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Friday, December 24, 2010

Favorite Christmas Thing You're Doing/Have Done In School - Day 24

We do Olympic Foolery! It's a series of games that kind of resembles the Winter Olympics but not entirely. The events are:

  • Speed Skating (With Rugs)
  • Foul Shooting
  • Holiday Dress-Up
  • GaGa Ball
  • Snowball Fight (With Socks)
  • Tree Decorating Contest
  • Tug of War
  • and more!
I participated in the Holiday Dress-Up. They pour the Lost and Found on the ground and you have to put stuff on as fast as you can. I got a jacket on at the last minute this year. Last year, I was in the Foul Shooting which we won. We came in second in the dress-up.

Last year, the 6th grade came in second finishing behind the 8th graders. We had 3 more points than the 7th grade.

This year, it was the most legendary year for Olympic Foolery. The 8th graders had always won every year since it began. This year we got second then first then second then first then first then second then first then second then first. The 6th graders came in first twice and last the rest. The 8th graders came in last twice and second and first the rest. They came in first for another one but they taunted the 6th graders and came in last. In the last event, it was tied 25-25 points apiece 7th and 8th. The last event was speed skating with rugs. The 8th graders got out to an early lead and the 6th graders kept falling. But then Pat dove for Dan but Dan got out of the way and Pat fell. Felipe hit Anthony's rug out of the way but he recovered and Kyle began his lap and he made it just as the 8th graders sent out their last racer. The 7th grade had one and the partying never stopped until every 7th grader was off their bus.

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