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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Championship!

That's right a month of voting and heroes and villains comes down to this. Who would win in a fight? Wolverine or Superman. It's the vs. of the year. Now vote for the one you want to win.

DC and Marvel

Superman vs. Wolverine


  1. wolverine with ease, superman is just an alien who is deathly allergic to his home planet. Not being human wolverine could easily smell him miles away, and would easily be able to locate kryptonite, not to mention, Adamantium is a marvel universe metal that was CREATED by man so there is no back that superman could withstand it, also a lack of proof that he couldn't. and at the end of the day superman is all nice and compassionate and wolverine, he's been to hell and back.. literally, he'd be much better at attacking another hero.