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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

31 Day Christmas Challenge

Day 1: Favorite Tradition
Day 2: Favorite Elf
Day 3: Santa or Mrs. Claus
Day 4: Favorite Reindeer
Day 5: Favorite Holiday Snack
Day 6: Favorite Decoration
Day 7: Favorite Christmas Movie
Day 8: Favorite Christmas Song
Day 9: Favorite Christmas TV Special
Day 10: Favorite Thing To Wear
Day 11: Favorite Christmas Book
Day 12: Favorite Gift You Ever Got
Day 13: Favorite Gift You Ever Gave
Day 14: Favorite Candy
Day 15: Favorite Christmas Website
Day 16: Favorite Tradition You Used To Do
Day 17: Favorite Part of Christmas Eve
Day 18: Favorite Part of Christmas Day
Day 19: How Early Do You Get Up on December 25th
Day 20: How Late Do You Stay Up on December 24th
Day 21: Favorite Christmas Picture
Day 22: Anticipation or the Day
Day 23: Advent Calendar You're Doing
Day 24: Favorite Christmas Thing You're Doing/Done In School
Day 25: What Did You Get?
Day 26: What Did You Give?
Day 27: What Did You Feed Santa
Day 28: What Did You Feed The Reindeer
Day 29: Do You Believe In Santa
Day 30: Are You Sad?
Day 31: Favorite Part of the Season?


  1. Hmmm.... Maybe I will do this, too! Don't you need a new header to match? Good luck!