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Monday, March 31, 2014

75 Best Songs: 4

Here come...The Beatles! It wouldn't be a top ten list, hell, it wouldn't be a top four list without The Beatles. And of course, it's Hey Jude we see in the four slot.

I Did See Frozen

Of course, I saw Frozen. Apparently it was the best Disney movie since The Lion King. While, I beg to differ, maybe it was the best Disney movie since The Emperor's New Groove or Lilo and Stitch. I also hope Pixar is not included in that discussion because that would make no sense. Anyway, it was actually pretty quality. There were a bit of confusing parts (why is Kristoff homeless? Why won't Elsa just explain? Why didn't Anna leave before?), but all in all, I enjoyed the film. You gotta love Josh Gad as Olaf. Fortunately Olaf was not just an idiot for little kids (and Disney merchandising) to love, he actually played a pivotal, emotional role in the film. He was not like Mater from Cars, but rather Pumbaa from The Lion King. Not to mention the greatness that is Let It Go. Plus, it has already become the highest-grossing animated film of all-time and it has cracked the top ten of all films. It's already on DVD, but still in theaters! Quality film.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Keough Novak Interviews B.J. Novak

B.J. Novak's (fake?) sister interviewed him about many different aspects of his life for Zooey Deschanel's website, Hello Giggles. It was pretty humorous and I love the dynamic between "Keough" and B.J. Here's a quality excerpt:

Q. Do you remember where you were when you heard that Osama Bin Laden had been killed? And were you nervous that now that he was dead, that you were going to be the person that everyone thought was the worst person in the world?
That’s another great question. Let me think about this one and we’ll talk about it at Thanksgiving or something.

Victor Oladipo's All-Star Trip

A potential Rookie of the Year candidate hails from my favorite NBA team, the Orlando Magic. He was named to one of the Rising Stars Challenge teams and the Magic have provided an all-access look at his weekend in New Orleans. Pretty cool.

Kristen Bell on Sesame Street

We like Kristen Bell here at the blog, so I had to share her appearance on the great, Sesame Street, when she talked about hugs with Abby Cadabby. Not too shabby!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stellar Casts

There's nothing new in the news about The Awesomes and Drunk History, but I just thought I would share the greatness that is the casts of these shows. It's like two dream combinations of hilarious people. Here we go.

The Awesomes:
Ike Barinholtz, Bill Hader, Taran Killam, Bobby Lee, Seth Meyers, Paula Pell, Rashida Jones, Kenan Thompson, Cecily Strong, Bobby Moynihan, Josh Meyers, Rachel Dratch, Nasim Pedrad, Steve Higgins, Fred Armisen, Tina Fey, Andy Samberg

Drunk History:
Derek Waters, Jack McBrayer, Jason Ritter, Bob Odenkirk, Chris Parnell, Paget Brewster, Bill Hader, Joe Lo Truglio, Jason Schwartzman, Jack Black, Terry Crews, Tony Hale, Rob Huebel, Winona Ryder, Owen Wilson, Ike Barinholtz, Michael Cera, Will Forte, Taran Killam, Rob Riggle, Luke Wilson, Lamorne Morris, Jake Johnson, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Scott, Martin Starr, Matt Walsh, Kristen Wiig, Kevin Nealon, Horatio Sanz, Bradley Whitford, Dave Grohl, Will Sasso, Stephen Merchant, Casey Wilson, Fred Willard, Nick Offerman

Yeah, that's pretty great.

Pixar Turns Dark

Pixar artist, Josh Cooley has taken mature scenes from R-rated films and turned them into cute little children's cartoons. It's a bit creepy and a bit sinister, but all-around very neat and fun. I believe BroBible has the full gallery.

The Sports Bloggers

For the back half of the MLB offseason and nearly all of spring training, I have written for The Sports Bloggers website. I was assigned to the American League East specifically and I produced twenty-five articles about the Rays, Orioles, Blue Jays, Yankees, and Red Sox. Beginning with Ryan Dempster and concluding with Grady Sizemore, all the articles can be viewed here. Cool opportunity!

Friday, March 28, 2014

75 Best Songs: 5

There's no collection of great songs without Bohemian Rhapsody. Some even consider it the greatest ever. But not on this list. But, hey! Top Five is nothing to scoff at. Takes a lot to top Queen.

A LEGO Episode of The Simpsons

On May 4, The Simpsons cast will be turned into LEGOs for an all-LEGO episode of the show. Should be interesting, at least. Now, we can all patiently wait for the Community LEGO episode. Nah, I'm just kidding, but I wouldn't object.

The 100 Best Classic Simpsons Quotes

This list from Buzzfeed really made me miss the glory days of The Simpsons and how great it used to be, even if I wasn't alive when it was truly on the top of its game. Some of these are incredibly hilarious and it's just not something you'll see on the new Simpsons episodes. Please enjoy the throwbacks. My favorites are already here, but the other 95 are here. There are five more I had, but they were posted in grid form, so blergh.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

75 Best Songs: 6

My all-time favorite singer, Jason Mraz, has been featured many times on this countdown of the best songs ever made. And here is his best song, I'm Yours, all the way at number six. Beloved.

This Week's Entertainment by David


What may very well be my all-time favorite cable television show (let alone cable comedy) has come to a close. The last six episodes of season eight were determined, at the beginning of February, by USA to be the show's last...ever. While there was a bit of build-up to the finale, titled "The Break-Up," (Gus' inner turmoil, Lassie's promotion to Chief, Jules and Vick's move to San Francisco, Corbin Bernsen's selling of the house), none of it could have compared to the greatness that was the series finale.

I won't talk much about the after-show as the host wasn't great, but...Omundson's beard, Ally Sheedy, Corbin's speech, the return of the Blueberry, and the playing of the theme song were all great. The true and most important portion of this post is the actual finale episode. As I do with every beloved show that ends, I started the post off with a theme song, titled it the same, and am now about to embark on the recap and commentary. (The list of shows that end and garner a farewell post is ever-growing, sadly).


The episode was another case that the SBPD had to tackle with Psych's final villain, Billy Zane. Throughout it all, Shawn is struggling to find a way to tell Gus that he will be moving to San Francisco to be with Jules. Included are my favorite parts of the episode...so basically everything.

Shawn Decides to Close Psych and Move to San Francisco: His proclamation to Jules seemed like they were breaking up at first, but fortunately, they were not. Plus, the first in a slew of great quotes from the episode. "A man can follow a woman if he loves her, okay? There is no rule or law against that and if there was, I would break it, and it wouldn't be quiet. I would do it brazenly and out in the open."

The Emphasis on Shawn and Gus' Friendship: I was worried the finale would be a bit unprepared and discordant and mainly focus on just a regular, old case, but luckily, all of the points that needed to be hammered home were. Especially that of one of the greatest bromances in television history. The love was there and everyone knew it.

Guest Stars: Deon Richmond, Billy Zane, and Val Kilmer were the three most perfect guest stars to have on the finale. Richmond played Bud on The Cosby Show, a role everyone thought was played by Dule Hill and became a running gag both behind the scenes and on the show. Zane's name was mentioned so many times throughout the run of the show. Kilmer played the omnipresent Dobson and was somebody that both Shawn and Roday could admire in childhood, adolescence, and "well into my 20's." The only other one that could have made it even more amazing would be Emilio Estevez to complete the Breakfast Club quest.

The Always Present Humor: Gus' gesticulation and inflection while digging for treasure and then screaming upon finding it to be a body. Shawn and Gus' dance in the morgue after popping up out of nowhere and not even phasing Woody. The student car car chase. Shawn's pocket flax. Shawn's "handsome" sandwich. Vick's reaction to Shawn and Gus showing up at the San Fran crime scene. These quotes:

"Gus, you're clearly not accounting for the possibility of the lost city of Atlanta."
"It's Atlantis."
"I've heard it both ways."
"And they're both wrong."
"One of them was yours!"

"Who finds a murder weapon and goes to a Wendy's drive-thru?"

"Someone brought a pelican pick and pluck pistol pack on a cross country trip?"
"It's plausible!"

"Not emotionally, Shawn. Not emotionally."
"Okay, dial it back a bit."

The Last Nickname: The greatest running gag in the history of Psych, rivaled only by "Gus, don't be...," and "Suuuuuck iiiiit," is the nicknames Shawn gives Gus when introducing himself to clients. The final one was great for the finale. "I'm Shawn Spencer and this is my partner...I can't do it." Then, he turned away, crying a bit.

Monk Reference: When in San Francisco, Vick and Jules definitely alluded to a future in crime fighting which pits Shawn and Gus against the great Adrian Monk.

Vick: "We already have a guy."
Shawn: "I don't see him anywhere."
Jules: "He's in the kitchen, alphabetizing the pantry."

The Endings of Buzz, Woody, and Henry: Buzz McNabb, played by Sage Brockelbank, was made the new junior detective at the SBPD after Brannigan convinced Lassie that she could mold him into something great. Oh, McNabb. Woody will stick to being the coroner at the SBPD and he received a DVD from Shawn, just as the others did. SBPD is in good hands.

Shawn: "Stay gold, Ponywood."
Woody: "You know I will, Shawn. Shawn? This is the weirdest Skype call I've ever been on."

Plus, Henry had a pretty solid ending. He gave Shawn one last bit of fatherly advice and they even hugged! Henry expressed his nostalgia for hair and became a professor of criminology. During his first class, Shawn texted him for help, the first time ever, and Henry helped him out big time. We last see him taking measurements on the Psych office and bidding Gus farewell.

Pilot Reference: The first scene in Psych history featured a young Shawn and Henry talking in a diner. The scene was kind of replicated later in the pilot, but it once again returned in the finale. After being mouthed off by a disrespectful student in the criminology class, Henry tells him to close his eyes and asks him the question that brings everything full circle.

"How many hats are in the room?"

The Ending: Now, the list of great moments will come to an end because it is impossible to separate this collection of immense heart, humor, and quality. Here we go.

Lassie's video was definitely my favorite video that Shawn made for his friends. It broke my heart. Shawn said that he was "proud," "honored," and "baffled" to call Lassie his friend and you could tell that Lassie was touched. Shawn went on the say that Lassie was the only one in the world to love Jules as much as he did, albeit in different ways. He felt he owed Lassie so he started to tell him one of the only things Lassie has wanted in all eight seasons.

"It's time to come clean. You're one of the only ones to suspect that I'm not...the truth is, I am not-"

Just as Shawn was about to admit that he is not a psychic to Lassie, the latter took the DVD out of his laptop, glanced at it for a second, and then broke it in half. He also broke my heart in half. Lassie wants to remember Shawn as he was in the glory days of his crime-solving career. He doesn't want to hear the words. He doesn't want there to be any proof. My god, that scene is so brilliantly poignant.

Plus, we had our last Lassie scene with a camera zoom out to encapsulate Lassie sitting at his new desk, with a "Chief Lassiter" placard, and him talking on the phone to his wife and child. He got everything he wanted. The end of Lassie. Not to mention his two hugs with Shawn earlier!

Shawn's video to Gus was also heartbreaking. There is no way for me to accurately describe the sheer austerity of what Shawn said to Gus, so I figure I'll provide the quote.

"You have to accept that this is my fatal flaw. That I just can't quite...engage all the way when I really need to, when it really matters, you know, when the chips are down. So I guess what I'm saying is that I'm sorry, Gus. I'm sorry that I can't do goodbyes. I tried so hard to tell you, man. I just...I suck at the real stuff. You know that, but you're going to be fine. You're going to be better than fine. I just can't help thinking that the only problem you really had this whole time is me. I've kept you from the life that you deserve, the life that you earned, the life that you'd have if I hadn't barged into your office eight years ago and said, 'We're gonna play detective, whether you want to or not.' I love you, man."

Oh my god, so heartbreaking, so emotional, but so so so real and so great. I just can't do anything, but love it. And I love Shawn and Gus nearly in tears in the video and while watching it, respectively. Gus shaking his head 'no' when Shawn thought he ruined Gus' life was heart-wrenching. How could this come from a comedy? Because it had true heart.

Then, when Gus went to the Psych office to try to find Shawn, he was nowhere to be found. After a brief conversation with Henry, Gus turned and nostalgically looked at the Psych window while a melancholy piano tune played in the back. After this, Gus went to work and realized his new job is the same as his old and he bolts out to go to San Francisco to be with Shawn. He only turned around twelve times before finally committing and going to San Fran. His explanation to Shawn as to why he came cemented the ultimate bromance.

"I'm an adventurer now, with a friendship for the ages. And if I have to live in another city to make that happen, then so be it. That's the way it's gotta be."

And one last fist bump.

After hugging Vick, Shawn, Gus, and Jules dashed out of the crime scene and into their new lives, but not before one last great moment. The proposal. Yes, Shawn finally proposed to Jules in the most Psych way ever. Here is the full bit (by the way, I might have some of it wrong, just bear with me, it's still perfect):

Shawn (to Jules): "I made the biggest mistake of my life by leaving Santa Barbara without saying good-bye to Gus, and I am done cowering from the big decisions. I've wanted this for long enough, so it's gonna happen, right now."

Gus: "Oh my god! It's happening!"

Shawn: "Juliet O'Hara, I do not believe in love at first sight, because I didn't even need to see you to know that I wanted to spend forever with you."

Shawn (to Gus): "That was weird."

Gus (to Shawn): "Center of the universe. Nine planets."

Shawn: "Gus, has that line ever worked on anyone?"

Gus: "No."

Shawn (to Jules): "Scratch that. I have spent my whole life running from one thing to another, quitting and running and quitting and running, and pretending that my destiny was to drive a weiner-mobile."

Gus (to Jules): "He was young."

Shawn: "I'm not that young anymore, and I'm also not afraid. I know that I come with baggage, and a best friend who's not going anywhere, ever." 

*Gus looks at Jules and shakes his head. Jules also shakes her head.*

Shawn: "But I promise you from this moment forward, the only running that I will be doing is into your arms, and I will never stop holding your cold little hands, or losing myself when I wake up in the morning and look at you and recognize how freaking lucky I am."

Gus (to Jules): "Say yes!"

Jules (to Gus): "Yes!"

Shawn (to Jules): "Okay, well, technically you just said yes to Gus."

Jules: "Then ask me, Shawn!"

Shawn (to Jules): Jules, will you marry us…me, mostly me, even though Gus is always going to be part of the deal, and then someday he'll have his own Juliet and she will be named Huliet and she'll be Jamaican, and together we'll be one big giant frosted black and white cookie, and we're gonna have dogs, all rescues, and kids, probably before we're sixty."

Jules: "Definitely before we're sixty."

Shawn: "Oh, just marry me so that I can show you how amazing our life will be together."

Jules: "Yes, I will marry the crap out of you, Shawn Spencer!"

Then, a thief stole the ring and the trio jumped into a car with two steering wheels and ran off into another case. The hi-jinks will go on, even if we won't see them.

I still cannot think of a single flaw in the finale of Psych. It was everything I wanted it to be and I hope I still get goosebumps thinking about it in the future. They all grew so much throughout the show, however gradual. Henry and Shawn came to love each other again. Shawn matured, but didn't lose what made him him, and he overcame his fear of commitment. Gus realized how much he loved his best friendship. Even Lassie came to love Shawn. Ugh, so great.

Farewell, Psych, my friend.

Oh, and there was a pineapple! Duh.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

75 Best Songs: 7

Easily the best true classic rock song on the list. The crown jewel of one of my favorite genres. Every list of the greatest songs ever made has included this and there is no doubt about it. You need to have Hotel California.

Stefon Is Not Done

Seth Meyers appeared on Andy Cohen's show on Bravo and the topic of Stefon on Late Night came up in conversation. Seth thrilled fans of SNL, or just good things in general, by saying that Stefon will eventually appear on Late Night! Totally great news! It makes sense, after all they are married. Plus, we all love Stefon. I cannot wait! That's the benefit of being ten feet away from your old SNL studio.

A Chuck Movie?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the creator of great show, Chuck, Josh Schwartz talked about the possibility of a Chuck movie, what with the whole Veronica Mars movement and such. I'll leave it at this because the excitement is real. You can read the interview on EW.com, but feat your eyes on this:

"What is the possibility of this happening?"
"I mean, you’re talking me into it right now."

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

75 Best Songs: 8

One of the ultimate 80's songs. One of the greatest rock ballads ever. An amazing chorus, amazing heart, amazing everything. Of course it is Africa by Toto.

The Ratatouille Area

Disneyland Paris is finally taking the logical next step and adding a Ratatouille-themed area to the park. Ratatouille, which is set in Paris, is one of the all-time great Disney/Pixar films. There will be an attraction that makes guests feel like they are the same size as Remy and they will be taken through the world of Ratatouille through his eyes. It will be called L'Aventure Totalement Toquee de Remy. There will also be a shop, Chez Marianne Souvenirs de Paris, and a restaurant (which will, of course, serve ratatouille) named Bistrot Chez Remy.

Hemingway App

A new app for writing has really charmed me. It's called the Hemingway App and it analyzes pieces of writing by Ernest Hemingway's personal standards. It takes adverbs, complicated sentences and phrases, and the use of passive voice into consideration. I have definitely been testing it out and apparently, some of Hemingway's own writing doesn't pass his test. I like it.

Monday, March 24, 2014

75 Best Songs: 9

The top ten wouldn't be complete without a contribution from The King, right? Elvis' finest song, in my opinion, comes in at number nine. Here is Suspicious Minds.

This Week's Sports by Davids

Fred Armisen on Late Night

Late Night with Seth Meyers has established their band as the 8G Band, named after the studio. The bandleader is none other than Fred Armisen! I was so excited to see this news. Seth and Fred were always great together on SNL and now we get to see them together every night! That is legendary! Fred will also serve as Seth's "sidekick," but he will also keep up with his other projects. Hashtag greatness.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Will Forte Comedy

The great Will Forte is making a slight shift from being predominantly NBC-oriented to a new comedy series on Fox. The show will be called 'Last Man on Earth' and it is set to begin production now, filming in the summer, and debut at the mid-season point of 2014-2015 television schedule. He will obviously play the last man on Earth, but Will Forte also created the show and will serve as producer, along with Phil Lord and Chris Miller from The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street. Naturally, it will be single-camera. I can't wait!

Walter White's Look Back

Facebook, for its tenth anniversary, created a video maker that could allow Facebook residents to look back at their time since joining the website. A parody version was made about the life and times of Breaking Bad's Walter White. He seems very open to sharing his meth escapades.

The Ten Best Theme Songs on Television Today

With both Psych and How I Met Your Mother rapidly approaching the end, I figured it was time to re-evaluate the list of television's best theme songs today. The Office and Chuck will no longer be present on this list (because they're off the air, unfortunately), but Psych's is flawless so I had to remake it in time for the finale. Anyway, here we go!

10: How I Met Your Mother

9: New Girl

8: The Simpsons

7: Mad Men

6: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

5: Downton Abbey

4: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

3: The Crazy Ones

2: Psych

1: Community

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Best Interview Ever

"SNL is the center and the thing that makes me happiest. Having produced Late Night With Conan O’Brien and then Jimmy and 30 Rock with Tina Fey, here’s how I’d put it: I’ve never done one of those things with someone that I thought needed me to hover over them. I know they’re good enough that I can tiptoe out of the room and just be there if they need me, and they won’t feel bad and I won’t feel guilty."

That is just one of the many pieces of greatness from Vulture's interview with Lorne Michaels. There is so much to be savored and enjoyed in this interview. So much greatness, fun, insight, everything. Once Michaels has passed, this will be one of the things people keep coming back to. It is a lengthy piece, but it is so worth it. Greatest interview ever.

Click this sentence to see it, if you wish.

"35 Times Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak's Best Friendship Killed You in the Heart"

I have to share this BuzzFeed list. This list might be my all-time favorite from BuzzFeed. B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling are the best. They are soup snakes. They belong together and they belong married. There is so much to love about them. Enjoy the great list and wonder why there aren't more reasons and also why they aren't together with hilariously smart babies yet!

The Princess Bride Reunion Photo

What a great photo of a great cast! The Princess Bride actors all came together again and they took a very, sure-to-become-iconic photo. Plus, you gotta love the Andre the Giant tribute. Enjoy this photo in full.

Friday, March 21, 2014

75 Best Songs: 10

Ah, yes. Here we are. The beginning of the Top Ten songs of all-time! My God, has this become really difficult. How do I choose which songs go where? It's impossible. This was a tough decision to make, but starting off the Top Ten is a-Ha. Here is Take. On. Me.

Jonny Gomes' World Series Tattoo

Jonny Gomes has commemorated his 2013 World Series victory with the Boston Red Sox with an awesome tattoo. It's got everything. The duck boat, the seasons, the trophy, the beard, the logo, the American flag. Gomes knows how to do it.

Cecily Strong and The New York Times

I think my favorite cast member on Saturday Night Live right now is Cecily Strong. Oh, but Taran Killam...Okay, so I don't know who my favorite is, but one of my favorites is Cecily for sure. She is slowly, but surely, mastering the art of Weekend Update and she is the best. We all love Cecily and there is a killer interview with her on The New York Times. Best.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

75 Best Songs: 11

Who would have thought that the Counting Crows would come up just short of the Top Ten. This one is for you, Mr. Jones.

George Clooney: Prank Master?

  1. "Gravity is the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend another minute with a woman his own age."
  2. Clooney vows revenge.
  3. Clooney sends Tina Fey and Amy Poehler a letter on Matt Damon's stationery, pretending to be Matt Damon, asking for an apology.
  4. Matt Damon receives a fruit basket with an apology letter from Tina and Amy and another letter that calls out Matt Damon and Clooney, saying they need to step it up.
  5. Clooney says this is only the first step in the plot.
  6. Amy says on Late Night with Seth Meyers that Clooney should "please stop."
  7. What? Awesome.

This Week's Entertainment by David

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

75 Best Songs: 11

In the first song before the top ten, we come across the greatest reggae singer and one of the straight up greatest singers, Bob Marley. His songs had great meanings (no matter what got them written). Here is his finest.

Curt Schilling Diagnosed with Cancer

This is quite the sad news to receive from a storied Red Sox and MLB player, so I'll let Schilling do the talking.

“I’ve always believed life is about embracing the gifts and rising up to meet the challenges. We’ve been presented with another challenge, as I’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer. Shonda and I want to send a sincere thank you and our appreciation to those who have called and sent prayers, and we ask that if you are so inclined, to keep the Schilling family in your prayers.
“My father left me with a saying that I’ve carried my entire life and tried to pass on to our kids: ‘Tough times don’t last, tough people do.’ Over the years in Boston, the kids at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have shown us what that means. With my incredibly talented medical team I’m ready to try and win another big game. I’ve been so very blessed and I feel grateful for what God has allowed my family to have and experience, and I’ll embrace this fight just like the rest of them, with resolute faith and head on.”

My 2014 NCAA Men's Bracket

I have completed (and perfected) my 2014 NCAA Men's Bracket. I always love to fill out brackets and March Madness is certainly a great time of year for sports. Naturally, my champion is Florida. Go Gators! Rounding out my Final Four are Michigan State, Creighton, and Duke. Some notable upsets I have are S.F. Austin over VCU, UConn over Villanova, Providence over North Carolina, Harvard over Cincinnati, Kentucky over Wichita State, and Nebraska over Baylor. Let's see if I get Warren Buffet's billion dollars!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

75 Best Songs: 12

Bruuuuuuuuuuce Springsteen's all-time greatest song comes in just short of the top ten. That doesn't downgrade it any more, though. The song is perfect!

B.J. Novak on Community

B.J. will be playing a television star in a "sexy, new series," on the incomparable comedy, Community. In the season five finale, he will play a rather mysterious, cryptic role that is being kept under wraps. All I know is, B.J. Novak? Great! Community? Great! So, naturally, I cannot wait for this to occur.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Debuts!

Oh yes, oh yes! It's time! It's time for the long-expected, mega-post about The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! This is one of the biggest events of 2014 and not just on the blog. I can think of no better time than right now. Right now, exactly one month (and one day) since the new digs premiered. It's certainly been a fun ride, but I will just be covering the last week of Late Night to the first week of The Tonight Show, then it's back to regularly shared Jimmy posts. Let's begin!

Jimmy's last week on Late Night was from February 3 to February 7. The first three days featured the Best of Comedy, Music, and Digital Originals. February 6 had Colin Farrell, Chris Pratt, and 2 Chainz. Friday was straight fire, though, with Andy Samberg and The Muppets. Plus, Higgins visited the guest chair and they talked about their favorite moments throughout Late Night. Here is the killer final clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that I just simply adore.

Must watch:

Then, in the week between the end of Late Night and the start of The Tonight Show, Jimmy had a couple of interviews with Jay Leno joining him.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Jay Invited to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Bonus: Jimmy Fallon's Home

More Bonuses:

20 Signs You Are Actually Jimmy Fallon
The Heir to TV's Greatest Franchise
Returning The Tonight Show to New York
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon App

Ask Jimmy:

Jimmy Fallon with Brian Williams
New York Times Article
The New Johnny Carson?
The Importance of Jimmy's First Show
The 35 Best Moments from Jimmy's First Show
39 Things You Learn Hanging Out with Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy's First Stand Up

The Tonight Show Ratings Report
15 Unforgettable Moments from the First Week
TV Talk Genre

Jimmy's First Monologue:

Jimmy's $100 Bet:

I'm not a monster, so I will not be outright including the fifth History of Rap, Brian Williams rapping, the interview with Harry Styles, Ew! with Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell, U2's two performances, the History of Hip Hop Dancing, and the return of the Ragtime Gals, all from the first week. Well, at least not included in this post.

I would also like to talk about how I've been liking it. Well, I haven't been liking it. You know, I miss Late Night. You can definitely tell it's different.

LOL just kidding it's AMAZING, probably BETTER, because Jimmy is flawless. It has immediately become one of my must-watch shows. Jimmy's earnest, "nice guy," funny, personable, charming, talented demeanor is perfect for The Tonight Show. He is the new face of late night television. The Roots provide a somewhat musical tone for the show and Higgins balances the music out with, of course, comedy. And Jimmy is just the best of both worlds. I cannot wait for the next twenty to thirty years of pure fun, pure enjoyment, and just an all around good time with a great show. Keep doing you, Jimmy!

Monday, March 17, 2014

75 Best Songs: 13

American Pie! The classic! The greatness! The beauty and soul of Don McLean. It wouldn't be a list of great music without it. So much symbolism, so many metaphors and inner meanings. Also, one of the longer songs in mainstream culture.

Happy (2014) St. Patrick's Day

It's time for one of my favorite holidays of the year, the day of my people! Irish folk far and wide are celebrating the greatness that is St. Patrick's Day. Why don't you have a good one, too?

This Week's Sports by David

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The End of Psych?!

In what has been expected for a while, the eight season of Psych is, in fact, the show's last season. I was hoping James Roday or Dule Hill would say, "Psych!" and the show would continue, but this is not the case. On March 26, Psych will end forever and this is quite sad. The show has always been on the ball and hilarious. The creator of the show Steve Franks, luckily, knew this was coming for a while so he says the finale has a great deal of closure. Phew. The show will have an hour long finale with an hour long after-show, so yay, bonus Psych! Plus, the president of USA has said this isn't the end of Shawn and Gus. Oh goodie! A big farewell to Psych is coming, don't you worry. Let's enjoy the final ride.

Max Greenfield Comes to The Mindy Project!

One of my favorite television characters, Schmidt, is played by the great, very Jewish, Max Greenfield. New Girl and The Mindy Project are both on FOX and it looks like Max will make appearances on both this year. Granted, he will be on New Girl more. He will play a mischievous player at a bar named Lee. I cannot wait! Sixteen days until The Mindy Project returns and we get to find out what's going on with Danny and Mindy!

My Bracketology Predictions: 2014

My first, last, and only bracketology predictions for 2014 have come on this, the day of Selection Sunday. We'll see how my projections coincide with what actually happens this very evening. For now, here are the extra details that always come with the bracket.

Number One Seeds
Wichita State

Last Four In

First Four Out
Saint Joseph's
Georgia State

Saturday, March 15, 2014

B.J. Novak's Spider-Man Character

The once secret character B.J. Novak would be playing in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man has been revealed. He is playing Alistair Smythe, who is the son of the Spider Slayer robots inventor. He becomes an annoyance to Peter Parker while continuing his father's work. Yes, that's right, B.J. Novak will be playing a villain in a Spider-Man movie. How awesome is that? Maybe I'll have to see it...

Britanick on How I Met Your Mother

In a recent episode of How I Met Your Mother which involved Barney drunkenly stumbling out onto the freeway, he met two young men played the great Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher. He had to pass on his single lifestyle wisdom onto someone before he moved on. Yes, that's right, the great comedic duo, with whom I've interacted with, making up Britanick. Their YouTube videos always make me laugh and smile. They really are quite humorous. Now, they're starting to make it big! They were in Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing and they have a new movie coming out, starring them. I'm so proud.

Dustin Pedroia's Voice Mail

Just make Pedroia the captain of the Red Sox already. Apparently, throughout the offseason, the Red Sox players texted each other very frequently. Dustin took it to the next level when he used the original purpose of a phone to talk to David Ross. He left a voicemail for Ross, which apparently caused the catcher to "fire up." Keep that fire and let's hope for a repeat!

Friday, March 14, 2014

New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine Set Records

Fox obviously believes in their great comedies (don't worry The Mindy Project is away for a bit). Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl were both given prime slots right after the Super Bowl. Naturally, they delivered. New Girl became the top-rated Big Four scripted telecast in three years with 25.8 million viewers and an 11.1 rating in the prime demographic (18-49). Brooklyn Nine-Nine obviously dipped, but still got 14.8 million viewers. Nicely done, my stories!

Honest Super Bowl Headlines

My favorite weekly tradition on the Sports Pickle website is, without a doubt, the Honest NFL Headlines. Well, after the Super Bowl, they go away until September, so I had to share the final one for a while. They're so humorous and just so...true. They're the best.

Holiday Parodies

Sorry it took me so long to post this, but the original was taken off the YouTube page for whatever reason. Luckily, someone uploaded this one. It's less quality, but it has it and that's all I need. I know the lyrics to each of these parody songs and I hope this tradition continues. Rashida Jones, Carrie Underwood, and Jimmy Fallon are the best together. The best.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

75 Best Songs: 14

Paul Simon. He is synonymous with "The Greatest Songwriter in History." My favorite of his? Why, it's right below.

Sorry Garfunkel!

This Week's Entertainment by David

My Gosh, This Commercial

This is the funniest commercial ever. I will let it speak for itself, but I love it to death.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

75 Best Songs: 15

It was tough to place this great song at the spot of fifteen and not any higher, but I had to do it. It was tough, but I had to. So many good versions of this song, but I tried to choose the true one.

Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials

2014 was an awful year for the Super Bowl, but a "not bad" year for Super Bowl commercials. As is tradition, here are my rankings of the best ads from the game.

10. Ford: Nearly Double with Rob Riggle and James Franco

9. Metlife: National Anthem with the Peanuts

8. Esurance: Tweet with John Krasinski

7. RadioShack: In with the New with the 80's

6. Dannon Oikos: Big Game Tease with Full House

5. T-Mobile: No Contract with Tim Tebow

4. Coca Cola: Big Game with America the Beautiful

3. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Reunion with Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza

2. Budwesier: Puppy Love with Passenger

1. Honda: Safety with Bruce Willis and Fred Armisen

A Couple of Books I Read

This book, lent to me by my English teacher, is really quite clever, quick, and smart. Haven Kimmel's memoir from her life in small-town Indiana is a very enjoyable read. There is a bit of darkness in it, a cloud in her life, but some of the moments she talks about are austere, unique, and hopeful. An instant favorite.

Before I even opened the front cover, I knew I would enjoy Mindy Kaling's collection of expository-memoir hybrid stories. She holds nothing back and is completely honest with, not just the reader, but herself. The most enjoyable part of the book was joining her on her long and complicated road to accomplishing her dream. The methods she used are all her own.

I did not know what I would think of Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods, but my English teacher had not steered me wrong with book suggestions yet. The concept of it was great. Instead of a memoir chronicling the author's life, it took just one specific area of Bryson's life. His journey on the Appalachian Trail was quite interesting and I loved the way he created real people he had met into characters.

Jimmy Fallon's children book was a much easier read than some of the aforementioned books on the list. Less than twenty pages with less than twenty words on each, his fictionalized tale of a snow day was charming and why aren't more kids reading it?

As soon as I started reading Demetri Martin's writings I was laughing boisterously aloud. It is not your average book, as Martin uses many different techniques to convey his dry sense of humor. Drawings, crossword puzzles, and palindromes are just a few of the many methods. Most of the stories are fiction, I hope, but all of them are delightful.

Books are the best.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

75 Best Songs: 16

One of the greatest Billy Joel songs ever and perfect for a capella.

Seth Meyers Has Left Saturday Night Live

Sadness occurred on February 1. Seth Meyers departed Saturday Night Live to take over Late Night and turn it into Late Night with Seth Meyers. He hosted his final Weekend Update, but it was a wonderful affair because old friends returned. To say goodbye and take him to the other side, Stefon (Bill Hader), Amy Poehler, Andy Samberg, David Paterson (Fred Armisen), and, of course, Cecily Strong, bid Seth farewell. It truly was one of the best moments in the history of, not just Weekend Update, but of Saturday Night Live, as well. It was a standard Weekend Update with great quips from Seth and Cecily, plus a visit from Atlanta resident Buford Calloway (Taran Killam). Until Seth told his final joke and Cecily became choked up saying goodbye to Seth and introducing Amy and Stefon.

Fred was reprising his role as Paterson, which he used to say goodbye to Amy also. Amy and Seth pounded on the desk just one last time. Andy sang that it was so hard to say goodbye. The best moment was not another Stefon-ism (although, those were great), but when Seth was saying goodbye, you could clearly tell he was on the verge of tears, but looking at his co-anchors, dear friend, and husband, they were also crying.

Seth Meyers will forever live as one of the greatest SNL and Weekend Update members in history. I cannot wait until he makes a cameo appearance!