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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Pixar Changed The World

Serious David moment here:

Toy Story:
How many kids valued their toys more or even bought the Toy Story toys and played with them?

A Bug's Life:
How many kids stopped killing bugs after this movie came out in 1998?

Toy Story 2:
How many kids were cowboys this halloween and went on more adventures with these toys?

Monsters Inc.:
How many kids looked in their closets for lovable monsters instead of scary ones?

Finding Nemo:
How many kids said that a clownfish was 'Nemo' when they saw an aquarium of some sort?

The Incredibles:
How many kids dressed up as a superhero for halloween and thought they also had powers?

How many kids wore new Cars shirts and loved racing as soon as this movie debut?

How many kids after seeing Remy as such a good chef try other foods?

How many kids stopped littering and were more active after seeing this movie?

How many kids looked forward to a future of adventure and meeting new friends in the future?

Toy Story 3:
How many kids loved toys and wanted some of their future kids to know the meaning of things?

Pixar has changed the world.

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