He runs with the ball. That's where I want him. FULLBACK! FULLBACK! FULLBACK! I'm very thankful that his career isn't over. I am also SO PUMPED to see this season play out. It's going to be legen-freakin-dary!

Darkness at the Nubble

As you know, I frequent the Nubble Lighthouse often with my family. Naturally, when I saw this headline on the WCVB website, I thought that the story must be important for this little lighthouse to crack top New England news. All that is noteworthy is that the power lines gave way after a rough winter and solar panels will be used to replace them. Never fear, though. Power should be back in time for the July 28 Christmas in July celebration! No light at a lighthouse? Egad!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Beginning of the End of a New Beginning

The New Fantasyland served and serves as somewhat of a refresher for the Magic Kingdom. It was a new beginning. Now, the end is nye and near. The last track has been laid for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster and its release and opening in 2014 to ride come sooner than expected. In more detail, it will take you through the Seven Dwarfs' mine with all of its jewels, something we didn't see nearly enough of in Snow White's Scary Adventures. It will also feature songs from the film. I can only hope that Heigh Ho makes the cut. It probably will:

The Return of VMK

Back in 2008, a game that my sister and I played often closed. It was called Virtual Magic Kingdom and pretty much allowed you to run the show in Disney World. Naturally, I enjoyed it and was shocked that it closed. However, someone has dedicated A LOT of time to bringing it back, recreating it and it's set to open very shortly. I've already signed up! How cool with much thanks!

This Week's Sports by David

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Call Andy and Kelly? Indian Kelly?

Remember this scene from The Office when the Dunder Mifflin gang is creating a song for the ad that will be made of their company? We all know the lyrics:

Out of paper, out of stock.
Those friendly faces around the block.
Break loose from the chains,
That are causing your pains.
Call Michael and Stanley,
Jim, Dwight, Creed.
Call Andy and Kelly
For your business paper needs.
Dunder Mifflin.
The people person's paper people.
Dunder Mifflin.
The people person's paper people.
Dunder Mifflin.
The people person's paper people.

Those are the lyrics, right? Not so fast. Scripting and quoting has always said that it goes:

Jim, Dwight, Creed.
Call Indian Kelly
For your business paper needs.

However, Netflix captioning and intuition of The Office would lead you to believe that it goes, Indian Kelly. Andy and and Indian sound somewhat similar, I would say. I've never been 100% certain as to what it is, but it's probably one of the biggest debates within the realms of The Office. I would say Andy and Kelly because Andy would definitely want his name in the song.

Anyway, I was re-watching the episode, 'Livin' the Dream.' In that episode, there is a scene where David Wallace comes in and asks Erin if...well, here's the dialogue:

David Wallace: "Hey Erin, is Andy in?"
Erin Hannon: "...Oh! Is Andy in?! I thought you said, 'is Indian?' And I thought, 'is Indian what? Is Indian food good?"

I thought that the scene was odd because Erin stalls and she doesn't know if Andy is in or not because his acting schedule is crazy and then when she sees him she tells David Wallace that he is in and she knows that because she's a good receptionist. It had nothing to do with the story and I just accepted it and moved on.

Now, I may be thinking too much into this, which I probably am, but could this have been the work of the brilliant writing staff of The Office telling us that Andy and Kelly is correct and it is not Indian Kelly. David Wallace says Andy in? Not Indian. That means Indian is false if this is in fact a nod to the season four episode, Local Ad. Again, I'm reading too much into this, but I hope (and bet) that I'm not.

With the 1,020th Pick in the 2013 MLB Draft...

...The Arizona Diamondbacks select Cory Hahn from Arizona State University. It's more than just a draft pick though. The Diamondbacks immediately became a team that I respect after selecting Hahn who is paralyzed from the chest down. While sliding into second base one game, Hahn suffered a spinal cord injury and became paralyzed. A class act and a nice move by Arizona. He's truly a guy I'd want within my organization. Plus, Arizona State is a great place for baseball, just ask Dustin Pedroia.

You Can't Even Do Cymbals Right

How hard is it to play the cymbals? It's incredibly easier than the piano or guitar. You just need good timing and a nice slam. This kid can't even do it without interrupting the entire song. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY PEOPLE. Then he just gives up and salutes so I forgive him because that's hilarious.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Carrot Facts

I'm not sure what to make of this Twitter account that I discovered through BJ Novak. From what I've gathered from the account, it seems like this guy was devastated by a breakup with his girlfriend so he created this account to use humor to cope. It uses his loneliness, the praise of carrots, the satire of people who eat them, and improper grammar and spelling to create "carrot facts." I don't know why I find them hilarious, but I do. Here's a sample:

Even the Buses are Bigger in Texas

Stephanie Flores asked Houston Rocket and former Gator, Chandler Parsons, to her prom. Unfortunately, he wasn't in Houston around that time so he had to decline. However, in an incredibly awesome and classy move, Parsons sent a party bus to Flores for use with her friends and I must say he is a pretty awesome guy. Guess that's why he went to Florida.

NBA Finals Animation

I have no rooting interest in this year's NBA Finals. I do want to see how it plays out, but I don't care for the Spurs and I don't at all care for the Heat. But this is still a neat promo that documents the great moments in Finals history, and there have been many of them, all through animation. Neat!

Friday, June 14, 2013

TV Show Swap

What if Mad Men was The Office? What if LOST was Modern Family? Or how about if LOST was How I Met Your Mother? Game of Thrones as Friends? This is a pretty neat video in which the TV intros were given theme songs from other shows and I must say that it is pretty awesome. However, How I Met Your Mother seems like a creepy horror film.

Steve Carell as Gru

I think this is kind of creepy. Steve Carell made an appearance on Ellen, Ellen's talk show, dressed as Gru, his character from the Despicable Me films. It's really kind of freaky. Czech it.

Ruddy Chicken

Okay, that just sounds wrong. Nonetheless, Dustin Pedroia received some pretty high praise from Jerry Remy. Remy called The Laser Show the toughest Sox star ever. That's quite the title considering such greats as Ted Williams went to WAR in the middle of their careers. But hey, he's been playing like an MVP all season and he's been playing with a lacerated thumb all season so yeah, I'd say that takes some resiliency.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Grumpy Cat Film

Ah, the American film industry. A place where crappy animated films can get sequels in which beloved fairy tale characters will be poorly computer animated and they will scream into their cell phones, "Holla!" Or a place where one of the all-time greatest films can spurn a fourth film in its series in which a shark tracks down a family cross-country (meaning it either swam through the Panama Canal or went all the way down and around the tip of South America in the style of the Cape of Good Hope) to kill them. Or we can just have an octopus on wheels take on a giant bear lion and destroy Los Angeles or New York. Either way you don't know what you're going to expect, but something new to see in 2014 will be a Grumpy Cat, 2012's most influential cat, film in the style of Garfield. So, yeah. That's happening.

I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I typed the word, Holla.

Creed Moves to Win

It's nice to see that The Office's finale isn't the last we'll see of Creed Bratton. He's coming into his own and he took part in a Funny or Die skit which are always funny. We all have the need. The need for Creed.

This Week's Entertainment by David

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Disney Hardware

Pffft. Disney just rakes in everything it deserves. The new Fantasyland and the Be Our Guest restaurant inside of it aren't even a year old yet, but the restaurant has already won an award. The National Restaurant Association Operator Innovations Awards (The Oscars of restaurants) honored the restaurant for its fantastic experience through the use of technology. Now it is the Award-Winning Be Our Guest restaurant.


Channel my inner Kelly Kapoor. Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!

This is amazing! Take how confident I was feeling about six seasons and a movie after the renewal for a fifth and double it and that's how confident I feel now! Dan Harmon is back! He is once again Community's showrunner and executive producer for this upcoming fifth season. I can't wait to see what he will bring to Community and I feel safe with him back now. Also, Starburns is returning right along with Harmon!

SeaWorld Found Their Calling

A new area of SeaWorld known as Antarctica has opened and it seems like SeaWorld finally found its footing. It was a competitor in Florida theme parks, but it never really was on top. They had the neat animals and let them do how they do and they had Shamu and they made attempts at thrill rides, but it just seemed like a zoo that was phoning it in. But why not combine the two? Now, this new area, Antarctica, has a ride that is trackless and it brings you up close with penguins! It sounds like a great experience and I'm proud of SeaWorld for thinking. Just thinking.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Goodbye tickets, FastPasses and waiting in lines! This is a new wireless wristband that allows a guest to enter an area or ride within the park. They will first debut in Florida and they seem like a pretty great idea!

We're the Miller's

I don't know what to make of this movie trailer. Maybe you can decipher it? There's some humorous lines and it seems like a plot that could have some good comedy, but for some reason I don't know what to make of it. But hey, you can't go wrong with Ed Helms.

New Summer Poll

I was given the suggestion to create a poll that relates to summer and that is what I did. Which summer movie are you most looking forward to? You can vote now and for multiple answers!

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Worst Play in Sports History

This is just awful, but amazingly hilarious. This goalie is ready to throw the ball as far as possible so his team can get down the field and score. Instead, he whips it back into his net and just like that: career over. Maybe. I'm not quite sure, but this is hilarious and I watched it three times as I typed this.

Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon Rocking the Late Nights

As you already know, I love Jimmy Fallon. Honestly, he is just the best late night TV show host on TV today and probably already on his way to being one of the all-time greats. I also love Seth Meyers because of his work on Saturday Night Live and on the ESPYs. When Fallon was named as Jay Leno's replacement on the Tonight Show, I thought that Seth Meyers would be perfect to replace Fallon on Late Night and wouldn't you know it, that's just what NBC did! They are going to have a stellar late night lineup in 2014 and beyond!

This Week's Sports by David

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pittsburgh Pirates Lineup

This isn't as blas√© as it seems. It's not just the Pirates lineup. It's in the style of a late-night talk show/Saturday Night Live! I think it's pretty cool. Things are going well in Pittsburgh right now.

Toy Story Halloween

Okay, imagine this. It's the night before Halloween and you're looking forward to tomorrow's festivities. However, you want to make October 30 a night-in. A night of relaxing. Would ya look at that? It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is on in a half hour right at 8:30! Wow! You sure love that special. What great timing! Oh, no, you have to wait a half hour for it. What are you supposed to do until then? Wait a minute? What's this? A Toy Story Halloween special? I love Toy Story! That was a great trilogy! I knew they were doing shorts, but had no idea about specials! You crunch your legs up and wrap a thick, warm blanket around your shoulders, eat a bowl of Boo Berry because you don't feel like cooking tonight and you settle down for an awesome night of fun Halloween specials on ABC.

Oh my god I could do that right now.

But this sounds awesome. ABC will air a Toy Story special in October called Toy Story of Terror. According to the synopsis, Bonnie's mother gets a flat tire and they have to spend the night at a motel where chaos ensues for the toys. The special will also be Jesse-centered as we've already seen a lot of growth in Woody and Buzz. Not to say that they won't be in it, they absolutely will be along with all of the old gang, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Hamm and Bullseye! I can hardly wait!

My Last Days: Zach Sobiech

Zach Sobiech had a rare form of bone cancer and he only had weeks to live so to say goodbye he wrote a song. Unfortunately, Zach has since passed since this video, but the heart behind it is not lost. Rainn Wilson's company Soul Pancake met with Zach and this video was created when Rainn asked his friends to help him out. It's gone viral and I think it's awesome the response that came from this video. Check it out:

As you probably already know, I respect and love Colbie Caillat, Chris Pratt, Jason Mraz, Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey, Jack McBrayer, Creed Bratton, Josh Gad, Ed Helms and Phillip Phillips. But now, I also have tremendous respect for everyone else who took the time and put aside their egos to actually help create this, Brian Cranston, Sarah Silverman, Ashley Tisade, Anna Faris, Sara Barellies, Jenna Elfman, The Lumineers, Jason Derulo and many more. A great message and a great way to honor Zach.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Poll

After about two months of polls related to The Office, I'm wondering what poll should be next.

And I'm calling on YOU to decide! Comment with what you'd like to see as a poll on the blog!

4000th Post!

Alas! Hark! Hear those herald angels sing! My Power is Beyond Your Understanding has reached its 4000th post and this is it! Obviously the celebration for my 5000th post will be much more detailed than this, but we're still going to celebrate! Sometimes I regret posting the Hoedown Throwdown as my very first post, but it's a first post like no other. I certainly didn't think that this would last much longer than a month, never mind a year and then five years and now four thousand posts! That is just insane to me. Especially after that rough July I had back in 2009 in which I posted a total of seven items. Over the years, I've posted about hot/not meters, the series finales of many beloved shows (Chuck, 30 Rock, Leverage, THE OFFICE), four DFTBA brackets, many other brackets as well, tournaments of the best comics, multiple challenges, 100 days of Boston arguments, crazy days devoted to The Office and to The Muppets, polls, headers, hall of fames, and just plain old news! Over these four thousand posts I've had to say goodbye to The Office, meet the Muppets, celebrate a Bruins Stanley Cup win (and maybe another one soon), a Patriots trip to the Super Bowl, a tumultuous time on whether or not Grown Ups would get a sequel and if JON FAVREAU WILL EVER FREAKING MAKE THE MAGIC KINGDOM FILM. Who knows? Maybe by 5000, I'll see the trailer for "Magic Kingdom - coming this winter." Maybe by 5000, the Red Sox will have won a World Series title or two? There's no way of knowing what could happen, just like I had no way of knowing that I'd get to 4000.

It sure is a beautiful number, though.

Honest Trailers

These are some of the greatest things ever. This guy takes movie trailers and makes it seem like a movie trailer except for the fact that he makes fun of them the whole time. And it's HILARIOUS. These are my two favorites:

Friday, June 7, 2013

Bruins to the Stanley Cup Finals!




Tim Thomas who?

The Rask cliches go on and on, but no matter how you phrase it, Tuuuuuuuuuuk stopped 98% of shots taken at him during the Bruins' sweep of the Penguins in the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals. This has been an incredibly fun team to watch and I'd love to see the end result duplicate that of 2011. It's been a great year and we're four games away from an amazing season of hockey!

Let's go Broooooooons!

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is Following Me on Twitter!

How awesome is this?! Late Night said that whoever retweeted one of their tweets within the next five minutes would be followed by them. Wouldn't you know it, they were true to their word and I now have four verified accounts following me on Twitter (Jerry Remy, Chili's, Dunkin' Donuts). This one is pretty cool!

New Fantastic Four Film

On March 6, 2015, a second attempt at the Fantastic Four series will commence. The Fantastic Four are some of my favorites especially in 2006, I went through a period of obsession, specifically the Human Torch. I didn't really mind the two films, but I guess Marvel wants it to be exactly right and I can't quite be mad about that. I'm definitely interested in both the film and the casting. Who's your dream cast? I'd say that mine would be:

Max Greenfield (Schmidt on New Girl) as Reed Richards
Eliza Coupe as (Jane on Happy Endings) Susan Richards
Billy Gardell (Mike on Mike and Molly) as Ben Grimm
Joel McHale (Jeff on Community) as Johnny Storm

Okay that's unrealistic. Sounds more like a comedy film with that cast. They all look the part, though.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Real Springfield!

May I just say how awesome this looks? In Islands of Adventure's counterpart, Universal Studios, they are expanding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter into where the land of Jaws used to be and turning it into Diagon Alley. That seems pretty cool. You know what seems cooler? Springfield, USA! Right now it looks like The Simpsons will be taking over the world of Woody Woodpecker and friends, which is a sad loss, but I think I'll be okay with it with permanent installments of Lard Lad's Donuts, The Android's Dungeon, Kwik-E-Mart, Krusty Burger, Kang and Kudos Scrambler and Moe's Tavern. The world looks so whimsically fun and seems like a must-see before I die. Hopefully they're not storefronts like Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure though.

This Week's Entertainment by David


New Popeye Film

The 1980 live action musical had mixed reviews, but I hope that this one gets the opposite of mixed. I hope it is labeled as great. However, with flops such as The Smurfs and Yogi Bear, I am nervous. I think this could go well. It really could go either way. It can either be the next Muppets or Yogi Bear in that it's a beloved television show from back in the day that's remade in a modern film. However, what I've heard about it so far sounds promising:

  • Sony Animation is producing this as a 3D computer-animated film. Okay, I could do without both of those. Why can't it just be good old fashioned 2D drawings like 2011's Winnie the Pooh?
  • Jay Scherick and David Ronn will write Popeye as they wrote The Smurfs. The Smurfs script was promising, but didn't live up to its potential.
  • Release date: September 26, 2014.
  • Directed by Genndy Tarakovsky. He said it will be "as artful and unrealistic as possible." Unrealistic. That's what Popeye's all about and that's all I can ask for!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

All-Time Best Boston Athlete

I created another bracket on Bracketeers to decide the greatest athlete in Boston sports history. I think there's many great options, but I get the feeling that the Final Four will be Larry Bird, Ted Williams, Bobby Orr and Bill Russell. Just a hunch. I'll be rooting for Pedroia. Also! I found out you can embed brackets on blogs. Maybe it will work?

The Ultimate Buddy Cop Film

These two are perfect choices for a buddy cop film, Let's Be Cops (2014). Two of my favorite comedic actors thrown together in sure-to-be awesome movie. Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson are Brad Williams and Nick Miller respectively. I think that it will be very legendarily awesome! I can hardly wait. In the past week I have posted about four different upcoming films (Let's Be Cops, Popeye, Peanuts and Fantastic Four). They all seem pretty quality! The future of films is in good hands.