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Friday, May 31, 2013

Jon Hamm is the 2013 ESPYs Host!

As you know, I've had some trouble with Jon Hamm in the past. However, I think I'd be able to put some matters aside for one of the greatest nights in sports. Plus, he's got potential. After all, he did well at the 2010 Emmys. We'll see how he does. I always have a nice feeling after getting that text to my phone of the year's new ESPY host. Can't wait!

Evolution of Music

May I just say that this is INCREDIBLE and a great use of a wide array of talents. In my opinion, this blows the Evolution of Dance out of the water. Every part of this is great and it's a must-listen-to, in my opinion.

My favorite parts:
Canon in D - Pachelbel
I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash
La Bamba - Ritchie Valens
I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles
ABC - Jackson 5
I Want it That Way - The Backstreet Boys
Hey Ya! - Outkast

President Obama is on Vine

I'm not too sure about Vine yet because it's not quite available for Android. However, Late Night does a great job making some humor out of it with the Prez.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

This Week's Entertainment by David

Harlem Shake: Grown Ups 2 Style

Grown Ups 2 has really been making the promotional rounds lately and their latest stop included doing the Harlem Shake. They get in on the latest craze.

Monstrous Summer

This year's Disney World promotional event is the Monstrous Summer which also doubles a promotion for Monsters University. It started off with an all-nighter in three different parks. Mike and Sulley will be the grand marshalls of each daytime parade and then reappear in Tomorrowland throughout the day and in pajamas throughout the night. More events have yet to be detailed.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Top Five Television Shows of 2012-13

Earlier, I posted #31-6, ranking the shows that I watched this year. I needed a bit more time to rank #5-1. I needed some deliberation. There may be a slight bias, but I'll back it up, yes I will! Here we go, roundin' 'em out!

5. Psych

Psych had a pretty killer seventh season. The humor stayed hilarious. The episodes had a mix of creativity and nice nods to classics. Plus, the show went to some places it hasn't before. The season premiere showed Super Shawn going into extreme-observation mode as he tried to find out who shot his dad. I thought Corbin Bernsen was going to die and we were going to see Shawn forced to grow up. We didn't, but there'd be a way for him to mature in Deez Nups, the episode of Lassie's bachelor party and wedding. Jules throws the drink in his face after she discovers the truth that he's not a psychic. One knowing glance to Gus and we know it's over. But it's not because Shawn grows up and the couple is on the mend. The truly greatest part of the season was the episode Lassie Jerky. That was television at his finest. Especially with the quote, "Lassie, Jules knows how to shoot a crossbow!" 100 Clues, Office Space and Dead Air were all legendary in their own right, but Lassie Jerky is really what shot this show to the top.

4. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec somehow managed to keep up the killer momentum from last season's season four, in which we saw one of all-time greatest things.

But, it handled Leslie's embark onto City Council perfectly and stayed at the top of television. We got to see Jerry have a heart attack and see Jerry retire only to come back. We saw one of the all-time best bachelor parties for Ben at Lucas Oil Stadium. We got to hear "Chris Traeger, feelings update." (By the way, he's probably become my favorite character on this show). That was all just part of the great season that was harmed just a little bit by Jamm, but still perfected by this great show. AND we still got some Swanson!

And also Patton Oswalt:

3. Community

I'm not sure that there are many seasons of television that can top what happened on Season Three of Community. There's Friends Season Five, The Office Season Two, I Love Lucy Season One, but eventually the list starts to run dry. That's why it comes as no surprise to me that Community wasn't as good as it was last year, but don't get me wrong. It was still AWESOME. Still great television and I hardly even knew that Dan Harmon was gone (but I would love him back). It's too bad about Pierce, but it was hardly noticeable over the rise of Kevin Chang and Dean. We got many awesome throwbacks in the background (Starburns, Six Seasons and a Movie). And somehow, Community still manages to churn out awesome series finales which end up being season finales because it's coming back again! We tackled the journey of Jeff in that season finale and it really seemed like the end. But it's back and we'll get some more and that makes me feel good because this show was awesome this year just like every other year. In my opinion, this is the smartest show on television. Plus, the rescheduling of the premiere worked perfectly because we saw Thanksgiving in March and that was mint! It was even great when it wasn't on the air yet.

2. New Girl

What a strong season for New Girl that is sure to cement its legacy in television lore and will be the catalyst for all of its successes in the future. I fell in love with this show because of the CHARACTERS. Characters, characters, characters, you gotta love the characters and then, you'll love the show. I never thought I'd rank a FOX comedy so high, but this is so very deserving. Schmidt has come into his own, Jess is still adorkable, Nick Miller is legendary and Winston is...funny! We got to see a lot of Fat Schmidt, the blossoming romances of Cece and Schmidt and Nick and Jess, Jess as Elvis and the return of True American. Plus, have you ever seen a show handle a death scene as great as they did with helium voices?

The show was beautiful:

The show was hilarious:

And all-around, truly legendary! Long live Schmidt.

1. The Office

Was there ever any doubt in your mind? Alright, time to back up this argument. Have you ever seen a final season as great as this? Have you ever seen a payoff this amazing? This truly was the greatest payoff ever. A huge build-up for a legendary outcome! Yes, it had its weaker moments like every show does (The Farm, Work Bus), but The Office did everything that we could have asked for and more. It gave us the reveal of the documentary, Dwight becoming manager, a beautiful Andy singing moment, a legendary Jim and Pam montage after a year of Jim and Pam drama which was needed for the final season to show how strong they really are, the return of MICHAEL SCOTT, Dwight and Angela's wedding, the return of Ryan and Kelly, and Jan and Packer and a whole slew of The Office greats. Clark was a great addition to Season Nine. The final season had humor:


And one of the all-time greatest series finales of all-time:

How great can a final season be? Well it was the best, number-one, most key thing to watch on television all year. It earned this spot. I didn't give it to it, The Office earned this. With help from the best episodes of the season too, of course. (Dwight Christmas, Promos, Customer Loyalty, Suit Warehouse, Livin' the Dream, Paper Airplane, A.A.R.M., Finale).

What a great year for television!

Jets Fan Knows the Truth

After the Jets made a less than desirable pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, a fan knew that he supports a troubled franchise. You know what? Just watch this greatness:

Jump the Shark

I was just recently enlightened as to what the phrase 'jump the shark' means by my parental leaders. There's even a website for the Jump the Shark. It's actually pretty neat. Apparently, in an episode of Happy Days, Fonzie was water-skiing and he jumped over a shark. Now, the Fonz was cool and all, but this was a bit much for him. It wasn't really all the believable even for the Fonz, even for television. Happy Days still was a good show and had its moments and stayed as a power, but it was never the same. Now, the phrase is applied to other television shows, comparing them to Happy Days, wondering when they "jumped the shark." I'll relate this to me. For example, I love The Office and I'd say it was always amazing and never got bad. However, if I was at gunpoint and had to pick a moment, I'd say when Meredith lit her hair on fire at the Moroccan Christmas. The Office was great after that, still, with episodes like Niagara, The Delivery, Goodbye, Michael, Andy's Play, The List, Garden Party, Livin' the Dream, A.A.R.M. and so many more episodes, but it was a slightly different show, I'd say. Anyways, it's pretty cool!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seventh Woods is a Freak

Seventh Woods is a FOURTEEN year-old basketball phenom! How does anyone even get so athletic so young? It's so insane. Seventh is a weird name, though.

Moe, Larry and Roger

It's not Moe, Larry and Curly, it's Mickey, Donald and Roger. There will be three new Disney shorts that will star Mickey Mouse, Roger Rabbit and Donald Duck, called The Stooge. It'll be a remake of the 1952 Dean Martin comedy that will take place in different locations around Disneyland. Sounds pretty mint!

Pete Sheppard Quits WEEI

Not just that, though. He absolutely obliterated them on the way out. He said the past 18 months were awful and he couldn't work for the management anymore. He said he was done. He said a lot more too, but there's no text or video or audio of it. I wish I knew what he actually said because I heard it's pretty awful. WEEI's been struggling lately. Hopefully they can recover.

Monday, May 27, 2013

This Week's Sports by David

Sorry About the Week of Absence

Honestly, I really tried to post about things, but I'm still recovering from Office withdrawal. So, back on the horse now! I'll try to get that montage up too.

Memorial Day 2013

It's the holiday that we spend with cookouts, while the true meaning gets lost. I'll share a speech from my sister for the best type of summary:

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bruins Are Raking!

The Bruins were incredible against the Maple Leafs. They were down 4-1 with 15 minutes left in the third period and down 4-2 with about a minute left. Then, they stepped up. Then, Bergeron ended it in overtime! One of the greatest games in sports HISTORY. It was legendary. Then, the Brooons faced the Rangers and quickly jumped out to a 3-0 lead and they were able to close it out four games to one. Up next, the Penguins. Arguably, the toughest task yet. Or should I say...the toughest Rask yet? Muahaha.

The Hangover Part III Was Amazing

I'm not going to spoil anything, but I've got some things to say. Why do people complain that the second was the same thing as the first and then complain that the third was different from the first two? I just don't get it. I wish Ed Helms had sang. That's my only complaint. The rest of the film was incredible. Lots of callbacks, surprising nostalgia, fitting farewells and an all-around epic conclusion. We know going into this film that it's not going to win Best Picture, but I don't care because I'm watching it to have fun.

Grade: A-

The Office: A Montage

video cannot be played

I've been making this montage since February. I uploaded it to YouTube and it was immediately blocked worldwide. So, I'll just upload it on here. The best of all nine years of the legendary NBC comedy, The Office. The 19-minute montage (it was once 42 minutes, so you're welcome) focuses on the wonderful music, humor, characters, relationships and farewells that we've seen over the years. I own absolutely none of this. Seriously, I didn't make the clips or the songs or the show or anything. All credit goes to those who did.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Soup Spinoff

This sounds amazing! Joel McHale is gonna have a busy schedule! Not only does he have Community and The Soup, but now there's a Soup spin-off called The Soup Investigates which asks and answers such questions as, "Where does the Bachelor's roses come from?" Sounds pretty humorous! Who would have thought that there'd be a spin-off for this type of show?

Dodgeball Sequel in the Works!

Booyaka! One of my all-time favorite films is getting a sequel! Oh man, I can't wait to see what's been happening to the Average Joe's crew since their big dodgeball win. There's no timetable yet, but Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller have already confirmed that they'll return which is GREAT news. Now we just need Justin Long and the whole slew of 'em. I can hardly wait.

Comprehensive List of the Best Office Episodes

Earlier, I just did the top 25. I think it's time I rank them all from 201 to 1. Let's do this.

201. Scott's Tots
200. Gettysburg
199. Hot Girl
198. Mafia
197. Phyllis' Wedding
196. Shareholder Meeting
195. Sabre
194. Double Date
193. The Meeting
192. The Promotion
191. Lotto
190. Doomsday
189. Christmas Wishes
188. Pool Party
187. Fundraiser
186. Get the Girl
185. Andy's Ancestry
184. The Farm
183. The Incentive
182. Trivia
181. Welcome Party
180. Spooked
179. After Hours
178. Stairmageddon
177. The Incentive
176. The Inner Circle
175. Training Day
174. Lecture Circuit Part One
173. Vandalism
172. Suit Warehouse
171. Here Comes Treble
170. Work Bus
169. Lice
168. Tallahassee
167. Free Family Portrait Studio
166. Last Day in Florida
165. Test the Store
164. Jury Duty
163. The Seminar
162. Christening
161. The Cover-Up
160. Body Language
159. Secretary's Day
158. The Chump
157. Whistleblower
156. Happy Hour
155. New Leads
154. St. Patrick's Day
153. Koi Pond
152. Heavy Competition
151. Two Weeks
150. New Boss
149. Prince Family Paper
148. The Duel
147. Lecture Circuit Part Two
146. Blood Drive
145. Moroccan Christmas
144. Business Trip
143. Customer Survey
142. Baby Shower
141. Job Fair
140. Night Out
139. Survivor Man
138. Safety Training
137. Business School
136. Grief Counseling
135. The Coup
134. Conflict Resolution
133. Michael's Birthday
132. Email Surveillance
131. The Fight
130. The Alliance
129. Couples Discount
128. The Boat
127. Roy's Wedding
126. Special Project
125. Basketball
124. Pam's Replacement
123. Search Committee
122. Ultimatum
121. Todd Packer
120. Classy Christmas
119. China
118. Viewing Party
117. Counseling
116. Sex Ed
115. The Manager and the Salesman
114. Secret Santa
113. The Lover
112. Dream Team
111. The Surplus
110. Employee Transfer
109. Crime Aid
108. Chair Model
107. The Merger
106. The Convention
105. The Carpet
104. Performance Review
103. Halloween
102. The Whale
101. Paper Airplane
100. The Banker
99. WUPHF.com
98. Nepotism
97. Michael Scott Paper Company
96. Golden Ticket
95. Frame Toby
94. Product Recall
93. Back From Vacation
92. Sexual Harrassment
91. Health Care
90. Pilot
89. The Secret
88. Diwali
87. The Negotiation
86. Launch Party
85. Promos
84. Customer Loyalty
83. Turf War
82. Costume Contest
81. Business Ethics
80. Branch Wars
79. The Target
78. New Guys
77. Garden Party
76. Casual Friday
75. Did I Stutter?
74. Cocktails
73. Valentine's Day
72. Take Your Daughter To Work Day
71. Junior Salesman
70. Mrs. California
69. Gossip
68. Boys and Girls
67. Diversity Day
66. The List
65. The Convict
64. Traveling Salesman
63. Broke
62. The Sting
61. Gay Witch Hunt
60. The Deposition
59. Dwight K. Schrute, Acting Manager
58. A Benihana Christmas
57. Ben Franklin
56. Cafe Disco
55. Woman's Appreciation
54. Garage Sale
53. The Search
52. Company Picnic
50. Moving On Part Two
49. Dwight's Speech
48. Murder
47. Dunder Mifflin Infinity Part One
46. Andy's Play
45. The Dundies
44. Booze Cruise
43. Moving On Part One
42. Dunder Mifflin Infinity Part Two
41. A.A.R.M. Part One
40. Livin' the Dream Part One
39. Goodbye, Toby Part Two
38. Weight Loss Part One
37. Money Part Two
36. The Job Part One
35. Fun Run Part One
34. Niagara Part One
33. Goodbye, Michael Part One
32. Finale Part One
31. The Delivery Part Two
30. Stress Relief Part Two
29. The Client
28. PDA
27. A.A.R.M. Part Two
26. Angry Andy
25. Dwight Christmas
24. Livin' the Dream Part Two
23. The Return
22. Goodbye, Toby Part One
21. Weight Loss Part Two
20. Michael's Last Dundies
19. Threat Level Midnight
18. Branch Closing
17. Beach Games
16. Local Ad
15. Christmas Party
14. The Fire
13. Money Part One
12. Drug Testing
11. Casino Night
10. The Job Part Two
09. Office Olympics
08. Fun Run Part Two
07. Niagara Part Two
06. Goodbye, Michael Part Two
05. Finale Part Two
04. The Delivery Part One
03. Dinner Party
02. The Injury
01. Stress Relief Part One

Feel free to now read all of this, I just needed to do it and yes the celebration of The Office continues.

Friday, May 24, 2013

TV Show Intros as a Birthday Gift

This is just so amazing. It's so fun. It's got The Office, Community, 30 Rock and New Girl, but the funniest, to me, was LOST because it was so simple. Just watch and enjoy. Oren, you're a lucky guy.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

This is an amazingly inspirational clip and I commend Dove for creating it. If I could share this with every person on Earth, I absolutely would.

Ranking Every Show I Watched This Year

As you probably already know, I'm an avid television enthusiast. Naturally, I watched many shows this season and I thought it'd be best to rank the ones I did watch, just to showcase an opinion, with thoughtful supporting evidence. Keep in mind, it's mostly comedies with one or two dramas. If I were to rank EVERY show, then it would be chaos in which I'd have no idea what I'd be talking about. For example, I know nothing about The Mentalist. I might be biased, but hey, The Office was amazing this year. Also, I'm not including Betty White's Off Their Rockers because that's when you stray. Also, yes, my top ten from earlier has varied. Let's begin.

31. How To Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)

How in the world did Roseanne and Scrubs survive with Sarah Chalke? Honestly, they were good shows, but lately Sarah Chalke has just been sucking the funny and everything that's good out of shows lately. She's also poison for shows, a la Mad Love. This show was brutally painful to watch and I even once dubbed it the 'Worst Thing Ever.' Brad Garrett gave maybe one funny joke and that girl from Ferris Bueller or Big or whatever movie it was, she was just phoning it in. I thought it was a complete joke when ABC said it was the number one new comedy of the year. That was total B.S. and they knew it because it was cancelled immediately and rightfully so.

30. Two and a Half Men

This was just tough to watch week in and week out. They're cycling out the same story lines and we all know what's going on behind the scenes with Angus T. Jones. Ashton Kutcher has just become a richer, more attractive version of Alan because they are both awful people who seemingly cannot be loved, but find it anyway, but then they lose it next week. One of the lone bright spots of the season was the return of Herb.

29. The Simpsons

I remember when this was one of my favorite shows on the air. I think it's good that it's ending soon. It's time for it go. It's been time for it to go. A word of praise that the show is deserving of is that it is once again carried by Homer, as it should have and once has been. In recent years, it has been carried by a new character each season. One year it's Moe-centric and another it's all about Krusty with one-liners thrown in by Maggie and Santa's Little Helper. They're going back to the right formula in time for one last swan song in Season 25.

28. Partners

I'd go as far as to say that it was cancelled prematurely. It was predictable and I believe it was ahead of it's time. I think it was developed at the wrong time. It wasn't time. A big part of my problem with the show is that it had people who were recognizable and I kept putting them back into the roles in my mind and that's all I could see them as. Bernard the Elf, Daniel Shaw and that guy from Ugly Betty. It was hard to see it as anything other than a B-level acting driven show. And whoever that girl was.

27. The Neighbors

The Neighbors is certainly a unique show, to say the least. It barely got saved for a second season and I'm even surprised it made it halfway through it's first. At first, it was a very god awful program, but I guess you had to get used to the fact that they are aliens so it took a little while before I started to accept it. It's cheesy at times and even though it could be labeled as predictable, I'd say it's not in a way that you can label as positive or negative. The family seems all too accepting so suddenly that their entire community is made up of aliens. And it seems that these aliens act all too human. In that way, it varies from other shows with alien-type formulas. Another surprising aspect was the reveal to the humans that they are aliens in the very early goings of the show. The average television viewer, like myself, would have thought that that would be an underlying story arc. The constant struggle to keep it hidden, but it was very sudden. Despite all the Full House-ness of it all (wouldn't be surprised if Dave Coulier made a cameo), maybe it does deserve another season. A chance to settle in and prove itself. Plus, I'll never not be amused when they say the full names of athletes for the names of aliens. Jackie Joyner-Kerse, Larry Bird, Dick Butkus, Reggie Jackson.

26. The New Normal

I paid attention to most of the episodes, missing only about five or six. This show never really did it for me and it was always typecast, in my mind, as a Modern Family rip-off. There were some feel-good episodes, like the Halloween one, I believe.

I think it would have gotten a second season if it wasn't so complacent with ending. The season/series finale ends with the birth of David and Bryan's child. It begged the question for me, where would they even go from here if they are renewed? The natural answer would be to follow the expedites of David and Bryan as parents with Goldie pitching in. But we'd already seen that all season. We saw the influence of David and Bryan on Shania and the way they were dealing with the unborn child was fatherly in itself. Perhaps it's best that it wasn't renewed because the show might have found itself in a rut that they'd be unable to get out of, unlike their first season.

25. 2 Broke Girls

The show has many different compelling story lines that they can follow. It's neglecting them and settling for one-liners after one-liners. They need a set sight. Whether it be with Max and Caroline's cupcake business or their love lives. There's many different routes they can take, but it's tough to take both because then it becomes a juggling act, like we saw this season. Caroline and Andy seemed like a great match, but so did the cupcakes with the store. In a span of three episodes, the girls suddenly lost both Andy and the store. The juggling balls or pins or whatever fell and hit the floor. They need sure footing. The developing humor of Han, the restaurant owner, was awesome to watch this year, however. He's become my favorite on the show.

24. The Big Bang Theory

I know what you're thinking. "WHAT?! This was easily the best show of the year! It's one of the greatest shows of ALL-TIME!" Both are statements that I strongly disagree with. There's no way this is one of the all-time greats that, according to TV Guide, ranks above The Golden Girls, Happy Days and The Office. Not even CLOSE. I don't know what they were thinking. Look, The Big Bang Theory is funny at times and it has its moments. I don't mind watching it. The thing is, people say it's everything that it's not. It's not one of the greatest shows ever. It's not a "smart" comedy. If anything it's a downplaying, condescending comedy. They use big words and scientific jobs to make it seem like one, but there's nothing humorous that goes unnoticed, the mark of a truly great show. Sheldon has become an arrogant jerk that people love just because he delivers lines considered to be funny. His character is totally inconsistent and Amy Farrah Fowler has done nothing to change it, even though people will tell you she has. Leonard and Penny are supposed to be the core of the show, but their relationship has become boring and not compelling at all. Raj is just downright depressing. But I think I've bashed it enough. Like I said, I enjoy it at times and I don't mind watching it, but it's repetitiveness and manipulation has gotten to me. It's just an average sitcom with fancy words and big ratings. I'm still bashing, I'm sorry. Here's something. Wolowitz has been amazing this year. He's stolen the show.

23. The Mindy Project

At first, I really did not like this show. I was probably still going through Kelly Kapoor-withdrawal. To me, it seemed like an attempt at romantic comedy on television. It was obvious that they were trying to set up Mindy with Danny and the rest of the supporting cast seemed odd and mismatched. But around the time of the introduction of Morgan and the guest appearances of BJ Novak and Ellie Kemper, the show started to resonate with me and I started to understand the appeal. I've always been skeptical about FOX comedies, but The Mindy Project and New Girl have really changed my mind about it. They're likable now. They're not forced. But oh god, I really hope that Mindy Kaling didn't actually cut her hair, it looks weird.

22. Family Guy

I was surprised to hear that Seth MacFarlane wishes that the show had ended already. I think it's still in the midst of its stride that it hit a while back. They've really been able to identify the type of character that Peter is and they've capitalized on it. However, the show is starting to become something that it is not. Yes, in some cases you have to suspend belief. You know what? I don't even know why I'm trying to over-analyze Family Guy. That's just silly.

21. Leverage
20. Parenthood

I do not believe that it was time for Leverage to go, but it's not like they really tried to prove otherwise. They moved the crew from Boston to Seattle, unnecessarily I believe. They used some old stories in a different cities in hopes that it would go unnoticed. I supposed that there is only so much that you can do with this type of show. At least it was able to go out with a remarkably fantastic finale. It was very tricky too. I talk about it in my Leverage post. Also, I believe Hardison had yet to reach his peak.

However, it might have been time for Parenthood to go. I'm worried that they're going to run out of stories and they're going to unrealistically stretch for some filler. If it wasn't for the cliffhangers in the season finale, I do not believe it'd be around. This would have been ranked MUCH lower if it wasn't for that Christmas episode with Kristina in the hospital. Jason Ritter was far underused. Ray Romano possibly overused. Craig T. Nelson was used just right! The story with Amber and the army guy could have had more to it. But that episode with Kristina in the hospital was one of 2013's best out of all of television. It was a good showcase as to what Parenthood is all about. It showed the heart of the show and it showed that they really care. The scene with Nelson and Peter Krause in the hospital. It really cared.

It's at 0:15.

19. Mike & Molly

I think they forgot about the whole Molly pregnancy story. Well, the season finale was pulled so maybe there's still hope, in which case it gets bumped up. But seriously the story line drives the first half of the season and then it's mentioned once in passing in the twenty-second episode or something. There's still hope that it can show that there was a direction and a goal they were aiming for in this third season. If not, then I'm getting really sick of Chuck Lorre and his shows.

18. 1600 Penn
17. Go On

I don't believe that either of these shows should have been cancelled. 1600 Penn had tremendous potential and Go On had already proved itself in that it could be a perennial staple in NBC comedy lineups for years to come. Yet, both got the ax. In the case of 1600 Penn, I can understand it. I understand why NBC cancelled it. The ratings were not high enough. However, the quality of the show cannot be understated. It had yet to find its groove. Sometimes you have to let it get worse before it gets better. I think 1600 Penn was of the caliber where it could get REALLY better. Maybe it was undermined by the less-than-spectacular performances of Xander and Marigold, but D.B, Applegate, Bill Pullman and Josh Gad all were phenomenal. Gad especially. He really stole the show and made Skip a beloved character. In the case of Go On, I do not understand it as much. The ratings weren't awful. They were pretty good by NBC's standards (14 million viewer spread). It had a pretty awesome ensemble cast and a good balance of humor and heart.* Plus, eventually, you are going to lose Matthew Perry. One day he will no longer accept NBC's invitation for a new show. It's gotta be frustrating. Also this:

*The best type of comedies have a balance of 73% humor and 27% heart. The legendary comedies have 51% humor, 30% great characters and 19% heart.

16. Raising Hope

The show is safe for at least one or two years, but hopefully they don't play it too safe. Everything's come into play for the Chances and the show has really started to hit its stride. I just hope it hasn't peaked yet. The creator of the show (same guy who did My Name is Earl and was responsible for the legendary episode in which the entire cast of Earl reunites and does awesome things) stepped down so I can only worry that the new show-runner will ruin the realistic-ness (word?) and pull a Roseanne. Please don't win the lottery.

15. Hawaii Five-O

I'm one the founder and strongest advocate of the 'There's Too Many Cop Shows on Television.' Yes, I count detectives in that category. I try to limit how many that I do watch because it's the same thing over and over yet it draws people in? I went with Hawaii Five-O and a detective show to be named later (it's Psych). Hawaii Five-O works for me because it's not just drama, murder, drama, murder, drama, drama, drama bang bang bang. That doesn't work for me in an hour worth's block. The show is great at throwing in some humor with a dash of culture. You come for the police work and compelling episodes, but you stay for the light jokes, beautiful Hawaiian scenery and Kamekona, the shrimp truck guy. He's a different take on the eccentric not-quite-consultant consultant. Plus, Danno and McGarrett have a killer bromance. One of my only gripes is that it's gotten very cheesy, product-placement-ized, and, at times, uninspired. Don't get me wrong, it's a very quality show, but there's those very cringe-worthy moments that remind you of a cheesy MST3K movie. But when it's very quality, it's the best drama on television. I'm talking about I Ka Wa Mamua, the flashback episode to Danno in New Jersey/New York (9/11).

14. Modern Family

I get the feeling that there's going to be an angry mob outside my window. Two of the most beloved shows/comedies on television don't crack my top ten. Although, the difference in flaws that I've begun to notice in both of them cannot be overstated. Modern Family has gotten repetitive. I can predict what is going to happen and be 100% accurate 99% of the time. We get it. Claire is overbearing, Phil's the fun dad, Alex is smart and Haley's the opposite, but they have a real connection. Luke's insane and Jay's a big teddy bear. Gloria can't pronounce words, Manny's a misguided lady's man. Lily's demonic and Mitchell and Cam are wrong for each other in all of the right ways. We get it. We get it, we get it, we get it. Yet, it's what happens in every episode. Substitute a bouncy house for an RV and you've got an all "new" story for Phil in that episode. Modern Family thrives when its heart is centered around something basic that's got a personal twist. Like the naming of a baby or the classic Halloween sitcom episode. But Modern Family was great this year when the stories were about the characters and the characters were the ones who were able to lead and carry the episode. I really hope the glory days of Modern Family are not behind it.

13. Rules of Engagement

This is a show with a clear identity. It knows what it's about. The show knows its role. The characters know their role. Knowing that they were lucky to even get a season two, never mind a season seven was really beneficial for the show-runners. They knew they'd run out of luck eventually and when it happened, the whole slew of 'em was prepared. They were able to usher Liz out about halfway through to the end and then embrace the interaction between the core six. The cast and characters had gotten so comfortable with each other and the chemistry was so strong that it was just a pleasure to watch. Humor was abound and the final episode knew it was the end so it ended it fittingly with the relationships of Jeff and Audrey, Jen and Adam and Russell and Timmy. Farewell, you wonderful CBS filler.

Perfect example of what the show was all about:

12. How I Met Your Mother

This was right up there with the best of them. Definitely top-five material. But the close to their season eight was quite anti-climactic, slow and really-I-thought-we-were-past-this? The season was going so well with such great momentum for a comedy in its eighth season. Especially this, that I've listened to on repeat a-many times:

But then as the season was coming to a close, and everyone was expecting a Barney-Robin wedding, nothing occurred. The humor was drained. Barney and Robin finished with some odd couple that they met in a restaurant, not a wedding. A trying story was suddenly, out-of-the-blue sprung on Marshall and Lily and Ted was holding hands with Robin in the rain? Oh my god, we've been there and we've done that can we move on from those two? Suddenly, the long-awaited reveal of the mother came with little fanfare and it just seemed like eight years of build-up led to that? It just wasn't what I expected. Their final season better go well. Otherwise, this:

11. 30 Rock

What a great, fitting, final season and series finale for this show. It was everything that the show was about yet, for the die-hard fans, I bet it tug at their heartstrings with Jenna's Rural Juror song. Tina Fey played a key role in the direction of the show. Kristen Schaal was given the boot and Fey made sure that Liz Lemon got married before the finale so it wouldn't be focused on just that. The one-hour sendoff was nostalgic and great with wrapping up the stories of the characters. It was never a show with emotion that we could relate to so that's why it worked for the show, but it was able to dabble in the nostalgia felt by other greats and bring about a fitting end for the show. These were the best days of our flerm.

10. Billy on the Street

'Nuff said.

9. The Middle
8. Happy Endings

The Middle was nominated for a Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Comedy and rightfully so. One of the great things that The Middle does year in and year out is their first day of school episodes. It's not the same formula, but it's the same idea, if that makes any sense. It's always about them going back to school, but with new challenges and grades and schools and teacher guest stars, there's always a new feeling about it that really just makes you settle in perfectly for the year ahead. This year, we saw the heart in Axl and the confusion of Frankie. The interaction between the five family members has been boiled down to a science for each episode, but yet, there's always something different to expect. For that, it deserves magnificent praise. Especially since it's ABC's best comedy.

Let me explain. Yes, The Middle and Happy Endings are both on ABC. But, The Middle is ABC's best comedy because Happy Endings was cancelled. I know, right?! Why? It certainly didn't deserve it. Well, the ratings were never really strong, even at the height of its popularity last year when it suddenly broke through. Then maybe everything became complacent and we figured that it's a modern, youthful, fresh comedy with extremely zany humor and it'd always be around. Unfortunately, we were wrong. Fortunately, TBS is looking more and more like they'll save the day. The gem of the season was Kickball 2: The Kickening, the legendary, my favorite episode, kickball episode. What's lost underneath all of the wackiness is the troubled love life of Penny, the fear of maturing in Dave and Alex, the loneliness in Max, and the is-this-enough? in Brad and Jane. That's what each episode was about, but it was so very hard to catch because of every crazy antic that they pulled off. And it worked. Until it was cancelled, but what can you do?

7. Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers has quickly become the best animated show on television today. Surpassing both Family Guy and The Simpsons in a matter of a few years. It's because it could work as a live-action show. Granted, that'd be BEYOND creepy, but it really could work. The plots and the characters and all that jazz, but it works best as an animated show for god knows why. Basically, to sum up the analysis of the show, there's three GREAT episodes that aired from it this past year. Full Bars, the fantastic Halloween episode, My Fuzzy Valentine, a romp through the city for Bob to save Linda's holiday, and O.T.: The Outside Toilet, inspired by E.T. in which Gene delivers what could be the line of the TV year. "Fly toilet fly!"

6. The Amazing Race

After a few years removed from the perennial top reality show on television, I returned, if only briefly, in the fall. But then, I returned again. This time for the entire second season of the year that stretched from winter to spring. It's so far and away better than all of the other "watch-worthy" reality shows on television (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Keeping Up With the Kardashians). And it's streets ahead of the other reality competition reality shows (American Idol, Dancing With the Stars). Twenty-three seasons in, the show is compelling as ever. It still holds up because I LOVE airports. Okay, that's just what drove me back, but I stayed for the tour of the world and the need to root for some (Bates and Anthony) and root against others (Max and Katie). You get into the people and you want to see how they can conquer each challenge because it's always unique and interestingly fun. It resonates well. I look forward to watching it again in September.

The top five is set to come at a later date. I need to arrange my top of the list properly. I have to end this right.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Don't Mind This Year's Time 100

Sure it doesn't have Tim Tebow, but he made it last year. This year, the highlight is Jimmy Fallon with Mindy Kaling right behind him. Now 40% of my Top 5 Famous People have made the Time 100! Now I look to you, Mraz, Richman or Pedroia. Justin Timberlake wrote the piece on Fallon and Ed Helms wrote the piece on Kaling. You can check out the whole list at the Time website.

Goodnight Moon: Horror Style

Be careful as you watch this video because it may or may not alter your childhood. I think I'm okay for now.

This Week's Entertainment by David

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rowdy Cast of Grown Ups 2

Will I miss Rob Schneider? I don't know yet. However, the core four, Chris Rock, David Space, Adam Sandler and Kevin James, seems like they're gonna make it amazing, nonetheless. After all, they were pretty funny on the Ellen show.

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Man of Steel Trailer

Right now, 2013's best superhero film is Iron Man 3. However, it could soon become Man of Steel, the Superman re-try. I bet they can get it right this time. The trailer looks pretty good:

Rules of Engagement

It's safe to say that I didn't get as emotional with the series finale of Rules of Engagement as I did with The Office. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly loved the show and will always remember Baked, the show's cookie episode. It's always sad to see a recurring favorite exit the airs, even if it was relatively unknown and always on its last legs. I'm very glad it made it this far and was able to end it on its own terms, even if they didn't know for sure they were getting cancelled, I think they might have known it was going to happen.

In the series finale, 100th, we got to see two weddings, a birth and a death!

The entire episode, save a few seconds, takes place in a hospital. You guessed it. Brenda is giving birth to Jeff and Audrey's baby, Shea! They're finally parents after all these years. It kind of reminded me of the Friends finale with Chandler Jeff making jokes to the surrogate. However, Audrey threw up! So that was good humor. The last remnants of Adam's idiocy was also good humor. The greatest humor of all was yet to come.

Timmy and Russell have still yet to make up in their longstanding bromance. Jen and Adam have also yet to get married after seven seasons of being engaged! Sure enough, a priest walks by and they know it is meant to be. They nab the priest once the patient he's there to see dies (death mentioned earlier. Don't worry it wasn't Russell). He marries the two of them, finally, and then marries another couple. Russell marries Timmy so he can be kept in the country instead of being deported! Such a touching, but hilarious moment. It had to happen, didn't it?

Then, we get a little moment with Jeff and his child, showing how he's matured through the years (or maybe not?) Audrey comes in and tells him some news. She's pregnant! Oh, if they had just waited nine months! Maybe if they get it just right, the kids will be in the same grade? It's possible, I assume. Then, Russell, Timmy, Adam and Jen come into the room and we zoom away on their interactions as Closing Time plays. Yeah, they definitely knew it was the end.

But that scene wasn't the end! Jeff gets the last line as the final scene takes place in his and Audrey's bedroom. "Maybe after I take care of the baby, you can take care of Daddy." He says to Audrey. Then, it's over. A fitting end to a funny show.

Farewell, good Rules of Engagement, you great show!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monsters University Expands

We already know that Billy Crystal and John Goodman are both returning to Monsters University. However, what about the rest of the cast? The above character is played by Alfred Molina. Also joining the cast in unnamed roles are Nathan Fillion, Aubrey Plaza, John Krasinski (he's got a great voice), Helen Mirren and others. It's going to be fun to listen to. And watch, but, you know.

J.T. Does Impressions Too

Something that Jimmy Fallon is known for is his impressions. He got his gig at SNL for them. But, Justin Timberlake does a spot on Jimmy Fallon impression! I mean, I'm sure that Fallon does a great one too, but hey, you're not the only one, Fallon.

Also, Frank Caliendo.

This Week's Sports by David

This was moved to Tuesday because of The Office's farewell post that deserved to stand alone. You know it's something important when the dates of cover releases are postponed. Twice.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Office

As every time a show ends, I always post the theme song, so the post is like an episode, kind of, but not really. I also thought it would be fitting to schedule this at 9:00 and that this is the only post that I post today. For every episode this season, I've done a list of my thoughts with bullets. This time, it's going to be a VERY LONG post, so don't read it if you don't want to. I plan on going at this with summaries of the episode as a whole, each character's send-off and my farewell to my favorite show ever.


I think that The Office had a great final cold open. It featured the final conference room scene. It was very humorous and shocking. Dwight driving in the car was funny and I was totally surprised when he said, "I haven't seen Kevin since we had to let him go." Although, it makes sense that Kevin should have been fired. I'm surprised that Michael didn't fire Toby a long time ago. It seems that Dwight wasn't planning on firing Toby, but when Toby tried to block Kevin's firing, Dwight just gave him the cake. I'm glad Stanley retired to Florida. It's what he's always wanted. Jim biking to work is a callback in its own, but then he said, "cheaper than a vasectomy." Snip snap! I got chills when Pam talked to Angela during Dwight's exercises, probably because we saw it in the retrospective.

Ah, yes, the retrospective. It was very good and I'm extremely happy with the way it turned out. The intro was cool and the Goodbye Michael script gave me goosebumps. Every aspect was pretty awesome and it was neat to see audition videos. You can view it here:

Back to what's what, Devon has been rehired! Remember when he was fired in the first Halloween episode and then he smashed a pumpkin on Michael's car? I'm glad that, back then, he was fired over Creed. Speaking of Creed, nice mention to his real life guy from The Grass Roots. "Stole weapons-grade LSD from the military." Oh my god. I'm surprised that Jim was Dwight's bestisch mensch and not Mose, but it made for some nice guten pranken. "Now we have three hours to fill!" The viral video of Andy bit went on a bit long, but it was still funny. Nice autotune, The Office. "A mistake plus Keleven gets you home by eleven." Nellie might as well stay in Poland. Good idea Jim, getting Darryl and Andy to be able to come to the panel and  the documentary. I don't understand why it's now Athleap, but it worked for some humor. I liked how Oscar said, "Wazzzuuup!" Nice callback to the Pilot. Dwight seemed to be at perfectenschlag once he fired that bazooka. The return of Rolf! Dwight must remember Elizabeth the stripper, from Ben Franklin and Fun Run, how could he be so oblivious? Made for a good last bunch of Jim faces, though. I wonder if they ever got their onion loaf. Same actor played Meredith's son, Jake. Looks like Dwight was right about him. Awh, Kevin and Dwight hug. Mose was hilariously creepy when he kidnapped Angela. "If you want your bride, buy us a drink!" Nine years of filming and I thought the panel would be nothing. The lack of people, at first, made for this amazingly scene that brought tears to my eyes:

The panel was a bit odd, but it had some good questions. I'm glad Pam kept the teapot letter a secret. There was a cool cameo from the person who runs the OfficeTally site. Does Meredith really have a PHD? Best lines of the panel? David Wallace: "I didn't want to know any of it." Question: "Do you find that your life feels pointless now that nobody is filming you every day?" Toby: "Yes." And then that shot of Creed crying in the audience. How can no one notice him? Erin finally meets her mother and father! That was tearjerker!

Onto the wedding of Dwight and Angela. Funny that they had a box for cats instead of gifts. Aw, a little Ryan Howard baby! He's grown so much since the Pilot. Or has he? Dwight headbanging in the mirror was funny, especially when Jim calmed him down. Good callback.

My heart started to race when Jim said, "The bestisch mensch has to be older than the groom." Then, that sly look to the camera.

"I can't believe you came!" "That's what she said." "Best prank ever." THAT WAS TELEVISION AT ITS FINEST. Thank you, Steve Carell!

I like the continuity with the standing in their own graves and Dwight and Angela have finally tied the beet! Glad that Phyllis and Angela buried the hatchet between one another. Finally friends. Baby Phillip snacking on that Jell-O! Nice to see one last moment of Bob Vance and then Mose glancing over at the scarecrow. Hahaha.

Yay, thanks Pam for verifying that Michael finally has his family! He has two different phones, that's sweet. Goodbye, Michael was awesome, but this was legendary.

Another tearjerker? Stanley made a Phyllis statue for Phyllis. Would a grump make that? Absolutely not. Then, we tackle Ryan and Kelly. I'm glad that these two finally hooked up. Although, Ryan, I don't think that you have quite mastered commitment. A fitting ending for that duo. Glad they came back.

Then, Pam pulls out all the stops with the ultimate Jim gesture. Carol makes her return as their real estate agent. Yes, Pam is shopping the house and Jim can finally realize his dream. He's been stuck in a rut forever, not working up to his potential, so I'm glad that he finally can do what he's always wanted. Something that can make him happy, not as happy as Pam, but can prove that he can have it all. He's returning to Athlead Athleap.

David Wallace says his final line just before Pam reveals her second mural of the episode, but this one was great. The history of them. It's a very good mural. Then Greg Daniels, not-so-subtly, gets into the picture, but I didn't mind it in the least.

Then, the core group of The Office (Kevin, Angela, Oscar, Meredith, Creed, Toby, Darryl, Phyllis, Stanley, Erin, Pam, Jim and Dwight (sorry Ryan, Kelly, Michael, Clark, Pete and Nellie...NOT! That only applies for Nellie though.)) looks around knowingly at each other. They know they need to go back to the office one last time.

We all knew what Pam would do when that phone at reception rang. "Dunder Mifflin this is Pam. I'm sorry, Jim Halpert doesn't work here anymore." One last moment for the road for Pam at reception. Then she made a great speech about how people should follow their dreams, because Jim was five feet from her desk and it took her four years to get to him. It was nice. It's only human natural. Jim is so thankful for the gift of re-watching his life. Who knew that Oscar did origami? Creed had a very nice song and he also still has his medal from Flonkerton. Pam rested her head on Jim's shoulder one last time. Soon after, The Office had ended and my life went into shambles. But before that, let me wrap up each character.

Nellie Bertram. She's off in Europe with Ryan's baby. I won't say anything bad about her. Final line: "We'll be somewhere in Europe, won't we?"

Pete Miller. Still with Erin, it seems. Not much had to be done with his character in the finale. He's the new Jim at Dunder Mifflin, I presume. Clark and Erin fall into place, as well. Final line: "No one recognizes me, but all my friends call me Plop. So, thanks PBS."

Clark Green. The new Dwight at Dunder Mifflin. He was a funny character at times and fit well into the mold. Didn't play a big role in the finale. Final line: "Dwight, for the last time, she's not a waitress!"

Michael Scott. I'm very glad he returned. It made sense for him to do so for Dwight's wedding. He didn't overshadow the other goodbyes, but his That's What She Said was perfect and so was everything else he did. I'm very glad that he finally has his family with Holly. It's all Michael ever wanted. Final line: "It's like all my kids grew up. And then they married each other. It's every parent's dream."

Kelly Kapoor. I always liked her better with Ryan than Ravi, but that's probably because that's all I knew. She got the ending she always deserved and needed though. Running off into the sunset, with Ryan. Final line: "We're running off into the sunset!"

Ryan Howard. He started out as the young temp and closed out with an abandoned child and the girl he's always wanted, even if he thought he didn't. Ryan was always a douche, but I'll still miss him. Final line: "I finally mastered commitment!"

Toby Flenderson. Toby has always been hated and it was great to see that boil over with his response at the panel and what he said to Pam. Pam: "What's wrong? Is it Nellie?" Toby: "It's everything!" He finally felt some love, though, when everyone wanted him to come to the after party. It's all Toby ever really needed. Final line: "Yeah, I'll stop by."

Stanley Hudson. I'm surprised he didn't get a bigger send-off, but all he needed was a retirement home in Florida. That's Stanley's dream in a nutshell. Plus, the bird Phyllis was so goddamned sweet. Final line: "Ok, I need a drink."

Angela Martin. Surprisingly, Angela really changed throughout the run of the show. Also surprisingly, she got a happy ending. I assume her final talking head that Greg Daniels wrote so her other talking head wouldn't be her last line got cut and is now a deleted scene, but that's okay because her kiss for Dwight was sweet enough. Final line: "Do you even have a mattress?"

Erin Hannon. Who would have thought that Erin would make it this far? She went through Andy, Gabe, Andy again and ended up with Pete, like Michael suggested inadvertently. She grew into her own eventually and really just had fun in the finale. It was so great to see her so happy by meeting her mother who sounds like Jessie from Toy Story and her father who looks like Ed Begley Jr. Final line: "How did you do it? How do you capture how it was really like? How we laughed, how we felt and how we got through the day? Also, how do cameras work?"

Oscar Martinez. I thought his last line would be the origami spiel. "You take something ordinary like a piece of paper and if you see it in the right light...and that's what you did with this documentary. But seriously, you made a nine-year documentary and you couldn't once show me doing my origami." He's running for the Senate seat now. That wasn't his last line, instead he concludes his story, still consoling confused heterosexuals. Final line: "No, you're not gay."

Kevin Malone. I thought that his last line would be, "If you film someone long enough, they're going to do something stupid. It's only human natural." But just like Oscar it turned out to be something else. Kevin finally realizes that his true calling is not as an accountant, but instead as a bartender who owns his own bar. Farewell, Kevin. Final line: "It's just that I'm so emotional."

Darryl Philbin. Darryl finally made it big, thanks to Athleap. He rode in a limo away from the airport. He's truly livin' the dream. Darryl wasn't a family man, he was focused on his career. He had a nice goodbye with Andy. He also wasn't very emotional, but his last line killed me. Final line: "Every day when I came into work, all I wanted to do was leave. So why in the world does it feel so hard to leave right now?"

Meredith Palmer. Meredith seemed to get her act together. The same can't be said for her son, but she actually had a PHD and even though she had alcohol in her bottom drawer, she wore sports bras and changed her appearance and she seemed back on track. Subtly and surprisingly fitting. Final line: "I just feel lucky that I got to share my crummy story with anyone out there who thinks they're the only one to take a dump in a paper shredder. You're not alone, sister. Let's get a beer sometime."

Creed Bratton. What a fitting ending for Creed Bratton. All of his crimes and history are uncovered by the documentary and then he goes into hiding, but his only disguise is a beard. He then makes his triumphant Dunder Mifflin return, shirtless and brushing his teeth. The gang then decides to let him have a few more minutes of freedom before turning him into the police after all he did. His song was beautiful. Ah, Creed, I'll miss ye. Final line: "It all seems so very arbitrary. I applied for a job at this company because they were hiring. I took a desk in the back because it was empty. But no matter how you get there or where you end up, human beings have this miraculous gift to make that place home. Let's do this."

Phyllis Lapin-Vance. Phyllis is still working at Dunder Mifflin and she's set to try to turn Stanley's replacement into Stanley. She's still happily with Bob Vance and she shed many tears in the episode from Stanley's statue, to Erin's parental reconciliation. Then, finally she closed out her story. Final line: "I'm happy that this was all filmed so we can remember what we did. I worked at a paper company for all these years and I never wrote anything down."

Andy Bernard. Andy didn't nab the fame that he wanted, but he got his following who can recognize his Rudit-dit-dit-doo! Andy turned out for the best though. He's doing alright from the viral sensation and he actually made the commencement speech at Cornell. "Oh I can so just sit here and cry." Speaking of Cornell, the Nard Dog got his dream job at the admissions office of Cornell. Farewell, Andy. His last line was my favorite of the episodes. I like to think that Andy did his suggestion in the final sentence of his. Final line: "I spent so much of my time at Dunder Mifflin thinking about my old pals, my a capella group. Now, I've moved on, I've got my dream job at Cornell and I'm still just thinking about my old pals. Only now they're the ones that I made here. I wish there was a way to know that you're in the good old days, before you've actually left them. Someone should write a song about that."

Dwight Schrute. Dwight started out as such a jerk, an idiot and he grew into this great character, with famous lines, a huge fan following. He evolved so very much. He fires Jim and Pam for the severance pay. "If you're ever back in Scranton you'll always have a place to stay. In my barn." "There it is." I will miss Dwight and his Schrute-tastic antics. He was a wonderful character, but yet, I'm glad that he didn't follow through on The Farm spin-off. Dwight has finally married Angela and become regional manager and fired a bazooka. He's at perfectenschlag. You know what? I'll let Dwight sum it up best. His line about Pam really gets me. "Do I get along with my co-workers? First of all, I don't have co-workers anymore, I have subordinates. So, have I gotten along with my subordinates? Well, let's see. My supplier relations rep, Meredith Palmer, is the only person I know who knows how to properly head bang to Motorhead. Oscar Martinez, my accountant, is now godfather to my son. Angela Schrute, my former accountant, is now my wife. My top salesman, Jim Halpert, was best man at my wedding. And office administrator, Pamela Beesly Halpert, is my best friend. So, yes, I'd say I have gotten along with my subordinates."

Jim Halpert. My all-time favorite Office character and it kills to see him go. He's all good with Pam now and he's reached all his dreams. He's made his very own perfectenschlag. No more Jim faces or pranks now, just pure Halpert. In the end, Phillip eating Jell-O was better than Jim pranking with Jell-O, because it's shown that Jim has really grown throughout the run of the show heavily. What a great guy he turned out to be. Jim had two very good lines, so instead of final line, I'll do final lines: "Imagine going back and watching a tape of your life. You could you see yourself change and make mistakes and grow up. You could watch yourself falling in love, watch yourself become a husband, become a father. You guys gave that to me. And that's an amazing gift." Then that callback to the pilot. "I sold paper at this company for twelve years. My job was to speak to clients, about quantities and types of copier paper. Even if I didn't love every minute of it, everything I have, I owe to this job. This stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing job."

Pam Beesly...Halpert. Pam finally did all that she wanted to do. She achieved her artistic dreams and truly did gain courage as she pulled off one of the best Jim gestures. She is, far and way, the most dynamic character on the show and when you watch her as a receptionist in the early days, by god, she's changed so much. She takes her painting of the building off the wall and takes it with her to Austin so she can remember. I think that it's truly fitting, then, that she gets the last line of the entire series, The Office. While Jim and Pam were the heart of the show, if you gotta go singularly. Pam is the true heart of the show. Final line: "I thought it was weird when you picked us to make a documentary. All in all, I think an ordinary paper company like Dunder Mifflin was a great subject for a documentary. There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn't that kind of the point?"

Then, we view the building and fade to black. The final scene:

And I have to face life after The Office. Everything hurts and I'm dying. Do I love this episode? Absolutely I do. Every single aspect and part of the 135 minute farewell was so amazing and such a fantastic farewell. The Office changed television forever and it will never be able to ever be replicated. You can never assemble a cast like this again, as well. I love The Office so much. I love it like it's a part of me and that's why it's so incredibly hard to say goodbye to a part of me. A part of my life. Something that I've cherished all my life. Why does it have to end? Why am I so sad? On Thursday, May 16, something that I hold very dear to me had to come to an end and I had to say goodbye. I don't get why I love a stupid, wonderful amazing TV show. It's just a TV show. It's nothing special, but in reality it's everything special and it's almost everything to me. I love it so so much. I don't know why I'm so sad, but it hurts knowing that that is it. No more pranks, Dwight, Nard Dog songs, or Jim and Pam. Or everything about the show. There's no way to say goodbye to The Office and the fact that I loved every second of the show and every aspect of every character. It's the ordinary things that you miss the most. What a great show it turned out to be. I wish I could tell that I was living in the prime of the show and loving how it was still on and instead of wishing the days away, I could cherish them more if I could go back. But, for now, like Jim and Michael, I'm just going to "save the goodbyes for tomorrow...at lunch."

Thank you to and I love you, The Office.

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It's Not Filler

It's not even filler paper. I just don't want it to be over. That's why I sent The Office review, recap and farewell to Monday, so the weekend could have more posts about The Office. I'm trying to prolong the inevitable depression that has already set in. I cared about each post and we had another Office marathon today so I'm getting better, that second marathon really helped. I'll get through it eventually.

I'll get there :)

The Cast Post-Office

You will never be able to assemble a cast like The Office's ever again. Therefore, it's kind of sad to see them all part ways with the show and each other, but at least they're going to continue to go on to other things, as some have become huge stars in their own right. I thought I would share their soon futures:

Steve Carell: The sequels to Anchorman and Despicable Me are both on their way and he has an independent film, Frank or Francis, coming up.

Rainn Wilson: He's been in London and Canada filming the pilot for the new CBS drama, Backstrom.

John Krasinski: He will be on a few episodes of the revamped Arrested Development and says he is also, "looking for other work."

Jenna Fischer: She's in an off-Broadway play called, Reasons to be Happy that will run for a while.

BJ Novak: Has become quite the comedy writer and he will be in the upcoming sequel to the rebooted Spiderman franchise.

Ed Helms: The Hangover 3 is on the way and four other films of his are in various stages of production.

Ellie Kemper: Filming a new NBC comedy called, Brenda Forever. She also has a new short called Rich Girl Problems.

Mindy Kaling: Still has her primary focus on The Mindy Project as both a writer and lead actress.

Craig Robinson: This is the End will be released soon and a new NBC comedy about Robinson as a music teacher is in production.

Phyllis Smith: Doesn't have much at the moment. She only has nine acting titles in her career. A Bad Teacher sequel is rumored though and she would obviously be considered for a return.

Leslie David Baker: He has a short called Old Rivalry in post-production and that is it for him at the moment.

Angela Kinsey: She's got the new ABC comedy called The Gabriels with Rob Riggle that is on the rise.

Brian Baumgartner: He has nothing after The Office right now, but he's making the rounds in Subway commercials, NASCAR races, and SportsNation specials.

Oscar Nunez: All he has right now is a TV movie called The Education of Eddie and Mortimer, but it's better than nothing, right?

Creed Bratton: He has a new album that will be released on May 21 and he's not too bad of a singer!

Kate Flannery: At the moment, she has no future plans after The Office, but she seems to be on the rise as an actress. She recently appeared on The Soup.

Paul Lieberstien: Not much is left in the acting department for this guy, but as a producer and a writer, he has broad horizons.

That's not a bad team...

The Office Season Nine

The Office's Ninth, Farewell Season, which was it's last, was pretty legendary and it was worth the arduous points for an amazing payoff. It will be released on DVD on August 13 and Netflix will be viewed vivaciously by myself.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


It finally happened! Someone made a musical montage of Andy Bernard! It's so great & worth playing on repeat.

Speaking of montages, remember, my Office montage is still to come.

The Office Marathon

Before Thursday's 135-minute finale of The Office, my family and I watched a marathon of the all-time great episodes, so I thought I would share the order. It'd be nice.

1. Booze Cruise
2. The Injury
3. Casino Night
4. The Return
5. The Job
6. Dinner Party
7. Stress Relief
8. Niagara
9. The Delivery
10. Pilot

It was nice.

Stress Relief Named the Best

The bracket from Bracketeers, the Best Ever Episode of The Office, has concluded and wouldn't you know it? My all-time favorite episode won! Stress Relief! Noice!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Finale is Coming

Yes, I have seen the ending to one of my favorite things of all time and it's retrospective, but I am saving the review, recap and farewell for Monday. Even though, the constant slew of Office posts will end on Monday, I will still post about it occasionally, just not everyday, you know? Yeah...I know...

A Farewell I Missed

Ed Helms, Creed Bratton, Ellie Kemper, Craig Robinson, Jake Lacy and Clark Duke say farewell. Am I the only one who got chills in the last five seconds? Also, rudit-dit-dit-doo!

Ranking the Seasons of The Office

You gotta go with Season Two, right?

1. Season Two
2. Season Four
3. Season Three
4. Season Seven
5. Season Five
6. Season Nine
7. Season Six
8. Season One
9. Season Eight

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Here We Go

The Office's Finale is in 30 minutes, as I type this. It's gonna be tough. I'm gonna love it. I'm gonna have to say goodbye to something that is very dear to me. I love it. Why do I get attached to a TV show? It's just a TV show. But it's so much more. Alright...

My Top 25 Office Episodes

For the record, Scott's Tots is probably 201. Sorry. I'm also sure the Finale will be up there.

25. Angry Andy
24. Dwight Christmas
23. Livin' the Dream
22. The Return
21. Goodbye, Toby
20. Weight Loss
19. Michael's Last Dundies
18. Threat Level Midnight
17. Branch Closing
16. Beach Games
15. Local Ad
14. Christmas Party
13. The Fire
12. Money
11. Drug Testing
10. Casino Night
09. The Job
08. Office Olympics
07. Fun Run
06. Niagara
05. Goodbye, Michael
04. The Delivery
03. Dinner Party
02. The Injury
01. Stress Relief

I'm gonna miss this show.

My Top 10 Favorite Office Quotes

10. "Robert, you've got your black sheep and I'm not even a sheep. I'm on the freaking moon." -Ryan
09. "In the sixties, I made love to many women, often outdoors in the mud. It's possible that a man slipped in. There'd be no way of knowing." -Creed
08. "I'm not crazy, she's crazy. I'm not crazy, she's crazy. 5 to 7 minutes. 5 to 7. 5 to 7. 6. Different, but not really. -Jim
07. "If onlys and justs were candies and nuts, everyday would be Ernte Dank Fest." -Dwight
06. "I don't care if Ryan murdered his entire family, he is like a son to me." -Michael
05. "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious." -Michael
04. "Dwight has both keys to the office. I asked him, 'Dwight, what if you die, how will we get into the office?' He said, 'if I'm dead, then you guys have been dead for weeks." -Pam
03. "What is my perfect crime? I break into Tiffany's at midnight. Do I go for the vault? No. I go for the chandelier; it's priceless. As I'm taking it down, a woman catches me. She tells me to stop. It's her father's business. She's Tiffany. I say no. We make love all night. In the morning the cops come and I escape in one of their uniforms. I tell her to meet me in Mexico but I go to Canada. I don't trust her. Besides, I love the cold. Thirty years later I get a postcard. I have a son. And he's the Chief of Police. This is where the story gets interesting: I tell Tiffany to meet me in Paris by the Trocadero. She's been waiting for me all these years. She's never taken another lover. I don't care. I don't show up. I go to Berlin. That's where I stashed the chandelier." -Dwight
02. "I would rather work for an upturned broom with a bucket for a head than for somebody else in this office, besides myself. Game on." -Stanley
01. "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica." -Jim

What great quotes and there's many many more.

My Top 10 Favorite Office Actors

The Office has produced many stars in their own right. Incredible.

10. Mindy Kaling
09. Ellie Kemper
08. Steve Carell
07. Angela Kinsey
06. Creed Bratton
05. Craig Robinson
04. John Krasinski
03. Jenna Fischer
02. BJ Novak
01. Ed Helms

I just hope that Ed Helms embraces the role of Andrew Baines Bernard.

My Top 32 Favorite Office Characters

This is from the bracket. Most should come as no surprise. Especially 32.

32. Nellie Bertram
31. Charles Miner
30. Deangelo Vickers
29. Jan Levinson
28. Robert California
27. Roy Anderson
26. Karen Fillipelli
25. Oscar Martinez
24. Todd Packer
23. Pete Miller
22. Bob Vance
21. David Wallace
20. Gabe Lewis
19. Clark Green
18. Phyllis Lapin-Vance
17. Mose Schrute
16. Holly Flax
15. Kelly Kapoor
14. Meredith Palmer
13. Angela Martin
12. Ryan Howard
11. Erin Hannon
10. Michael Scott
09. Kevin Malone
08. Darryl Philbin
07. Stanley Hudson
06. Creed Bratton
05. Dwight Schrute
04. Creed Bratton
03. Pam Beesly
02. Andy Bernard
01. Jim Halpert

What a great slew.

The Office Series Finale Links

Is my blog not cutting it for you? Well, on this final day of The Office's life, there are many websites that are paying homage to the G.O.A.T. Here are links of sadness and reminiscing.

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Glad it's getting the recognition that it deserves!