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Thursday, April 30, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 35

As much as I love how the finale bookends the greatness that is The Office and how much Andy's tear-jerking performance of I Will Remember You in the preceding Livin' the Dream episode, it is A.A.R.M. that made me finally realize how much I was going to miss The Office. This episode felt like the end. Jim messing around with Dwight one last time leads right into Jim realizing he needs to show Pam that she is absolutely more than enough for his happiness. The video montage that follows is enough to make the most emotionally-walled-in stoic man cry. Add a marriage proposal between Dwight and Angela, the former's realization that he's a father, one last office dance party, and the world premiere of the nine-year-long documentary, and you have a truly iconic episode.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 36

The Golf Game is a classic episode of I Love Lucy for many reasons. Fans love it and it's oft regarded as one of the sitcom's finest, but it also bears the schemes inherently at the heart of focusing installments of the show. And not only are Ricky and Fred the initial schemers in the episode, but a twist provides Lucy and Ethel with an opportunity for revenge. As the boys attempt to make the game of golf seem so difficult that the desire to play it will vanish from the girls' brains, professional golfer Jimmy Demaret turns everything on its head. Such a fun episode.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 37

Ah, the Christmas special for SpongeBob SquarePants. Has the list become obviously my preferences yet? This episode is watched every year by my face eyes and I still adore it. The Christmas spirit brings out the best in even Squidward Tentacles, the grouchiest of residents in Bikini Bottom, in the episode, Christmas Who? There are so many humorous aspects of this episode, but there is also a sweetness behind it. Of course SpongeBob is going to be the one who brings Bikini Bottom together, of course he's going to be the last one standing by it, of course Squidward is going to change his heart and lift the sponge's spirits, and of course Santa is real. But it just works. So well. "His belly was small, but his nose was huge with Christmas joy!"

Monday, April 27, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 38

Moving Up, the sixth season finale of Parks and Recreation, is such a powerful episode of television and such an impeccable reminder of why was this show was so great and so beloved by its fans. Not only do we have the amazing scene between Ben and Leslie where they deal with their future in a beautiful national park (which would already be enough for a season finale), but we also get the fantastic Unity Concert which is just awe-inspiring. And if that wasn't enough for you? Three-year time jump that is such a whirlwind of hilarity and adored characters to end the season. I adore everything about this two-parter.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Billy Eichner and David Letterman

A lot of fans of David Letterman and the Late Show and even The Late Show with David Letterman have been wondering what their beloved host will do once he departs the program on May 20th. Fortunately, there's a man named Billy Eichner who did what he does best, take to the streets, to help Letterman figure out what the next step in his career is. Love this.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Latest Installment of The SNL Quest

Here we all are in the second-to-last edition of The SNL Quest. All season long, on SNL's off-weeks, I've been sharing the prior episodes' two best sketches with the goal of voting on the best one. Naturally, the time has come to do this again. Vote for the sketch you felt was the best from each episode!

February 28 - Dakota Johnson/Alabama Shakes

March 7 - Chris Hemsworth/Zac Brown Band

March 28 - Dwayne Johnson/George Ezra

April 4 - Michael Keaton/Carly Rae Jepsen

April 11 - Taraji P. Henson/Mumford & Sons

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Peculiar Thing Happened at Lifetime

For a moment, the world was ablaze with excitement, but Will Ferrell giveth and Will Ferrell taketh away. Reports leaked in early April that Ferrell and Kristen Wiig had filmed a top-secret Lifetime original movie called A Deadly Adoption together. And then once the reports leaked, the two made the decision to scrap the movie altogether and never show it to the public. Ferrell said he wished for more secrecy and he and Wiig decided that it would be best to remove the film from existence. There was no comment from Lifetime, but this was all very sudden and very confusing. I hope it's not entirely gone because anything these two do together is gold.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Brother Orange

If you only read one thing on the Internet this week, let it be this (which is surprising seeing as the article is on Buzzfeed, a website not especially known for its riveting reads). This is a story of a man whose iPhone was stolen and a mixup in the iCloud lead to an unlikely friendship that was filled with more love than many friendships that have been ongoing for decades. This is a percent argument against those who knock the power of technology. I present to you: Brother Orange. I'm looking forward to the documentary on this.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


You've probably noticed that this blog has not had any activity since April 20th and for that, I apologize. Things like AP exams, SATs, and something called Prom took up a lot of time in the past twenty-six days. But don't worry. I'm going to get caught up (albeit, a bit abbreviated) and then be back in action because guess what? AP exams, SATs, and Prom are all over! We're back, bitches!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Meet Trevor Noah

Well, that Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert one-two punch is no longer. It's not even going to be the Stewart-Larry Wilmore combination. Colbert left The Colbert Report to host The Late Show and he was replaced with Wilmore, who hosts The Nightly Show. Then, Stewart announced that he was going to be departing The Daily Show sometime in 2015. Wildly fierce speculation immediately sprung up around the world as to who his replacement would be. Could it be John Oliver? Or Michael Che? Or maybe Tina Fey AND Amy Poehler? What about Joel McHale? Well, the answer was none of them. Instead, Comedy Central is promoting from within as the correspondent from the show, Trevor Noah, will take over the desk once Stewart departs. Noah is a South African comedian who has only made three appearances on the show so far and in a statement, he said, "It's an honor to follow Jon Stewart. He and the team at The Daily Show have created an incredible show whose impact is felt all over the world. Stewart reassured the doubters by saying, "I'm thrilled for the show and for Trevor. He's a tremendous comic and talent that we've loved working with. In fact, I may rejoin as a correspondent just to be a part of it!" I have a feeling we're in good hands.

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Live From New York Trailer

Well, this trailer makes this documentary look amazing. I think this might be the most excited I've ever been for the theatrical release of a documentary. Live From New York, a new documentary chronicling the impact of Saturday Night Live rather than the history of it, is coming to theaters on June 12th and this trailer really gets me excited for it. It debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival and received great reviews so I'm hoping to learn even more about my beloved program.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Girl Renewed!

This one is an interesting renewal announcement. Yes, New Girl has been renewed for a fifth season on FOX and that is delightful news and we should celebrate profusely! But, it was already a given because the fifth season had already started filming due to Zooey Deschanel's pregnancy. Jess getting pregnant will not be a story line on the show so the crew and cast had to act fast and start creating season five before Zooey starts showing. But now it's all official and FOX has renewed it and all is well. Additionally, more news came about with the renewal and it was that John Cho will be joining the cast as a recurring character, presumably to fill Coach's void. All aboard the fifth season train!

The Explanation of the Countdown Clock

Remember when that former writer for Happy Endings tweeted a link to a countdown clock with the caption, "A New Day Is Here"? Yeah, well, it turns out that that was just an elaborate April Fool's Day joke that served as absolute torture for fans of the gone-to-soon ABC comedy. But there's a twist. David Caspe, the creator of the show, said that the countdown clock, though fruitless, actually generated some interest in reviving the show. And while nothing is close to concrete yet, he can no longer deny a return of the amazing comedy. We can hope for a happy ending, after all!

Adam West and Burt Ward Together Again

Adam West and Burt Ward are not only coming together once again, but they will be playing Batman and Robin! Again! Isn't that just fantastic news? To honor the fiftieth anniversary of the Batman television show from the 1960s, a new, ninety-minute, animated Batman and Robin film is going to be released in 2016 and Adam West and Burt Ward will be voicing the characters that catapulted their fame in the first place. How splendidly, splendidly fitting. I guess it's going to be a contrast to the brooding Batman we have right now. POW!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fred Armisen to Appear on New Girl

On an upcoming episode of New Girl, Fred Armisen will be making a guest appearance as a man interested in fulfilling the roommate vacancy left by Coach's departure from Los Angeles and Damon Wayans Jr.'s departure from the show. I love New Girl and I love Fred Armisen and the fact that the two of them will be coming together to produce what will absolutely be comedy gold makes me very pleased and intrigued to see the direction it takes.

Jon Stewart to Leave The Daily Show

Jon Stewart shocked the world about two months ago when he announced that he would be leaving The Daily Show sometime in 2015. Fans of comedy, millennials, political nuts, and human beings across the world were distraught at the news of the captain of the world stepping down from his lofty post. He announced the decision before doing one of his shows and then informed the audience of the same news that he felt like he was just not getting the same satisfaction from the show anymore and The Daily Show does not deserve a restless host. We had already lost The Colbert Report and this news was devastating. How would we ever be able to go on without Jon Stewart. Fortunately, he reassured the world and now it's time to make sure we appreciate our last days with him. The voice of a generation.

Harry Potter and the Unknown Facts

The upcoming book, J.K. Rowling: A Bibliography 1997-2013, is going to be so loaded with unknown facts about Harry Potter that the most diehard fans of the books are going to learn so many new things and the casual fans are going to have a new world opened up right in front of their eyes. Entertainment Weekly has provided us with a quick snippet of ten never-before-known facts about the Harry Potter books, neatly separated into sections by book. A very interesting reads that demands for more to be gained from the book itself.

Friday, April 17, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 39

The Mindy Project's best episode of its three seasons so far came about halfway through the second season in an installment titled, You've Got Sext. In it, Morgan and Peter procure Mindy's phone and begin sexting Cliff. Fortunately, they have no idea how to sext, but Cliff's responses are enough to keep them going (as you can see above). The episode is the funniest in the entire run, at least in my opinion it is and this exchange will never fail to make me laugh.

Peter and Morgan as Mindy: What are you wearing?
Cliff: A sweater and sweatpants. You?
Morgan: A tasteful cardigan, corduroy slacks, and a breast cancer awareness pin.
Peter: And no panties.
Cliff: That sounds really hot.
Morgan: Yes!
Cliff: I'm coming over.
Peter: No!

Just so good. Love Morgan and Peter pretending to be Mindy.

The Drama of Scrubs

I will never fail to share something here that celebrates the dramatic and emotional aspects of the brilliant television program, Scrubs. Buzzfeed elected to create a list of the "twenty-three times Scrubs got too real" and naturally, it had to be shared here. Scrubs did emotion better than any show to come before it or after and this list was just another trip down heartbreak lane. But I adore it still.

First Look at the New Lex Luthor

In March 2016's upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, the villain will be Superman's iconic foe, Lex Luthor. While many speculated that Bryan Cranston would land that role, DC surprised everyone by casting the much younger Jesse Eisenberg. It's very unconventional casting, but I really like the decision. Now, we have been given the first look at how Eisenberg appears as Luthor by Entertainment Weekly. Pretty good, I'd say. Will be definitely more interesting to see him in action, but pretty solid for now. What do you think?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 40

"I settled on a truth that is always going to be true. That I would do anything for my friends, which i think finally makes me understand war." Community is really something special and this is the first of many Community episodes on this exclusive list. The season three episode, Pillows and Blankets, was an example of so many things that Community does right. Primarily of which is the parody episode. Ken Burns-style documentaries were poked fun at by the war over pillow forts and blanket forts between Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir. And so many of the gags are great and work (Pierce's pillow machine, "Leonard likes this post," Real Neil with Pipes of Steel, Admiral William North), it's Jeff Winger who steals the show. On the surface, it's an episode about Troy and Abed, but at the heart, it's a Jeff Winger episode. And I love myself some Jeff Winger episodes.

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Cover for Go Set a Watchman

The official cover for Harper Lee's long-awaited sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, Go Set a Watchman, has officially been released and oh my goodness, I love it so much. The font is just like To Kill a Mockingbird and that tree! I'll pretend it's the tree that Boo Radley put his trinkets in and I'll pretend that train is the hype train arriving into the station that is bookstores across America. Maybe it's also the train of fifty-three years of legacy. I can't wait.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 41

"The boat was actually Plan C, the church was Plan B, and Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her." Ugh, finally! Jim and Pam were married in the sixth season episode of The Office, Niagara. But aside from the fact that television's best couple finally tied the knot to close a chapter in the storied book of their history, the episode is so able to stand on its own because of the hilarity that ensues around it. Kevin wearing tissue boxes on his feet for shoes, Michael falling asleep while driving, Andy tearing his scrotum. It's all such an amazing episode, but when the entire office dances down the aisle to Chris Brown's Forever and then Pam rests her head on Jim's shoulder a la Diversity Day, you know you're watching something special.

James Corden and Tom Hanks

On the very first episode of The Late Late Show that was hosted by James Corden, Tom Hanks made an appearance and helped Corden create a viral video from the premiere. The two took the time to reenact a scene from every single Tom Hanks movie. Considering that Hanks has one of the richest, most earnest, and most entertaining filmographies in the world, this video is immensely enjoyable.

I Spoke with Ludacris

To promote Furious 7, Ludacris conducted an AMA on Reddit. I've never been that into the career of Ludacris, but I decided to have some fun with the AMA and drop him a question anyway. It was a pointless question, which is why I was surprised when he responded. Here is the interaction we had:

Me: Hey. How are ya?
Ludacris: Pretty damn good.
Me: Cool.

Glad to know he's doing good. You can read every question and every answer here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 42

Ducky Tie is a vastly entertaining episode of How I Met Your Mother. The main focus of the episode is Ted's struggle to get back together with Victoria or something and as him and Robin (the two most eh characters on the show) tackle that issue, the fun characters (Lily, Marshall, and Barney) have completely different motivations for what they do in this episode. The plot devised by Barney is genius and it is so fun to see it unfold with the naive interpretations of life had by those three characters. Plus, it ends with Barney being forced to wear that dreadful ducky tie for an entire year. Gold.

Kenneth Parcell or George W. Bush?

This latest Buzzfeed trivia game is one filled with quite the fun as you can take a trip down memory lane filled with memorable quotes from President George W. Bush and Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock. You can put your political and television knowledge to the test and wonder whether it was Bush or Kenneth who compared himself to a pitbull right here.

To Honor the Tenth Anniversary of The Office

Buzzfeed whipped out a list of twenty-six quotes from The Office guaranteed to make you laugh every time in honor of the tenth anniversary of when The Office debuted on NBC. Most of the quotes are from Michael Scott, but that doesn't lessen their quality. Each one is a true gem and a perfect celebration of why we love The Office to this day.

Monday, April 13, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 43

In one of the multiple bottle episodes on this list, Brian and Stewie, an episode of Family Guy, is perhaps the most unconventional one. Bottle episodes used to be made to save money, but that doesn't really apply to animated shows. This one is done for the purpose of character development. I've always felt that the best episodes of Family Guy are the ones with heart and the ones focused around Brian and Stewie and this episode makes that quite literally the title. The gross-out gag is unpleasant, but the ending of the episode and the characterization of Brian is flawless. Seth Macfarlane is a conundrum, but he's a good man.

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Mindy Kaling Chooses Sides

Buzzfeed was recently blessed with the presence of Mindy Kaling at their offices and they took the time to ask her to take sides in fourteen pop culture love triangles. But what could the one pictured possibly be in regards to? (Hint: it's Jim, Pam, and Roy from The Office.) You can see more of her picks on Buzzfeed! Isn't she the best?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kindle Cover Disasters

There are few things as terrible in this world as generic e-book covers. Fortunately, a new Tumblr blog called Kindle Cover Disasters has risen in popularity to help us make light of them. They're so bad, so poorly edited, and some so clearly made with no effort in Paint. But they definitely make you laugh and the guy's responses do, too. (When someone asked if he had the rights to show the covers, he responded, "Sure, why not?" The perfect response.)

The Last Stand of NBC

Entertainment Weekly published a great article on March 23rd about "the last great era of network sitcom." It basically dubs the ten years from when The Office debuted to when Parks and Recreation ended as NBC's Silver Age and their last comedic stand, essentially, after the power block of Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, and Will & Grace. Replacing this was an arguably better combination of shows in The Office, 30 Rock, Community, and Parks and Recreation. But now, not one of those shows is on NBC anymore and this article explores that perfectly.

Friends and Harry Potter

The Friends intro and theme song is often parodied by many fans of other forms of media. Now, we can add a new movie into that mix. The Harry Potter films boast a close-knit group of friends and they fit perfectly into the Friends world. Now, we just need to see Harry and Ron drinking some Butterbeers in Central Perk!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lip Sync Battle Trailer

The Lip Sync Battle television show has already been kicked into high gear, but this trailer was released by Spike TV to celebrate it even more. Jimmy Fallon, John Krasinski, Anna Kendrick, Dwayne Johnson, and more are featured in this trailer for the show that I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy, but I absolutely have been!

The Spoils Before Dying Cast

When IFC announced that a sequel series to The Spoils of Babylon would be coming in the summer of 2015, not only was the world bettered, but Will Ferrell was immediately announced to be reprising his role on The Spoils Before Dying. Now, we have the rest of the cast, too! Sadly, Tobey Maguire is not on the list, but the rest is still so amazing. Michael K. Williams, Maya Rudolph, Kate McKinnon, Tim Meadows, Chris Parnell, Emily Ratajkowski, Andrew Daly, and Chris Mulkey have all joined the cast, but we have some returning actors, as well. Kristen Wiig, Haley Joel Osment, Michael Sheen, Val Kilmer, Steve Tom, and Marc Evan Jackson are all coming back to join Eric Jonrosh in new roles. I cannot wait!

The FBI Gets It

After the series finale of Parks and Recreation aired on February 24th, the FBI took to Twitter to bid farewell to one of its best agents. Burt Macklin, FBI, also departed along with the greatness that was Parks and Rec and it wouldn't have been right if he faded away into the moonlight without a proper tribute from the organization he spent most of his life serving. We will miss you, Burt Macklin, Kip Hackman, Janet Snakehole, and everyone with whom you associated. You thought he was dead? So did the President...

...'s enemies.

Friday, April 10, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 44

For me, this episode of Wilfred, Avoidance, was really what the show was all about. It veered a lot towards dramatic mythology and painstaking psychological questions which was great, but in this one, as Wilfred and Ryan train for a dog dancing contest, we get to see the heart of their friendship. The montage of the two of them running down the street just dancing and having a good time is what Wilfred was about, truly, at its heart. And I can rewatch it any day. Rewatchability is a huge factor in determining the best episodes for me and this one is pegged by it.

Ant-Man Trailer

With all of the hype surrounding Avengers: Age of Ultron, some were concerned that Ant-Man would be pushed to the side and forgotten. This has clearly become evidently not the case. After an enjoyable teaser trailer back in January, Marvel upped their game for the first full-length trailer for Ant-Man. In this one, we get a good sense of the humor (after all, Paul Rudd, Edgar Wright, and Adam McKay all contributed to the script so it's gotta be funny) and we have an understanding that it's a heist movie. I'm all in on Scott Lang!

Mean Tweets: Barack Obama Edition

Upon visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live recently, Barack Obama took part in the show's most popular segment by reading some mean tweets about himself. There's no doubting that there are some meaner tweets out there, but it's still fun to see this and watch Obama poke fun at himself. He's the people's president.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 45

"Now, Kosnowski's a pretty good name, Laverne. I've had it almost all my life." This episode of Laverne and Shirley, Look Before You Leap, was one with a much different tone compared to the lighter and sillier installments that came both before and after it. But it became my favorite episode for just that reason. While the humor was there, it showed the heart of the entire series. And the speech Lenny gives when he vows to step in and help Laverne raise the baby she presumes she's having is a stand-out moment from the show.

And now, the countdown has been revealed! This will be a countdown of the top forty-five episodes of television, in my eyes. The list originally featured eighty-two so some will unfortunately not be joining us (The Office's Stress Relief, Community's Cooperative Polygraphy), but we're still going to have fun regardless!

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Interesting Hozier Cover

I'm a big fan of Hozier's music and with that is Take Me to Church, a great song. When I heard that Ellie Goulding did a cover of it, I was cautiously intrigued. It's a good song and Goulding is a good singer, but I wasn't sure if the two would mesh. Upon listening, I kind of dug it. Give it a shot, if you wish.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Andy Samberg: Emmys Host

We live in a utopia. After Seth Meyers showcased his genius at the 2014 Emmys, Andy Samberg is going to get the chance to do the same. One of my all-time favorite people will be hosting the 2015 installment of the Emmy Awards on FOX. About the gig, Samberg showed exactly why he was funny in his statement, "Buckle your seat belts, Emmy viewers! Like, in general you should buckle your seat belts in your car. In fact, even if you're not an Emmy viewer, you should buckle your seat belt. It can be dangerous on the road. Also, if you're not an Emmy viewer, you should strongly consider becoming one this year, because I'm hosting, and it's gonna be a wild ride. So buckle your seat belts!" He's gonna crush it.

A Sequel to Frozen

It's been all but confirmed for some time now, but even that is no matter now. A sequel to the highest grossing animated film ever made, Frozen, is on the way and it is really no surprise to anyone. Though, it will be interesting to see an actual Disney sequel be released in theaters. Bob Iger, John Lasseter, and Josh Gad made the announcement on March 12th and it's sure to be a box office success. Will be hard to top Let It Go, I feel, but we'll see.

King Kong Returning to Universal Studios

At Universal Studios Orlando, an attraction known as Kongfrontation closed in 2002 to allow for a ride based on The Mummy and the character of King Kong was absent from theme parks unless you count the parking lot. But now, it seems like he'll be making a return in a new attraction that will be called King Kong 360. Also making an appearance at the park will be an attraction based on The Fast and the Furious. Let's see which one lasts longer!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Will Ferrell and HBO

A new HBO special from Funny or Die has me very excited. During spring training, Will Ferrell visited five different MLB ballparks in ten different uniforms to film an HBO special in which he will play every baseball position. I'm not really sure what the ultimate outcome of the special will be, but I will follow Ferrell to wherever he may go.

Michael Bolton in an Office

The classic Mike Judge comedy movie, Office Space, features a character named Michael Bolton. With that information in mind, it is apparent that it was only a matter of time before Funny or Die created a parody of Office Space with the actual god Michael Bolton playing Michael Bolton. Thank you, Internet.

Lazy Sunday Revisited

It's been ten years since Lazy Sunday entered the cultural zeitgeist and to celebrate, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Chris Parnell met with Entertainment Weekly to reveal cut lyrics and behind-the-scenes information of the iconic Saturday Night Live sketch. Check out the articles both here and here. So good to read more about one of my favorite digital shorts ever.

Monday, April 6, 2015

This Week's Sports by David

Bob Barker and Happy Gilmore Reunite

For Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars, Adam Sandler donned a Boston Bruins jersey to reprise a scene from Happy Gilmore with Bob Barker. And yes, they do come to blows once again. Now, this is why movies, celebrities, and America exist. This really does make me happy. You do you, Bob Barker!

The Mystery of Toy Story 4

The President of Pixar, Jim Morris, recently announced that the fourth installment in the Toy Story series is not going to be a direct sequel to Toy Story 3 and it will instead be a differently-oriented love story. I sincerely hope the title for this is changed because I want Toy Story to just be able to stand on its own so well and as well as it has. I was skeptical about a fourth Toy Story film, but I'm glad to hear that it seems like Buzz and Woody and the rest of their crew will not be involved.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Last Countdown of the Year Is Coming

Last year, to count the school year down, this blog featured the sixty best television moments, the seventy-five best songs (which woefully needs updating), and the forty-five best movie characters. This year was largely dominated by the countdown of one hundred favorite movies. Now, this Thursday there will be forty-five school days left in the year and therefore a new countdown is coming. The only hint I will give you as to what it is is pictured above. See you Thursday.

The 2015 BookCon Will Be Quite Neat

New York City's annual BookCon has quite the duo headlining it this year. That's right, BookCon 2015 will start with a discussion with Mindy Kaling about her new book, Why Not Me?, that will be moderated by her best friend for life, B.J. Novak. These two are definitely the premier writing names in my mind. They're the perfect combination for a convention about books. The discussion will come on May 31st, but B.J. and Mindy are forever.

Third Trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron

This is definitely the best trailer Marvel has released for the sequel to The Avengers (and it is also the last full-length trailer they'll be showing). The first one was great because of the unreal anticipation and haunting preview. The second one was really just kind of slightly different. But this third one. Oh, boy, this third one rocketed the hype train miles away from the station. We finally get to see the lightheartedness that we come to expect with Marvel and some really incredible action previews. Hopefully not too much of the final battle has been shown yet, but who cares?! VISION WAS AT THE END OF THIS! Only twenty-five days now.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Community Reborn

Check out that cover! It combines the two prior posts from today into one. Leonard Nimoy's death and the return of Community. Joel McHale served as guest editor for this issue of TV Guide, which was dubbed The Funny Issue. Inside, the magazine took a behind-the-scenes look at both Community and The Soup and even more exciting for me, there was an interview with the legendary Will Forte. McHale sure knows how to edit a magazine, that's for sure.

Community Season Six Trailer

It's hard to believe it's been over fourteen months since the haunting trailer for Community's fifth season dropped. But it has. And here we are with Yahoo Screen dropping the trailer for the sixth season. And the first four episodes have since dropped and they are amazing. Despite the lack of Troy, Pierce, and Shirley, the show is still the Community we all know and love. For Greendale!

The Funeral of Leonard Nimoy

Unfortunately, the iconic actor who was best known for playing Spock on Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy, died this past February and doubly unfortunately, there was controversy surrounding his funeral. William Shatner, his former Star Trek co-star, announced that he would not be able to attend the funeral due to his commitment to a charity event that was dependent on his presence. After wrongfully scathing antagonists gave flak to Shatner, Captain Kirk himself managed to attend the charity event and come away with some type of overnight flight to L.A. for the funeral. He's a good guy.