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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

100 February Posts!

Somehow, I did it, I pulled it off!!! Leap Day miracled me again! It was a truly awesome Leap Day! Hope it was good for everybody. Without the extra day, this would not have happened. Leap Day William, Leap Day William, bursting from the sea! Hope he brings his bucket of sweets for Mom, Pop, and Me!


January [x]
February [x]
March []
April []
May []
June []
July [x]
August [x]
September [x]
October [x][x] (Twice)
November [x]
December [x]

4 months to go! Could be done this year. That's it for February 2012.



One More Disney Day

Remember back on New Year's Eve when Disney announced that for Leap Day, they'd have Disneyland and Walt Disney World open for 24 hours straight. It's pretty cool and if you're going this is what you can expect:

  • Open from 6 AM to 6 AM.
  • First 2000 guests will receive commemorative Mickey ears.
  • Mickey's Soundsational Parade will run at 10 PM.
  • Fantasmic will play at 1 AM.
  • At Big Thunder Ranch BBQ, a Midnight Snack event will be held from 11:45 PM to 12 AM.
  • Dance Party at the Tomorrowland Terrace from 8:30 PM to 4 AM.
  • Character meet and greets will be held for the entire night, including Mickey in pajamas.
  • Splash Mountain will close at 2 AM. Pirates of the Caribbean will close at 4 AM.
  • Restaurants will be open late with special menus.
Good deal!

'Vacation' Reboot

We all remember the Griswold trip to Wally World! Well there's going to be a reboot of that, written by the writers from Horrible Bosses! The writers say it's not a remake, but an extension of the legacy. It will center around Rusty Griswold and his wife and two children who want to make the trip to Wally World before it closes forever. Ed Helms is in consideration for the role of Rusty, while Chevy Chase and Beverely D'Angelo could be playing the grandparents, as they were the parents in the original Vacation movies. Hopefully they do right by it! Maybe if it's good, they'll continue with a Christmas Vacation? Who knows?

Wilfred Returns!

But sadly, in the summer, so we'll still have to wait a while, but it has a date:

June 28th, 2012, 10 PM!

Jason Gann and Elijah Wood say that the questions will be revealed in the season premiere - along with Robin Williams!

The Avengers

The Avengers had a commercial released during the Super Bowl and today they have another trailer, take a look:

Do I spy Richard from New Adventures of Old Christine?

Leap Day

As Leap Day William once said, "Leap Day is a day full of miracles." I'm gonna need that. Since this blog was created, one of my goals has been to reach 100 posts in every month, no matter the year. This February, I have 93, and I've been given an extra day that normally isn't there in February. I have make it count. I have to get to the hallowed 100.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Extreme Paper Airplane

This is an intense throw. It went 226 feet and broke a world record. The celebration is pretty priceless too. His name is Joe Ayoob.

Disney Interactive Menu

At the Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood Studios, Disney is trying out a new concept that has an interactive menu. It's a pretty cool app, you can specify your preferences and allergy. Cool idea.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Jason Varitek

First Wake, now Tek! Jason Varitek is expected to announce his retirement on Thursday. The longtime captain who has never been on any other team than the Red Sox, had a great tenure with the team. He won two World Series rings and he caught four no-hitters. Personally, I think he should be in the Hall of Fame, and he just could be. Who could forget when he stuffed A-Rod's face full of glove. That was awesome! The Red Sox will not be the same without him. Dustin Pedroia is expected by the other teammates and NESN to be the new captain. I have a nice prediction. When Bobby Valentine and whoever manages after him are out, Jason Varitek could very well be the team's new manager. He'd be good at it too. The Red Sox should retire his number 33. Also, he was my dad's favorite player. Great job Varitek!

R.I.P Berenstain Authors

Jan and Stan Berenstain wrote fantastic children's books called the Berenstain Bears. I love reading them and they're an autumn tradition to enjoy the Halloween book. Sadly, Stan died in 2005. Just recently, Jan also died. It's kind of depressing to know that they're both gone. They wrote great books with good drawings. It's even more depressing that now they're in the hand of Mike Berenstain who has taken the Bears in a more Christian direction. Jan and Stan (rhyme) will be missed.

Oscar's 2012

The Artist took the top category, Best Picture, not MoneyBall. That brought my total predictions to 7 out of 11. Not bad, eh? The best ones were when The Muppets and Jim Rash (Dean) won. Billy Crystal did a good job. Acceptable telecast.

Goodbye Robert California

The mysterious CEO of Dunder Mifflin/Sabre, Robert California will not be around for Season 9. James Spader has announced that he only wanted this to be a one season arc and he will not be back. It was a good move for a transition, but not for good. It's a good move, and Robert is not necessary for the show. He was an acceptable character.

Movie: The Movie

Every plot line ever, with every actor. It's got everything you need in a movie with an amazing trailer:

Cartoonist of the Year

The Reuben Award annually honors the best cartoonist of the year. This year Stephan Pastis, the Pearls Before Swine artist, is nominated. He should definitely win! He's a very good artist and he has the funniest strip out there. Go Pastis!

This Week's Sports by David

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Parks and Rec Follows Through

In the newest episode of Parks and Recreation, Leslie has posters printed out for her campaign. However, instead of putting the picture on the poster, they put the link to the image. If you type in the link online, it will go to the picture! Cool connection.


Oscar Predictions

You've already heard my idea that MoneyBall will win Best Picture, but what about the rest? Here you go.

Best Actor: George Clooney. The Descendants.

Best Actress: Viola Davis. The Help.

Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer. Beginners.

Best Supporting Actress: Melissa McCarthy. Bridesmaids.

Best Original Song: Man or Muppet. The Muppets.

Best Director: Woody Allen. Midnight in Paris.

Best Animated Film: Rango.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Jim Rash. The Descendants.

Best Original Screenplay: Michael Hazanavicus. The Artist.

Best Visual Effects: Tim Burke. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.

Funny Family Guy Clip

I stumbled across it and just felt that it was worth posting.

The original:

Adam Sandler. Heal Yourself

Adam Sandler was nominated for a record 11 Razzie awards. Those are the awards that celebrate the worst films of the year. The movies he's nominated for? Jack and Jill, Bucky Larson, and Just Go With It. It would be awesome if he pulled a Sandra Bullock and accepted the award if he wins. It'd also be awesome if he begins to make better movies. Grown Ups 2 will help.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

In Honor of Tonight's Slam Dunk Contest

Here is a Kia trying to dunk over Blake Griffin. Hard to believe it's been a year since Blake dunked over a Kia.

NBA All-Star Predictions

As a part of my effort to keep up with sports predictions, here are this All-Star weekend's predictions:

Celebrity Game

East will beat the West by a lot.

Rookie Challenge

Shaq will put up a good fight, but Chuck will ultimately beat him out.

Skills Challenge

I honestly believe that Rondo has what it takes. It's not biased.

Haier Shooting Stars

I'm gonna go with Team Orlando. With the home crowd backing them up and not to mention Jameer Nelson, how can they lose?

Three-Point Shootout

Mario Chalmers. The Heat have a way of winning this and he's had practice at Kansas.

Slam Dunk Contest

Derrick Williams will have the popularity vote, but I think Paul George's slams will lead him to victory.

All-Star Game

This year, the West will demolish the Heat.

Funny Conan Moment

James Franco was on the show and a weird topic came about, featuring Franco's grandmother's sex tape. Anywho, Conan's reaction towards the end of the video is priceless.

Ernie McLean

Many people probably don't know who this is, but he was a guitar player at the New Orleans Square in Disneyland, California. He was the last living employee who was hired by Walt Disney himself. Sadly, he passed away recently. Ernie is a true Disney icon and will forever be remembered.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rajon Rondo. Part Two.

Not only is Rondo in the All-Star game, but he will also fill in for Stephen Curry in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. I've been waiting for Rondo to be in this competition. He's definitely skilled and has what it takes to win. The jumpshot portion worries me.

Rajon Rondo. Zero to Two In Sixty Hours

Rajon Rondo was not voted into the 2012 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando this year. But Joe Johnson was. Joe Johnson suffered a toe injury. Rajon Rondo took his play. That will make three-straight all-star appearances anybody? More Rondo news later.

Snow White's Scary Adventures

Jaws is gone. The Jimmy Neutron ride is gone. The Barnstormer is gone. This is the latest casualty in beloved Floridian amusement park rides. The Fantasyland classic, Snow White's Scary Adventures, will close on May 31st, 2012, to make way for a princess meet and greet. I never rode the ride, but heard it was pretty cool and I'd rather see that than another meet and greet, but whatever the Imagineers think is best, will likely pay off in the long run. They're amazing people.

The ride has been in the Magic Kingdom ever since opening day back in 1971.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Week's Entertainment by David

Book Professionals

I read a book called Gathering Blue in my Language Arts class in school. Our teacher then instructed us to do a project on it. My friends, Alex and Harry, helped me out. Enjoy:

Super Mario Lamp

This is a creative idea. It's shaped like the coin box. And to turn it on or off, you just punch it like Mario! Too bad it costs my liver.

The Big Bang Theory > American Idol

Tonight, the CBS comedy, The Big Bang Theory, overtook American Idol in the ratings. Idol has dominated for as long as I can remember, but the nerds have supremacy now. Pretty cool. The comedy had 16.1 million viewers and the singing competition had 15.4 million. Maybe this is a sign of true television integrity returning.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All Fenway Team

In honor of Fenway Park's 100th anniversary, the Red Sox are having online votes to decide the best players at every position in their history, including right and left handed pitchers. That's detailed. Vote!

The Simpsons Reaches 500

Personally, I think the episode was not very original and it seemed to be the same type of idea that they've done in the past, but I still enjoyed the episode. I think it was a good plot, and a good way to get to 500, and they're not even done yet! They have at least two more seasons! 600, anybody? I was a little confused about the ending. Are they just recreating Springfield, about two miles to the west? I'm confused. Ah, well. Good episode and good couch gag.

Also, Matt Groening will soon be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

JetBlue Park

The new Red Sox Spring Training facility, JetBlue Park, is pretty cool. It's basically a small replica of Fenway park and it's a great idea. I like it!

Also, if you visit jetbluepark.com, it will redirect you to the Yankees website. Some New York fan got a hold of the URL. Ah, well.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Map Crunch

Map Crunch is a website that drops you in a random location that can be anywhere in the world. From that location, you have to get to the nearest airport! It's fun and I've found two airports so far. Try it!

NBA Midseason Awards

I'm going to try to keep up to date on my predictions for sports. So, with that, I will make my predictions for the NBA Awards, now that the season is halfway over.


1. LeBron James - Miami Heat
2. Dwight Howard - Orlando Magic
3. Chris Paul - Los Angeles Clippers
4. Kevin Love - Minnesota Timberwolves
5. Deron Williams - New Jersey Nets

Rookie of the Year

1. Ricky Rubio - Minnesota Timberwolves
2. Kyrie Irving - Cleveland Cavaliers
3. Kawhi Leonard - San Antonio Spurs

Sixth Man

1. James Harden - Oklahoma City Thunder
2. Steve Novak - New York Knicks
3. Brandon Bass - Boston Celtics

Coach of the Year

1. Doug Collins - Philadelphia 76ers
2. George Karl - Denver Nuggets
3. Rick Adelman - Minnesota Timberwolves

Defensive Player of the Year

1. Dwight Howard - Orlando Magic
2. Tony Allen - Memphis Grizzlies
3. Rajon Rondo - Boston Celtics

Most Improved Player

1. Jeremy Lin - New York Knicks
2. Andrew Bynum - Los Angeles Lakers
3. Kendrick Perkins - Oklahoma City Thunder


Community, Burgers, and Parks, Oh My! Save the date! COMMUNITY RETURNS ON MARCH 15TH!!!!! OH MY GOD, YES! Sadly, however, Parks and Recreation has to go away until April 19th. After the 19th, however, it'll be the perfect NBC Comedy schedule! Community, Parks and Rec, The Office, 30 Rock and Up All Night will go away! Also on March 11th, Bob's Burgers comes back! SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE!!!!!!!!1

Updated Sequel

A long time ago, I posted a video depicting my interests, but looking back at it, it's just awful. Therefore I revised it. Your viewing pleasure begins here:

Monday, February 20, 2012

This Week's Sports by David

Inspector Spacetime

The show within a show that Abed and Troy watch on Community is being developed into a six-episode web series! That's pretty cool and would be interesting to see. Travis Richey will play the Inspector.

Slinky On A Treadmill

I didn't think it would work that well. I even have trouble getting it to go down the stairs.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

500 Episodes of The Simpsons

The lovable yellow family and their town of Springfield is in their 23rd season and they'll hit their 500th episode tonight. I know it will be good and will let you know about it tomorrow. For now, enjoy Bart's chalkboard statements.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

25 Years of the Disney Store

As a child, I loved to visit the Disney Store at the mall. As I grew older, the store became strange, they had too much Disney Channel memorabilia and let's face it, Disney Channel is not too good. But now I'm starting to see the transition back to the Disney aspect. That's good. You can go to their website and use the code to receive 25% off the items. Happy 25th!

Troy and Abed. Bromance Made In Heaven

Good montage video. Troy and Abed really are the best of friends.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tim Wakefield

Knuckleballer. #49, of the Boston Red Sox, Tim Wakefield has officially retired. This is sad. He was a great pitcher who did whatever the organization wanted him to. Known for his knuckleball, Wakefield quickly became one of the most respected pitchers in Red Sox history. He played for the Pirates from 1992 to 1993. He was about ready to throw in the towel on his career. But he stayed determined and ended up playing for the Red Sox for 16 years. He racked up a lot of stats. 2009 All-Star, 2004 and 2007 World Series champion, 2010 Roberto Clemente award, and 1995 Comeback Player of the Year award, and an even 200 wins on the career. Thank you, Tim Wakefield.

Mike Cameron, former Red Sox outfielder, has also retired.

Movie Plot Holes

I've never noticed it before, but the Buzz one is glaring. I never picked up on it. View them all here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Raising Hope. Jimmy and Sabrina.

***********SPOILER ALERT************

If you watch the show Raising Hope (Tuesdays, FOX, 9:30) then you probably know about the will they-won't they of Jimmy and Sabrina. In last night's episode, Jimmy and Virginia come up with a plot to break Wyatt and Sabrina up. When that succeeds, an Improv group performs the story of Jimmy and Sabrina and Sabrina runs out of the theater. When Jimmy finds her, she says "I hate kissing in public." Then, they kiss, but it seemed like a dream. But to my surprise, it wasn't. It just seemed to work out too well for a TV show. There's not a lot of talk about it, it kinda just happened and I'm confused. I suppose I'll learn more next Tuesday.

2012 Kid's Choice Awards

The award show will be on Nickelodeon on March 31st. The nominees were released today. Of course, I disagree with most of them. Just look at the first, for example! Anywho my predictions are in bold:

TV Show: Good Luck Charlie, iCarly, Victorious, Wizards of Waverly Place
TV Actor: Tim Allen, Ty Burrell, Alex Heartman, Jake Short
TV Actress: Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice, Bridgit Mendler
TV Sidekick: Nathan Kress, Jeannette McCurdy, Jennifer Stone, Jerry Trainor
Reality Show: American Idol, America's Funniest Home Videos, America's Got Talent, Wipeout
Cartoon: Kung Fu Panda, Phineas and Ferb, Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Spongebob Squarepants
Move: Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, The Muppets, The Smurfs
Movie Actor: Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Daniel Radcliffe, Adam Sandler
Movie Actress: Amy Adams, Kristen Stewart, Sofia Vergara, Emma Watson
Animated Movie: Cars 2, Rio, Kung Fu Panda 2, Puss in Boots
Voice From an Animated Movie: Antonio Benderas, Jack Black, Johnny Depp, Katy Perry
Buttkicker: Jessica Alba, Tom Cruise, Kelly Kelly, Taylor Lautner
Male Athlete: Derek Jeter, Michael Phelps, Tim Tebow, Shaun White
Female Athlete: Kelly Clark, Danica Patrick, Serena Williams, Venus Williams
Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight
Video Game: Just Dance 3, Lego Star Wars, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario Galaxy
Music Group: Big Time Rush, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Antebellum, LMFAO
Male Singer: Justin Bieber, Toby Keith, Bruno Mars, Usher
Female Singer: Lady GaGa, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift
Song: Born This Way, Firework, Party Rock Anthem, Sparks Fly

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Some videos to celebrate the holiday:

As for me, I spent the holiday at the local Senior Center. Along with me, six other students from the school's Student Council were along. We passed out breakfast, carnations, coffee, and juice to senior citizens. It was fun and a good time.


You remember Tebowing, Planking, Batmanning, the list goes on. The newest one is Calebing! My friend Caleb put his hand in his pocket and lifted it up and down, put his hand by his ear and wave it and then bobbed his head. Calebing!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Art of Disney Animation

No, not the show at Hollywood studios. This montage. Well made from Snow White to Tangled, that is Disney essence.

Hot Dog Eats Batman

Uh-oh, the tables have been turned! What a weird cartoon. Guess you have to see the whole thing. Quite strange...

Muppety Proposal

Pretty creative. Not a bad idea. There's a LEGO one too. View them all at the Today Show.

This Week's Sports by David

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Red Sox's New JetBlue Digs

The Red Sox team plane has a new look. Red Sox tail logo. Red Sox windows. Fenway Park 100th Anniversary emblem. Of course, the JetBlue logo too. I like it. Maybe Fenway gets the All-Star game this year, but I think the Royals got it. Also, a man who was born on the Opening Day of Fenway Park 100 years ago in 1912 wants to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day of 2012. That'd be cool.

Don't Put Everything On Facebook

A girl posted on Facebook saying that she hates how she's 'overworked.' Her dad found it. Her dad had a gun. Her dad was not happy. Her dad is now an Internet star. I bet you know what happened already. I'm glad I'm not like that girl.

One Week Since Super Bowl XLVI

It's been a week since...since...since it happened. Since Gronk came two feet away from sweet sweet bliss. Anywho, my status has improved a little bit, but I'm still a little depressed. It'll probably take a little while.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Dies

I've never really listened to her songs, but she did have a pretty good voice. It's a shame that she went down the drug path. Hopefully other singers can learn from her. I don't have any of her songs on my iPod, but a lot of people were broken up about it. Here's her claim to fame:

Cue the Jennifer Hudson tribute!

2012 Orlando Developments

2012's gonna be a pretty big year for Orlando theme parks. You already know of the Fantasyland expansion, but what about the rest of 'em? Educate yourself:

LegoLand Florida:

  • DUPLO Area
  • New Water Park
Seaworld Orlando:

  • TurtleTrek 3D Dome
  • Fresh Water Oasis - Otter Greet
Universal Orlando:

  • The Amazing Spiderman Ride Enhancements
  • Despicable Me Ride
  • Gringotts and Harry Potter Expansion
Walt Disney World:

  • Interactive Sorcerer Game
  • Fantasyland Expansion
  • Art of Animation Hotel

Should be an interesting couple of years!

Will Smith - KCA

As you already know, Will Smith, not Jack Black, will be hosting the 2012 Kid's Choice Awards. It's not Jack Black's commercial, but it's acceptable:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Smell Good. Ride Good.

Bored of just waiting in line at the bus stop? A potato company called McCain has a new billboard at this bus stop in New York exudes the smell of baked potato. Clever.

Tazer Ball

So many different forms of soccer now-a-days. This one just seems dangerous. Running with the ball and you could be tazed. There are only four teams in the UTBL, Ultimate Tazer Ball League, but I doubt that it'll become an Olympic sport.

The Creator

Not God. Otavia! Scientists have discovered this organism in Africa. It's smaller than a grain of sand, but it just might be what created all life. It's 760 million years old and it is THE ancestor. Otavia!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nick Kocher Lands A Role

Say goodbye to his minor career, Kocher's joining showbiz! The Britanick star, has got himself a role as Andrew, a ladies' man in an untitled ABC comedy pilot. Brian McHelaney was in a movie earlier this year. Their careers are taking off! Woohoo!

Complete NBA All-Star Roster

Last week, the 2012 NBA All-Star starters were announced. Now the complete rosters are here. I know that Rajon Rondo is not there, but hey, he's been hurt. He's still elite. Next year Rondo! Pierce is there.

Eastern Conference

Dwight Howard
LeBron James
Dwayne Wade
Derrick Rose
Carmelo Anthony
Chris Bosh
Luol Deng
Roy Hibbert
Andre Iguodala
Joe Johnson
Paul Pierce
Deron Williams

Western Conference

Kobe Bryant
Chris Paul
Blake Griffin
Andrew Bynum
Kevin Durant
LaMarcus Aldridge
Marc Gasol
Kevin Love
Steve Nash
Dirk Nowitzki
Russell Westbrook
Tony Parker

Man v. Food

What kind of year is this? First, One Life To Live heads out. Then, Chuck ends. Now, Man v. Food is concluding! What is happening?! Remember when I told you about Adam Richman retiring from challenges? Apparently that's also the end of the show! Complete and utter sadness. This is depressing. I loved seeing him do the challenges. There were 84 episodes, the best number is 84. His final record was 36-23. Not bad. That's a 61% winning percentage. Awesome person. Adam Richman is an awesome person. If you're wondering why this isn't as lengthy as Chuck or OLTL it's because Adam Richman will have another show on Travel Channel called 'Amazing Eats.' It's the same premise, Adam Richman goes to cities and samples food staples. Except, there's no challenge at the end. At least he's still food trucking.


Talk about the greatest Ross episode. Watch the video and laugh. Just laugh.

This Week's Entertainment By David

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tim Allen or Tim Tebow?

On last night's episode of Last Man Standing, a Tim Tebow joke was cracked. Here it is:

Mandy: "What if Tim Tebow was on that plane?"

Mike: "Then he could just put it on his back and carry it to the airport."

Later in the episode, Eve Tebowed. I'm liking the references.

Yeah, Tebow!

How Super Bowl XLVI Really Ended

Cool video. NBC doesn't show you everything, now do they?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rob Gronkowski

Picture this. The Patriots' 2011 star, Rob Gronkowski is out on the field. The star. Brady's there too. Tom Brady throws a deep Hail Myra with four seconds left. Time runs out when it reaches the end zone. Hernandez and Welker both jump up and tap it to give Gronk a chance and he takes it! And catches the pass! And wins the Super Bowl! Sadly that did not happen, but it would be the best thing ever if it did, right? I know it didn't, but here comes that if again. I just keep replaying that play and keep thinking it'd be awesome if he caught it. Next year he will. That would have been the greatest play ever.