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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 30: How Many Times Will You Go In The Pool?

Many a time. Too much to count! You just leave that to me.

Red Sox Join In

Pixar, and now the Sox! The newest addition to the It Gets Better campaign features Terry Francona, Kevin Youkilis, and Jason Varitek.

Well That Looks Like Fun

Awesome in slo-mo. How does that not pop sooner?

This Week's Entertainment By David

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 29: Sun or Surf? Sand or Water?

Sorry sand and sun, but the water is just so-so refreshing and fun!

I Think It Tops Shaq

Shaq did this once. This is just crazy though.

Now THAT'S A Basketball Court

That's very hilly! I bet LeBron could go all Danny Dunkface on Dirk Nowitzki there.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Second Sportscast

I listened to my Uncle and went with a microphone. Info from 6/26 to 6/27.

Take That John Wall!

This guy from Cirque du Soleil threw out the first pitch at the Padres game yesterday. Well I'd like to see John Wall do that after he bounced his pitch off the ground.

Day 28: Are You Happy School Is Out?

No I'm utterly devastated. What is this? Of course I'm happy. I'm ecstatic!

This Makes Me Intrigued To Ride Something

Oh Patrick Warburton how I love you. But didn't you do a real spiel on Soarin'?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 27: What Will You Do In Your Spare Time?

What is with these questions? They're so odd. Probably basketball, wiffleball, chilling, golf, I Love Lucy, you know the usual.

More Pixar Stuff

This disappoints me. Tom Hanks says that a Toy Story 4 is in the works. Oh, come now Tom Hanks. Say it ain't so. Don't get me wrong, I love Toy Story, but it ended so perfectly that it'd be wrong to tarnish the legacy with another movie. The shorts are ok, but not a movie. Hopefully Pixar realizes this and they'll remain a great, honest company not just in it for the money.

More Brave Stuff

Looks slick. Not your average Pixar flick. I won't post to much Pixar stuff, because you might get sick.

This Week's Sports by David

Sunday, June 26, 2011


People are tweeting, blogging, FaceBooking, and Tumbl-r-ing...anyway my aunt tweeted about a blog that is saving the Event. I am doing everything in my power! You can too! Help!

Just Save The Event Already!

Day 26: Any Friends Gonna Come Over?

Most likely. These are really weird questions.

America's Team

The nickname has been tossed around a lot since the Cowboys coined the name in 1978. It's been given to such teams as the Braves, the Patriots, the Saints, the Steelers and even the Yankees. I think it's time I put an end to doubt and tell you who America's Teams really are. I give you the America's Team of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF and NCAAM B.

The Dallas Cowboys are popularly known as America's Team, but I do not believe they still deserve that title. With distractions of Jerry Jones, awfulness of Tony Romo, and a Super Bowl drought. A different Texas team is ready to take over the title. That team is the Houston Texans. Think about it, Matt Schaub has never made the playoffs, but he's always in the Pro Bowl. Everyone roots for the Texans to beat the Colts. It's like when you're rooting for someone with a stutter to finish their sentence. You're rooting for the underdog to the unthinkable. The Texans are that team.

Well, it's certainly not going to be the Heat. America's Team of the NBA is the Memphis Grizzlies. I almost picked the Thunder, but issues with Russell Westbrook ended that doubt. Everyone was hoping the Griz could make a shocking run to the Finals in 2011. They beat the Spurs and game the Thunder a run for their money. No one thought they could make the playoffs, but everyone loved them. They loved Zach Randolph and Shane Battier and Mike Conley Jr and Tony Allen. I hope they'll be a contender for years to come.

Is there any doubt in your mind? Of course it's the boys of Arlington. The Texas Rangers! They beat the Rays and the evil Yankees in the playoffs of 2011. Even with the loss of Cliff Lee they're leading their division this year. It doesn't hurt that their colors are red, white, and blue does it? Nelson Cruz, Michael Young, CJ Wilson, Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler. Those are America's boys. Everyone loves the Rangers. The aggressive team who worked hard to get where they are today.

Trust me there is absolutely no bias here. It's the Boston Bruins! The B's who went through so many hardships since 1972 were considered cursed. They finally won the Stanley Cup this year though with America behind them when they traveled to Vancouver. Everyone loves Tim Thomas. They worship Patrice Bergeron. They rooted for Zdeno Chara to win a title. Go to games for Lucic. Buy Tyler Seguin jerseys. Read up about Brad Marchand. They watch for David Krejci goals. They checked in on Nathan Horton's condition. Hoped Mark Recchi could win a third. And wanted Claude Julien to avoid more criticism. The Bruins are America's Team.

I debated between the Boise State Broncos, the Wisconsin Badgers, and the Ole Miss Rebels. I decided to pick the Broncos. Who doesn't want Boise State to make the BCS Championship Game? They want them to stop being average. Get a few upsets. Kellen Moore be Heisman! Who knows? With the blue turf and undefeated seasons and sympathy for their kicker maybe it's closer than they think...

Finally it's the College Men's Basketball Team of America if you will. It's got to be Gonzaga. Everyone always thinks of Gonzaga when they consider the topic. The Bulldogs of the West Coast League. Steven Gray averages 13.8 PPG for the 'Dogs. Everyone hopes he can have more. They lost to BYU, but they definitley have hope for the future.

Hahaha, This Is A Joke Right?

Entertainment Weekly ranked the eleven Pixar films from least to greatest (excluding Cars 2). You'll never guess the order. They ranked 'em like this:

11. A Bug's Life
10. Monsters Inc.
9. Ratatouille
8. Toy Story 2
7. Cars
6. Up
5. Finding Nemo
4. Wall-E
3. Toy Story 3
2. The Incredibles
1. Toy Story

Sure, some of those are right, but not most of them.

I would put it like this:

11. A Bug's Life
10. The Incredibles
9. Cars
8. Toy Story 2
7. Ratatouille
6. Wall-E
5. Monsters Inc.
4. Up
3. Toy Story
2. Finding Nemo
1. Toy Story 3

How dare they put Monsters Inc at #10! Ratatouille at 9? Wall-E is all the way at 4? Sorry EW, but this list wasn't a winner.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

President of Sports 2011 Campaign Posters

Vote for Your Top Four!

Day 25: Any Parties Planned?

No, I don't think so. Not that I know of anyway.

New York Goes Red and Orange and Yellow and Green and Blue and Purple.

New York is now allowing same-sex marriage! Yay! And look at the Empire State Building! Rainbow colored!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 24: Gonna Have Fun?

Duh, of course.

From Artest to Peace

Los Angeles Lakers starter, Ron Artest is changing his name to World Peace. What? Artest has done some crazy things over the years. Diving into the crowd after a fan, dying his hair blonde and doin' some crazy graffiti in it, rapping about the championship and selling his ring! Now he's changing his name to World Peace. Kinda weird. What do you think? Does it measure up to Chad Ochocinco?

My ESPY Voting

It's about time, eh? Let's get rollin! Waste no time! My picks are in bold by the way.

Best Male Athlete- Jimmie Johnson, Rafael Nadal, Dirk Nowitzki, Aaron Rodgers

Best Female Athlete- Kelly Clark, Lauren Jackson, Maya Moore, Lindsay Vonn

Best Championship Performance- Tim Lincecum, Tim Thomas, Kemba Walker, Serena Williams

Best Breakthrough Athlete- Jose Bautista, Arian Foster, Blake Griffin, Li Na, Cam Newton

Best Record-Breaking Performance- Ray Allen, Rory McIlroy, Derrick Rose, UConn Women's Basketball Team

Best Upset- Blame, Fabricio Werdum, Seahawks, VCU

Best Game- Auburn Beats Alabama, Butler Upsets Pittsburgh, Eagles Rally To Beat Giants, Oklahoma City Edges Memphis In 3OT

Best Moment- Fennville's Run, Halladay's No-Hitter, Trevor Bayne Wins Daytona 500

Best Team- Auburn Football, Boston Bruins, Dallas Mavericks, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco Giants, Texas A&M's Women's Basketball

Strongest NFL Performance- Arian Foster, DeAngelo Hall, Leon Washington

Best Sports Movie- The Fighter, Secretariat, Soul Surfer, Win Win

Best Coach/Manager- Jim Calhoun, Rick Carlisle, Gene Chizik, Mike McCarthy, Dom Starsia

Best NFL Player- Tom Brady, Arian Foster, Clay Matthews Jr., Troy Polamalu, Aaron Rodgers

Best MLB Player- Jose Bautista, Roy Halladay, Josh Hamilton, Felix Hernandez, Joey Votto

Best NHL Player- Corey Perry, Daniel Sedin, Martin St. Louis, Tim Thomas

Best Driver- Greg Anderson, John Force, Dario Franchitti, Jimmie Johnson

Best NBA Player- Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Derrick Rose

Best WNBA Player- Tamika Catchings, Lauren Jackson, Cappie Poindexter, Diana Taurasi

Best Fighter- Bernard Hopkins, Jon Jones, Sergio Martinez, Manny Pacquiao, George St. Pierre

Best Male Golfer- Luke Donald, Jim Furyk, Graeme McDowell, Rory McIlroy, Charl Schwartzel

Best Female Golfer- Na Yeon Choi, Cristie Kerr, Jiyai Shin, Yansi Tseng

Best Male Tennis Player- Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal

Best Female Tennis Player- Kim Clijsters, Li Na, Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki

Best Male College Athlete- Jimmer Fredette, Andy Miele, Cam Newton, Rob Pannell, Kemba Walker

Best Female College Athlete- Blair Brown, Dallas Escobedo, Melissa Henderson, Katinka Hossu, Maya Moore

Best Male Action Sport Athlete- Tucker Hibbert, Travis Pastrana, Kevin Rolland, Kelly Slater, Shaun White

Best Female Action Sport Athlete- Sarah Burke, Kelly Clark, Ashley Fiolex, Stephanie Gilmore

Best Jockey- Ramon Dominguez, Garrett Gomez, John Velasquez

Best Disabled Male Athlete- Chris Devlin-Young, Anthony Robles, Aaron Scheides, Jerome Singleton, Steve Wampler

Best Disabled Female Athlete- Alison Jones, Tatyana McFadden, Alana Nichols, Melissa Stockwell, Mallory Weggemann

Best Bowler- Chris Barnes, Jason Belmonte, Mika Koivuneimi, Bill O'Neil

Best MLS Player- Edson Buddle, Landon Donovan, David Ferreira, Chris Wondowloski

Best Track and Field Athlete- Allyson Felix, Tyson Gay, David Oliver

So that's it! Go vote at espn.go.com/espys! See the Espys on July 13th! Can't wait!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Have Some Big Tournaments and Races Comin' To This Blog

On the 25th when I have voted for the ESPYs and given you my picks I will be starting THREE not one, not two, three, races. The races are The President of Sports, Sports Mount Rushmores, and The Greatest TV Show of All Time preceded by Greatest TV Shows of Each Decade.

Let me explain them to you.

A few years ago my parody sports magazine, Sports by David, suggested a few candidates for President of Sports. They were Peyton Manning, Dustin Pedroia, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, and LeBron James. Pretty good candidates, eh? Well, the final two were Tiger Woods and LeBron James. Tiger eventually got the nod. Well both of their reputations have gone down the drains what with LeBron's decision and Tiger's scandal. So Tiger's been impeached. Who will be the new President? Find out the candidates on Saturday!

Sports Mount Rushmores. Everybody makes em. I make em official. So I'm gonna have a Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, NASCAR, Boxing, and College Sports Mount Rushmores. I'll give you eight candidates and you'll pick four of em for Mount Rushmore. How's that sound? When the President of Sports race is over you'll see the candiates.

The TV tournaments are pretty self-explanatory. First I'll start with picking my top TV show from each decade. They'll get the top seeds and I'll pick other shows to be in the bracket. Then you'll vote! You get it right? Yeah! Can't wait!

Get ready!

This Week's Entertainment By David

Day 23: Favorite Amusement Park

Gotta love the Magic Kingdom. Although, I never go there in the summer. In that case, 'summer' amusement parks would be York's Wild Kingdom and Canobie Lake Park and Six Flags.

My Top 15 WNBA Players

I can now vote for the top 15 WNBA players of all time. Here we go:

Sue Bird
Swin Cash
Tamika Catchings
Cynthia Cooper
Cheryl Ford
Becky Hammon
Lauren Jackson
Lisa Leslie
Candace Parker
Cappie Poindexter
Sheryl Swoops
Diana Taurasi
Tina Thompson
Taj McWilliams-Franklin
Penny Taylor

Go vote at WNBA.com!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do My Ears Deceive Me?

Could it be? It is! Instead of making Chill Zone soda and ice cream they're making a Chill Zone that doesn't melt! Definitely gonna have to try it out!

Voting For Things!

Is gonna have to wait two days. I recently voted for the MLB All-Stars (Pedroia topped the ballot of course) but I wasn't full. That's when I remembered the ESPY's! Yeah, you can't vote for those until the 24th. Then I saw this vote for the Top 15 WNBA Players of All Time...tomorrow. Sigh. Well I'll provide you with my picks for those two later. Here are my MLB all-star picks:

American League

1B- Adrian Gonzalez
2B- Dustin Pedroia
3B- Kevin Youkilis
SS- Asdrubal Cabrera
C- Russell Martin
OF- Nelson Cruz
OF- Jose Bautista
OF- Curtis Granderson
DH- David Ortiz

National League

1B- Prince Fielder
2B- Brandon Phillips
3B- David Wright
SS- Troy Tulowitzki
C- Brian McCann
OF- Andre Ethier
OF- Matt Kemp
OF- Andrew McCutchen

You agree? Go vote at MLB.com!

Day 22: Favorite Summer Game

Catch! That's always fun!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things Don't Stop Do They?

Ok, so I watched Happy Gilmore yesterday. I noticed Adam Sandler had a Bruins jersey so I updated my Facebook status. Then after the movie, I turned on Sportscenter and they where showing a clip of a golf ball that had landed on a spectator. The people commentating on it said "Don't you have to play it where it lies? That's what Shooter McGavin had to do." Shooter was a character in Happy Gilmore. Then, today on Sports Illustrated .com it said vote for the top golfing celebrities. I picked Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore.) Now, I went to my Google Reader and saw an item shared from my mom about Adam Sandler wearing his Bruins jersey from Happy Gilmore in public! W-e-i-r-d.

Does This Mean Hope Is Lost?

Got some good news and bad news. Good news: The Event is soon out on DVD! Bad news: it says The Complete Series. Not complete season 1, series. Sigh. Well, at least it is still getting talked about.

Day 21: Favorite Beach

As Charlie Sheen would say, duh, Long Sands Beach. Oh and today is the first day of summer so the whole 'summer' part of this challenge actually comes into affect. ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011

This Week's Sports by David

Recap of Sports From Yours Truly

I want to be on SportsCenter when I grow up. Hopefully, this is the first step.

Day 20: Favorite Summer Picture In General

The 100 foot wave. Surfing's most vaunted giant. That summer enough for ya?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 19: Favorite Summer Picture of You

Look I'm Dwight Howard. Or Superman! Like a boss!



Guess What I Discovered!

A little thing called WebMD. I love typing in symptoms and finding out what I may have. Maybe someday I'll get Count Choculitis. I might type in ba da ba ba ba. Because I'm lovin' it.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 18: Least Favorite Part of Summer

I hate when it's just too hot out. Luckily, there's cool blasterz for that.

Top 120 Players of All Time? Probably.

Sports Illustrated did a mock fantasy league. 10 men pick 12 players in 10 rounds for a Tremendous Twelve instead of Big Three or Fantastic Four or Fab Five. Here are the players they selected. I think it's good and that they are the top 120 players of all time. This is in order of the picks.

Michael Jordan
Wilt Chamberlain
Bill Russell
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Oscar Robertson
Shaquille O'Neal
Larry Bird
Magic Johnson
Kobe Bryant
Tim Duncan
Hakeem Olajuwon
John Stockton
Moses Malone
Bill Walton
Jerry West
Elgin Baylor
Karl Malone
LeBron James
Julius Erving
David Robinson
Dwyane Wade
Isiah Thomas
Charles Barkley
Jason Kidd
Scottie Pippen
Walt Frazier
Clyde Drexler
Rick Barry
Willis Reed
Bob Cousy
Kevin Garnett
Patrick Ewing
Bob McAdoo
Steve Nash
Bob Pettit
Kevin McHale
George Gervin
Reggie Miller
John Havlicek
Dave Cowens
Joe Dumars
Dirk Nowitzki
Dennis Rodman
James Worthy
Wes Unseld
Dominique Wilkins
Alonzo Mourning
Sidney Moncrief
Bernard King
Gary Payton
Allen Iverson
Paul Pierce
George Mikan
Manu Ginobili
Elvin Hayes
Ray Allen
Pete Maravich
Chris Mullin
Dwight Howard
Nate Thurmond
Dolph Schayes
Arvydas Sabonis
Robert Parish
Dave DeBusschere
Kevin Johnson
Chris Webber
Penny Hardaway
Chris Bosh
Sam Jones
Connie Hawkins
Amar'e Stoudemire
Spencer Haywood
Michael Ray Richardson
Tracy McGrady
Earl Monroe
David Thompson
Deron Williams
Mark Price
Dennis Johnson
Robert Horry
Grant Hill
Tiny Archibald
Larry Nance
Pau Gasol
Artis Gilmore
Dikembe Mutumbo
Billy Cunningham
Rajon Rondo
Bob Lanier
Hal Greer
Brad Daugherty
Mitch Richmond
Andrei Kirilenko
Kevin Durant
Bill Sharman
Lenny Wilkens
Carmelo Anthony
Vince Carter
Terry Porter
Ben Wallace
Jerry Lucas
Shawn Marion
Alex English
Jack Sikma
Chauncey Billups
Fred Brown
Charles Oakley
Adrian Dantley
Dave Bing
Bobby Jones
Kevin Love
Derrick Rose
Blake Griffin
Joe Johnson
Gail Goodrich
Dan Issel
Bill Laimbeer
Michael Cooper
Maurice Cheeks

Pretty good group of guys, eh?

Muppets Muppets Muppets.

No parodies this time. No Green Lantern or Hangover. Just full out, Muppets.

Friday, June 17, 2011


'Nuff said! Am I right? Alice Cooper? School's done! Been a long year. SUMMER!

Day 17: Favorite Summer Sport To Play

I like basketball and badminton and pickle and swimming, but wiffleball tops 'em all.

Also, thank you to the challenges for helping me to get through the school year. I've done it. School's over. The challenges really helped me. Thanks! Maybe you'll see it some more next year!

Best TV Dads of All Time

Glad to see Ed Goodson in there. He's a great one.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 16: Favorite Summer Article of Clothing

This is pretty fun to wear. PEDROIA! I should get a Bruins wristband.

This Week's Entertainment By David

Another Muppet Trailer!

Movie implosion. For every trailer, there will be a post on this blog.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 15: Favorite Summer Dessert

Any doubt in your mind? Dairy Queen. Vanilla Ice Cream. Rainbow Jimmies. In A Cup. Baller' Dessert.


Slowly chipping away. I love all the guys on this team. BRUINS. CELTICS. RED SOX. PATRIOTS. BOSTON. Yes sir. Soak it in.