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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 16

The greatest hatred of Toby moment in Office history. Just the fact that both Jim and Michael yell at him for no reason and it throws him off. "What did I do?" Classically great.

The Office Saves Lives

I know it's a good show, but how great is The Office empire that it saves live? Best in history. Yes that is the British version of The Office. Doesn't matter because a man was all set to commit suicide when he accidentally turned on an episode of The Office and was immediately engaged and so distracted that he didn't commit suicide and is still alive today to tell the tale. Read the fully awesome article here.

I Ate A Gators Pop-Tart

My aunt, who lives in Florida, is awesome and she sent Florida Gators Pop-Tarts up through the nation. I ate the, not as creatively named, Florida Gators Strawberry Pop-Tarts and they were quite delicious. It was just better, you know? Anything with a Gators logo on it just immediately becomes better.

Monday, April 29, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 17

This scene is great. Michael is just talking about how great everything is and then WHAM! Meredith get slammed by his car. No one expected this to happen in the cold intro, I guarantee it. It's just indescribably funny.

This Week's Sports by David

2013 DFTBA Tournament Final Four

Both Cinderella teams, Tower Heist and Leicester (who were led by magnificent point guards), fell in the Elite Eight, putting an end to their magical run. Maine went down in four overtimes and MexiCali Grill struggled the whole game, probably due to lack of experience. This made for a pretty tame Final Four, despite a wild tournament. The seedings of the remaining teams are the #1 Family, #2 Gators, #3 Christmas Films and #2 The Office. Pretty tame Final Four, but the finish will not be tame at all, I expect. Here are the official matchups. Who do you think advances to the Championship game?

Family v. Florida Gators
Christmas Films v. The Office

Sunday, April 28, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 18

Prison Mike. Michael's greatest character. Even greater than Ping, believe it or not. Best line of the whole ordeal, "The best thing about prison was the dementors." Classic Michael.

Kid President

Kid President is a creation of Soul Pancake, which was created by Rainn Wilson. He filled out a March Madness bracket and has done many more Presidential things of the sort. I thought that I would share this pretty neat clip from a pretty neat creation. Meeting the real President, Barack Obama:

Hulu | Deciding Which Show is the Best in 2013

For consecutive, back-to-back years, Community has won Hulu's Best in Show Tournament. I think it is very well deserved!

I thought that I would take this opportunity to compile my list of the Top Ten shows on TV today, in my opinion. Instead of making a big, hooplah post of it, I'll do it subtly.

Keep in mind that I really only care for comedies.

10. The Amazing Race
9. Wilfred
8. How I Met Your Mother
7. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
6. Parks and Recreation
5. Bob's Burgers
4. Happy Endings
3. Community
2. Psych
1. The Office

I classified that as, shows I really focus on and stop all that I'm doing to watch.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 19

The very first excellent Jim and Pam moment. Other than Pam's favorite flavor of yogurt, obviously. Not a bad day.

2013 DFTBA Tournament Elite Eight

The DFTBA Elite Eight of 2013 has finally been decided! Two number one seeds fell during the Sweet Sixteen and the inspirational stories of the Bruins, Red Sox and Patriots came to a close. NBC suffered a heartbreaking loss, Man v. Food was shockingly upended, the resurgence of Christmas fell short. Yet these eight remain. The number-one overall seed, Family. The Cinderella team making a name for themselves, Tower Heist. The highest seed alive (13), Leicester. The consistent powerhouse, Florida Gators. The Final Four or bust, Maine. The rookie surprise, Christmas Films. The sophomore up and comer, MexiCali Grill. And the team of momentum, The Office. Here are the official matchups:

Family v. Tower Heist
Leicester v. Florida Gators
Maine v. Christmas Films
MexiCali Grill v. The Office

In addition to this, the champion of the 2013 Consolation Tournament was decided. Disney World proved that their early exit was a fluke and that they'll be back next year with that fourth number one seed in tow.

And, as it always happens with the DFTBA Elite Eight, the uniforms of the remaining teams!

Jimmy's Corner

Sequester, sharing and planets. The three s's of the educational world! It's like a children's show, but it has Jimmy Fallon so it's really amazing.

Friday, April 26, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 20

I love how Creed tries to act like he knows it's a game, but when he bolts out, you have to wonder. Did he actually kill someone. Oh, the greatness of Creed!

Paper Airplane Review


  • Pretty crazy that The Office has yet to do an episode featuring paper airplanes. The elite seven and Toby. Oh, Toby. Of course he gets hit in the eye.
  • Creed throws a cantaloupe and takes a bow. Ah, Creed. You make no sense.
  • I get the feeling that something is up with Erin freaking out at losing the contest. Andy got mad once or twice before, didn't he?
  • Why did they let Kevin make 140 paper airplanes before telling him to pick one. Lol, my goodness.
  • I couldn't actually remember what Wilbur and Orville's last names really were after Kevin said Redenbacher.
  • "I like a little feather in my nuggets."
  • "Two grand, huh? I know a guy that can turn that into $800. Hint, it's me."
  • It had to come down to Dwight and Angela, didn't it? Those two aren't getting together without being put through the ringer, huh? Lordy.
  • First time that I haven't seen Dwight so pumped up about winning something. "Don't you dare tank this."
  • Some of those paper airplane tosses were really really good. Like scary good.
  • Angela seems to have loosened up a little bit during this season. She should have taken the chance with Dwight, though. Don't like Esther.
  • I love that Darryl went with Andy to his first role. I thought that their friendship had been forgotten.
  • By the way, does Andy know about Jim, Darryl and Athlead?
  • "I'm ready for my close-up!"
  • "Hold up, I'm looking at my spit in this microscope."
  • I could never wash my eyes out like Andy did. He's on his way though. "Kid can act."
  • Oh, god, the Jim and Pam tenseness was too much to bear. I didn't appreciate it, but I am glad that I acknowledged it. Loved Clark's line though, "Are you guys high?" He's growing on me.
  • Loved the little things that they did with Jim and Pam. Jim forgets his umbrella and it was raining when he proposed to her. Jim goes to wave to Pam and she doesn't see it and he awkwardly pulls back like in The Secret and The Carpet. The silence of being so scared that now words come out like in Booze Cruise and Casino Night. Greg Daniels was right. Office fans are really getting off on all of the little things thrown in here and there.
  • I don't believe that Jim and Pam are 100% better now, but they both realized at the same time how much is on the line and how much they're fighting for.
  • She hugged him back.
  • One of the top ten Jim and Pam moments EVER. So great. After a year of tumultuous moments with these two, it was such a great pay-off, it was so goddamned rewarding.
  • Plus, I loved the return to the wedding. That was done so so so so so well. Tom reading the thing about love. The revisit of Andy's uncomfortable scrotum, seeing Michael and Ryan in the crowd and Jim and Pam who, for the first time, we heard words spoken at their wedding. SO AMAZING. Heart unblocked.
  • Only three episodes left now :(. Livin' the Dream, A.A.R.M. and Finale. Oh, god.
  • You should really watch the great Jim and Pam moment. I already have about ten times. Here it is:

Awesome episode.

Send it Off With a Bang!

A two and a half hour bang! It has been confirmed by multiple sources, including Entertainment Weekly, that The Office will, on May 16, have an hour-long retrospective special before the recently extended one and a half hour long finale! From 8:00 to 10:30, it will be pure Office bliss. The retrospective will have never before seen footage, memorable moments and classic Office moments. Speaking of the finale, the synopsis was released. Sounds amazingly bittersweet. Oh god, it's coming too soon:

"Writer: Greg Daniels, Director: Ken Kwapis
Summary (NBC): Months after the airing of the documentary, the workers of Dunder Mifflin, past and present, gather for a wedding and a final round of interviews. Mysteries are solved, hatchets are buried, pranks are prunked. Guest stars: Mindy Kaling, B.J. Novak, Rachael Harris, Dakota Johnson, Joan Cusack, Ed Begley, Jr., Balcolm Barrett, Matt Jones, Andy Buckley, Michael Schur, Bobby Ray Shafer. One-hour long, starting 9/8c.
‘Finale’ airs May 16, 2013."

Thursday, April 25, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 21

Michael just boils over, so amazing. WHERE ARE THE TURTLES?!?!?!

The Tonight Show with...Jimmy Fallon? Yes Please!

Plus, it's official! Before it, was just rumors, but now the greatest host in late night, who hosts Late Night is getting the promotion to the biggest stage and his awesome variety show and everyone about it, Higgins, The Roots, deserve it! Especially Jimmy Fallon! Hopefully it stays as is, but with the prime slot! You can view nine great moments of Late Night from the NBC website here. Also, here's Jimmy Fallon chatting with the audience about the move and also with Jay Leno. Go Jimmy!

The move is great!

This Week's Entertainment by David

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 22

Great scene. Ryan is truly petrified. "Boy have you lost your mind, cause I'll help you find it!" Also, "What you looking for out there? Jesus could come through that door and he's not gonna help you!" So hilarious.

Beck Bennett, You Rock!

We all know the greatness that is the AT&T Talking Children commercials. You know, "Because it rhymes with flash," "I wish I was back to a human." It's so great. Turns out the guy who does them, Beck Bennett, has a YouTube channel in which he has a web series called Fresh Perspective and it's all about that all the time! How amazing is this? Here's my favorite:

Who's On First? Anniversary

This has probably reached my top five favorite comedy skits of all-time and is very close to the top. The skit recently celebrated it's seventieth anniversary and ESPN commemorated it with these videos which feature the great Jimmy Fallon!

And the skit and it's sequel:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 23

This one is great. Especially since Andy is just seen floating for the rest of the episode. Plus, the exchange with Angela is great. "Angela! Help!" "What, Andy?" "Get help!" "What are you saying?" "It's pretty simple, Angela! Just look at what I'm doing and go tell somebody it!" "Sorry!" "Angela!" Oh, hilarity is right.

Finally Finding Dory!

The long-awaited, long-anticipated, long-talked about sequel Finding Nemo is coming to fruition! Confirmation is here! We've already got the amazing Toy Story trilogy and Monsters University is slated for the summer. Now, Ellen DeGeneres (and Albert Brooks too) have finally had their wish come true! Ellen said, "it's got a lot more Dory," and "I don't mind that it took this long. I know the people over at Pixar were busy making Toy Story 16." Brooks and DeGeneres will both return with Andrew Stanton (awesome) at the helm. Apparently, it will star Dory, Marlin, (probably Nemo), and the Tank Gang. Not a bad crew. I'm holding out hope for Crush. 2015 will bode well for Pixar! Awesome!

Bubba's Hover

Can you imagine how killer this would be going down fairways or over hazards? Bubba does it better whether it be with Masters jackets, pink drivers, or golf cart hover crafts. That's just how they roll (hover) in the PGA.

Monday, April 22, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 24

One of Michael's greatest hatred of Toby moments. It's great because you know how sad he is that Holly is gone and then Toby comes back and it's hell. Hahaha.

Twitter War

This isn't your average bracket, but nonetheless, Esquire is trying to determine the best follow on Twitter! I'm pulling for Modern Seinfeld. They have funny tweets. Here's my favorite:

They're all things that could totally happen, too!

This Week's Sports by David

Sunday, April 21, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 25

Snip snap snip snap snip snap! Michael's clear pain in his voice and Jim's face make the scene. Dinner. Party.

Visit to Salem

My sister visited the tour of Salem State and my father and I walked around the town for the day. So I wrote a song and if you sing it to Allentown by Billy Joel it sounds better.

And we just had a visit in Salem, Mass
There was a store with some old witch grass
Some tarot cards and crystal balls
There were some very creepy voodoo dolls
We went out and we looked for an orgy
Instead we sat on a bench by the shore, Gee
It was very windy near the beach
This town would be a great place to teach
There was a house built in 1701
Now I bet you think this song is done
But we also saw a homeless man
Near an odd sign, Dad fixed a plant
The Hess station produced a chicken sign
There was a book that had gypsy on the spine
We thought it was a regular bookstore
But it had some really weird gypsy gore
We walked down a mile-long wharf
Saw a metrosexual, Swedish dwarf
Some girls got ruined by a sandstorm
I freaked some drivers out of the norm
We got picked up as it rained
I think that the song now has Salem explained

My 2013 NBA Playoff Bracket

That's right, the upset pick! Thunder OVER Heat. Hubba-wah? Keep in mind that I picked the Warriors before David Lee was injured for the remainder of the season.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 26

A great line from the writers, but the thing is, it could actually work. It's flawless and also, something that Dwight would totally say!

Nava is Modern-Day Piazza

They got em! The awesome law enforcement brought the toolbag to justice. I'm glad he's alive so he can pay for what he did. These tweets can sum up my thoughts a lot better:

Hopefully he's behind bars forever! Get these two songs into your brain cells! Ohhh, BOSTON, you're my home!

Then, when the Brooons and C's couldn't bring the lift to Boston through sports, the Sox did the trick. PAPI AND NAVA YOU ROCK! They move right behind Pedroia in my top five Sox players, with Middlebrooks, check out these two awesome clips:

(Note the Boston instead of Red Sox on the home uniforms)

One home run to help heal a city! You couldn't script it! BOSTON STRONG!

The Greatest Promo in Television History

This promo for the final four episodes of The Office occurred during the rerun of season nine premiere, New Guys. "I'm ready for my closeup." That part gave me the most chills and I'm not really sure why. Greatest promo ever though, I've watched it at least 30 times. The song is I Lived by One Republic if you want to know. Up next, the half hour of Paper Airplane and then three more episodes, Livin' the Dream, A.A.R.M, Finale, all one hour long with an hour long retrospective before the finale. :-(

Friday, April 19, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 27

Who is this other woman Ryan? And the diary entry is awesome in itself, but then in comes Toby and it's masterful.

2013 DFTBA Sweet Sixteen

We have reached the Sweet 16 of the 2013 DFTBA Tourney! It's really getting down to the wire. Some major upsets occurred. #11 Tower Heist upset #3 Six Flags, #13 Leicester made their third straight Sweet 16, #12 NBC proved that they were capable of going back to where they once were, #7 Red Sox made an inspired victory over #2 Disney World, #4 Maine willed themselves to a win over #12 Universal, and there were many more great games! Here are the Sweet Sixteen matchups:

Family v. NBC
Tower Heist v. Man v. Food
Friends (TV) v. Leicester
Bruins v. Gators
Friends v. Maine
Christmas Films v. Red Sox
MexiCali v. Patriots
Christmas v. The Office

Who do you think will battle through to the Elite Eight? Also, when the Sweet Sixteen comes, the Consolation Tournament is never too far behind! Here's that bracket:

Fantasy Basketball Champion!

This is the ultimate three-peat! Unbelievable! I won the Fantasy Baseball championship in September, then the Football championship in early January and now I've won the Basketball championship this April! My team, the Back Bay Lob-Stars, was a magnificent 20-0! This was my team and I am so proud of each and every one of them who always gave it their all and never averaged below 40:

PG - Chris Paul - Los Angeles Clippers - (Trade)
SG - Monta Ellis - Milwaukee Bucks - (Draft)
SF - Josh Smith - Atlanta Hawks - (Draft)
PF - DeMarcus Cousins - Sacramento Kings - (Draft)
C - Brook Lopez - Brooklyn Nets - (Draft)
SG - Paul George - Indiana Pacers - (Draft)
C - Joakim Noah - Chicago Bulls - (Free Agency)
SF - Kevin Durant - Oklahoma City Thunder - (Draft)
C - Greg Monroe - Detroit Pistons - (Free Agency)
C - Nikola Pekovic - Minnesota Timberwolves - (Free Agency)
PF - Zach Randolph - Memphis Grizzlies - (Draft)
PF - Blake Griffin - Los Angeles Clippers - (Trade)
SF - Thaddeus Young - Philadelphia 76ers - (Trade)
SG - Joe Johnson - Brooklyn Nets - (Free Agency)
PG - Jameer Nelson - Orlando Magic - (Free Agency)
C - Anderson Varejao - Cleveland Cavaliers - (Trade)

In addition to that awesome roster, I want to thank every player who ever scored a point (40,000 in total) for my team this season, including, Amir Johnson, Reggie Evans, Ty Lawson, Nene, Spencer Hawes, Arron Afflalo, Larry Sanders, Shawn Marion, Raymond Felton, John Wall, JJ Redick, Jason Thompson, Leandro Barbosa, Kawhi Leonard, Andrew Bynum, Chandler Parsons, Andrew Bogut, Robin Lopez, Omer Asik, Mike Dunleavy, Courtney Lee, JaVale McGee, and Bradley Beal.

All you Lob-Stars rock! See you in October! Wooooooo!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 28

Everything about this works so well together and culminates in a very brief period. The clear anger in Roy's face, Jim pitching Karen out of the way and about to get absolutely ruined by Roy, Pam trying to stop Roy, Dwight actually stopping Roy. But Dwight's part was the best.

Sports Illustrated March Cover of the Month

This Week's Entertainment by David

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 29

The Office always was good at the wacky ensemble back and forth after Michael meetings got out of hand. This one was their finest. The Whomever debate. Kevin, Kelly and Michael rock the scene.

2013 Best Beach Awards from Travel Channel

Remember way back when I posted about the Best Beach Awards? Well, they concluded. Obviously, South Beach won many, but you can see the rest on the Travel Channel website!

New Header Honoring the Greatest TV Show of All-Time

'Nuff said.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 30

THE SCARN! Jim and Darryl's reactions are great to this. I love Threat Level Midnight.

Boston Strong

We all know what happened at the Boston Marathon on Monday. A horrible tragedy. Obviously, R.I.P to all the victims and I hope every injured gets well. I knew people at the race, as I live in Massachusetts. I was in Springfield at the Hall of Fame at the time and it was a very scary situation. I was in Salem the next day and it was solemn. No one should have to fear for their life after running a race. Especially one as great as the Boston Marathon. This is awful. Boston doesn't deserve this. No one deserves this. Sometimes, the world can just become a really dangerous and upsetting place. Why is it like this? Nothing but loss and trauma. One day, I hope there will be harmony, but so very unfortunately, this unrealistic. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this HORRIBLE event.

That's what I have to say about it. But let the good that came out of this, the unity, the fraternity, the pride and the liberty. Let that speak for itself.

Sports Illustrated:

Boston Bruins:

Boston Red Sox:


Ben Revere:

New York Yankees (Thank you):

Stephen Colbert:


I freaking love the Boston community and have never been prouder to be a part of it. I love that dirty water. I love Boston. Boston. Strong.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame Supercut

The Natural and Bull Durham made the cut, the supercut. See what other baseball films and otherwise baseball related items made it in a pretty awesome musical baseball supercut.

Monday, April 15, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 31

It's great because no one expected a full-out tackle and they did it without hesitation! Awesome.

What A Great Masters (2013)

My picks were either Tiger Woods or Brandt Snedeker. Jason Dufner was a dark horse. None of them won, however. Neither did Angel Cabrera because Adam Scott (not from Parks and Rec) downed him in a two-hole playoff to become the first Australian golfer to ever win the Masters. It was electrifying! Check out two of the most clutch putts in Masters history from Scott himself:

This Week's Sports by David

Sunday, April 14, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 32

Michael and Dwight drop a watermelon onto a trampoline and it goes awry. What makes this is Michael's reaction as it goes well and then turns south. Great scene.

2013 DFTBA Tournament Second Round

The DFTBA second round has begun! Unfortunately, voting is not open for this tournament as I play out the scenarios myself. You can still make your predictions though! Here are the matchups:

Family v. Sports
NBC v. Community
Tower Heist v. Six Flags
Stand Up Comedy v. Man v. Food
Friends (TV) v. ESPN
Fantasy Basketball v. Leicester
Boston Bruins v. WEEI
Orlando Magic v. Florida Gators
Friends v. Hawaii Five-O
Universal v. Maine
Mastodons v. Patriots
Red Sox v. Disney World
MexiCali Grill v. Psych
Late Night v. Christmas Films
Christmas v. Blackstone
Toy Story v. The Office

How's your bracket looking so far? All of the top eight seeds proved to be victorious, and two twelve seeds prevailed! The biggest upset was #14-WEEI over #3-Washington DC. Pretty shocking. I wonder who will make the Sweet Sixteen. Hmm...

Best Coin Ever Spent

I'm a little late with this video (by nine months, hello pregnancies!), but I didn't know it existed until now. A little girl puts a single coin in the hat of a violin player. Then a symphony begins. It's pretty awesome.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 33

I could have shared so many musical Andy moments, but had to go with this one. He just does it so well. Beer me!


I think I stumbled upon a great site. It's called Bracketeers and it's just FILLED with brackets and you can make them and other people make them and then you vote on them and it's NEVER ENDING and it's AWESOME. I'd advise Czech-ing it out, if you're into brackets.

Bumbling Burglar

Recently, people have been very unsuccessful while trying to rob places. Sometimes, even humorously so. This one is the funniest of them all, though. Enjoy.

Friday, April 12, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 34

The best part might not be Michael falling in the koi pond, but the fact that he has so much trouble getting out and drags a tree with him. Oh, Michael.

Stairmageddon Review


  • I wonder how Kevin did climbing up the stairs. Stanley seemed to have trouble.
  • I like how Oscar said that they had to compare it to the end of time.
  • Kevin taking notes on how to climb stairs = <3 li="">
  • I would have liked to hear more of the review of the documentary. Seems like most of it is about the Senator? Kevin and Dwight were mentioned.
  • Speaking of Dwight being mentioned, it said that he was "always reaching for a managerial position that he will never get." Then, Stanley said, "you're not my boss and you never will be!" Kind of hammering home that Dwight's not manager. Maybe he'll manage the farm...and Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch? Hmm...
  • I liked Toby's mention of Kelly. Now we've had a Michael, Ryan, AND Kelly mention this season. Thank you, Greg Daniels.
  • Movie star department.
  • I wonder how Paul Feig's Dog, Cat, Mouse act.
  • I did enjoy Roseanne (sorry, Carla) and Andy's exchange. Roseanne didn't seem to go over the top. Can you juggle and crap? Yes...and yes. Andy got an acting job! He's realizing his dream. I'm starting to re-like him again.
  • I honestly cannot believe that Dwight shot Stanley with three bull tranquilizers. Clark's reaction was perfect.
  • Then, Meredith puts some tranq in her coffee.
  • I liked Dwight and Clark's back and forth while handling Stanley. "Got any good weekend plans?" Also, "the bubble wrap is the only thing that is keeping his suit from getting wrinkled." "Wow, if only there was any other use or situation for that kind of knowledge." They work well together.
  • I like drugged Stanley. He managed to close the sale!
  • I did NOT expect the Senator to come out as gay so nonchalantly!
  • "Wesley Silver's gay?" "Question for the Senator's beard!" While all those great lines were going on, Angela's face was awesome. Plus, Oscar must be so distraught that instead of a love triangle, it was a love trapezoid.
  • I'm so proud of Kevin for keeping the secret!
  • Hank just watching Dwight and Clark was awesome.
  • I never thought that Jim and Pam would need marriage counseling. I'm ready for them to be happy with one another again though.
  • However, it is fitting that two of the best characters were counseled by two of the worst characters, Nellie and Toby.
  • Toby saying to Clark, "I'm gonna kill him." Was awesome. Toby checked out a long time ago.
  • I hope that Pam wasn't mad about Jim spontaneously buying a house for her and instead just giving an example of how Jim does things without asking. WE ALL SAW HER LOVE THE HOUSE.
  • "If I didn't do certain things without telling Pam, she'd be married to Roy." This is true, Jim.
  • "How long is a while?" "I'm not moving our family to Philly." "If Pam won't go, we're gonna need a lot more than counseling." Where's Michael Scott with his win-win scenarios? I can't wait to see Jim and Pam all worked out again. It'll be nice.
  • But I also want to see Jim make something of himself. He hasn't had ambition and now he finally does. It's what Jim needs.
There's no new episode next week :(. But, after this week, there's a new episode every week until the finale. April 25: Paper Airplane.

BJ Novak Hits the Superhero World

The director of the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man film, Marc Webb, posted a photo of BJ Novak on the set on his Twitter feed. This is probably the only thing that makes the film somewhat interesting. He looks like he belongs in the setting of the film. Ryan's moving up in the world of acting!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 35

Jim just makes it look so easy to mess with Dwight. This scene is so great! Dwight actually believes him too. That's the kicker.

This Week's Entertainment by David


There's been a lot of ings over the years. Tebowing. Calebing. Kapernicking. Some of them don't make sense. However, the latest one has taken the PGA by storm. Jason Dufner did the funniest thing ever, inadvertently, at an elementary school guest spot. He just looked so unhappy to be there. The original photo is above. Fellow golfers, like Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, Brandt Snedeker and Keegan Bradley took Dufnering to the next level. It's pretty funny. Here are examples:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 36

Bromance time. It's nothing compared to the way Michael looks at me...

The Office Farewells

John Krasinski has produced and directed a web series with ten installments of various guest stars and leading roles on The Office talking about the end of the greatest show of all-time. The first is Will Ferrell. Czech it.

That's A Nice Story

Here's a very nice story, in which you can read the full article on the Today Show:
  1. Anna McLean and Arianna Hill, sisters, often go in public together. Arianna has autism, however. Normally, people judge the two.
  2. The two go to Chili's and Arianna orders a cheeseburger and fries.
  3. Arianna doesn't touch the cheeseburger because it's cut and half. She calls it "broken."
  4. Anna tells the waitress about the situation and instead of taking it away without any words being spoken she says, "Did I give you a broken cheeseburger? Let me get a new one made."
  5. The owner also talks to Arianna.
  6. The story goes viral after being posted on the Chili's Facebook page.
It's nice.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 37

I. DECLARE. BANKRUPTCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fact that this is something Michael would do, but no one pays attention to him, and how declare has two meanings in this situation all culminates perfectly. Great moment of Scott.

Julius Caesar: The Representation of Brutus as a Tragic Hero

I had a project for my English class. It was to visually represent Shakespeare's Brutus or Caesar as a tragic hero. I chose Brutus. In classic form of mine, it was a great, parodied-kind-of video. Czech it:

This is Ken Burns/Community Civil War/Pillow Fight Documentary style.

Numbers Never Lie Tournament of Legends

(Vote at the Numbers Never Lie Facebook page). There are many tournaments and I promised to showcase all that I saw. This one is brought to you by Numbers Never Lie. It has the greatest college programs to compete in the NCAA tournament year after year. I'd lean towards either UConn or UCLA in this one, but where is Florida? Went to the 2000 championship and won it back-to-back in 2006 and 2007! I call foul!

Monday, April 8, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 38

One of Jim and Pam's best moments. These two acted so well together and it's so believable because this is so real that it's something you never see on TV, but they did it. And it was PERFECT. Jim, you can tell me anything.

Fan Proposes at the Magic Game

The Orlando Magic may have lost the bout against the Heat, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't a nice moment between quarters. What seems to be a half-court shot game, turns out to be a surprise marriage proposal. This is pretty great.


Is this link broken? ^

This Week's Sports by David

Sunday, April 7, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 39

One of Jim's best pranks on Dwight. So elaborate. You must find Luwanda at the Alcohol Club.

Boston's Most Iconic Sandwiches

Pork fennel and pork rabe sandwiches was named Boston's most iconic sandwich at Boston.com. The sandwich can be found at Cutty's, but personally, I would have chosen Michael's Deli's Corned Beef. That looks very good. Czech out the Top 25 at the Boston website!

Phantom Gourmet's Yummies Sweet 16

Phantom Gourmet's Facebook page (you can vote there) has been hosting the Yummies (great store) Candy Sweet 16. Get it, sweet? It's come down to Gummi Bears and Mallo Cups. Who will YOU choose?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 40

All you need to know about this great scene is two simple words: Mose runs.

Battle of the Instant Songwriters

What you just watched were audience members of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon who had to write songs an hour before the show and then perform them. Such an AWESOMELY creative show!

The Steel Network's Sports Freakout

A new sports network called the Steel Network has their own, crazier version of SportsCenter called Sports Freakout:

Love me some Late Night with Fallon.

Friday, April 5, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 41

Loved when Jim and Creed played chess. "I thought you were gay." "Then why would you want to set me up with your daughter?" "I don't know." Great exchange.

Promos Review


  • Phyllis and Andy getting water dumped on them is probably the best cold open since Asian Jim.
  • "Did Gangnam Style put out a new song?" "Go to the bathroom for 45 minutes and everything changes." "This is a documentary? I always thought we were specimens in like a human zoo." One of Kevin's most quotable nights.
  • Oh, shut up Clark, all of America fell in love with that hair!
  • Pam and Jim's phone conversation was intensely and insanely awkward. Although, I did like the, "I heard you had a big meeting with Ryan Howard. How'd you manage that?" "Not that Ryan Howard." Good nod to Ryan since he was named after the Phillies, but then Scranton, first baseman.
  • Eat fresh.
  • I imagine this is how Andy will go out. He becomes famous from the documentary and goes into showbiz.
  • I loved when Dwight said, "Did I tell you about her teeth?" Total Dwight line.
  • "I think they're from the forest where we harvest our paper."
  • Angela is very jealous of Esther. I really don't like Esther either and I hope Dwight ends up with Angela.
  • The Big Piece has become an actual script preview on The Office website. Cheesy, but a nice throwback to Jim reading a bad script, a la Threat Level Midnight.
  • I am a documentary groupie.
  • Dumpster Man is a superhero. 3PM Girl is not.
  • "We're Internet sensations!"
  • "I don't even know what an auger is!"
  • "They kiss. It's super emotional. Like in Toy Story." Such a great, funny one-liner episode.
  • Nellie is stupid.
  • I also loved the throwback to when Andy said, "I'm going to lose my freaking mind!" He said it about the comments on the documentary promo. He said that before he kicked the trash bin when Jim put his calculator in Jell-O in Stamford.
  • Another great reference: Stanley saying "we've all changed." In a monotone voice, eating a pretzel, doing a crossword puzzle. He hasn't changed at all!
  • Hopefully that's the last we see of Brian.
  • I want to see Jim and Pam's reaction to each and every moment of their story. It would be so awesome. I'd love a DVD of that.
  • They had no privacy which is definitely something to freak out about. Did Michael not read the fine print?
  • Loved Angela and Oscar's phone call to the Senator. Glad that's taken care of.
  • The throwbacks were supposed to be the promos, but there were lots of other moments. The promo was everything I expected and more though! Michael footage plus bonus Michael footage! Lots of Jim and Pam! Hilarious moments! Looking forward to more!
  • More comes April 11 with Stairmageddon!

New Poll!

This is the biggest poll we've ever had on My Power Is Beyond Your Understanding! TWO HUNDRED OPTIONS! It'll last until May 17 and it will have options that haven't aired yet because they will by that time. The best episode of The Office ever and you get to vote! I told you we were doing big things to honor the greatest show of all-time.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 42

R is among the most menacing of sounds. Total Dwight thing to say and it's delivered perfectly. Muckduck.

Arnie and Tiger

Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods have collaborated to create the greatest golf video game commercial in history. They are super secret spies and beat up people to save their trophies! That's great! Plus, I here Happy Gilmore is unlockable in this game.

This Week's Entertainment by David

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 43

Andy. Tears. His. Scrotum. An unexpected event at Jim and Pam's wedding, but it was hilarious, nonetheless. Jim and Pam's exchange about it was great too. What else you got?!

Grown Ups 2: Trailer!

I was right! They skipped right over the teaser trailer. Schneider got the shaft. I'm interested to see how this plays out. Obviously the critics will hate it, but I think it looks funny and I think I'll like it. JULY 12 IT WILL BE AMAZING!

Kapooyow! Kapooyow!

You've GOT to watch this video. Step aside Antoine Dodson, Hatchet Hitchhiker and Sweet Brown. This lady's in the HOUSE!

Then I called my Momma to see what she alright!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 44

Stanley's always been grumpy, but Michael pushes him over the edge this time. DID I STUTTER?!

2013 April Fools Day Recap

Some of my jokes were inadvertent, but I pulled some pretty good ones on my friend. My top one was putting my homeroom teacher's stapler in Jell-O! Channeling my inner Dwight. He loved it. Phew!

April at the Blog

There's no poll to recap, but there's still a new header! Check out the digs either above the words or above the blog. While I'm at it, what poll should be next?

Monday, April 1, 2013

50 Best Moments of The Office: 45

Michael and Oscar's kiss. One of the best parts is that Steve Carell improvised this, so the reactions are genuine.

This Week's Sports by Davids