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Friday, April 29, 2011

Jim Was Wrong, By The Way; "SPOILER"**

"Will you guys let me know if this ever airs?" - Michael Scott

Jim's good-bye is one of the most emotional moments in Office history. But yet he was wrong. Jim said that Michael was "the best boss he ever had." False. "Michael is the best boss any of us have ever had. Sure maybe he gave the 'Hottest in the Office' award to Ryan or kiss Oscar. Maybe he did scream at Toby countless times. Maybe he called Kevin fat excessively. Maybe he should never have stepped foot in the warehouse or dated Jan or became friends with Todd Packer or maybe just plain not do anything he ever did. But what makes him perfect is that he was Michael. There was never a character on television quite like him.

When Steve Carrell announced he'd be exiting Dunder Mifflin last June, I figured they'd be better off without him. My oh my how wrong I was. The final episode was just suitable enough for Michael Scott. Emotional but with a lot of 'Michael' humor. Like when he gave the rag doll to Oscar or thought that he and Angela would sometime have sex, but in the characters he invested the most in emotionally (Jim, Pam, Dwight, Ryan, Stanley, and Creed. Maybe even Toby if you cant his hatred as an emotion) came the best moments.

Let's start with Toby, as we all know Michael for some reason just hates Toby. But he's worked with him for 9,986,000 minutes. Toby says "Hey you should look up my brother, Rory Flenderson. He lives in Boulder, Colorado. (Rory is just as lame as Toby.) To which Michael says, "yeah, yeah, sure."

Michael didn't have a lot of time left in the day so he started tripling up workers. To Creed he says "dont be afraid of dying." When Michael is looking back at where he has worked for 19 years, looking at his 'family,' Creed says "Later boss," raising the World's Best Boss coffee mug. That's right Creed stole it. Michael invested in Creed because he almost fired him but kept him on. A rare act of kindness from Mike.

It has been suggested that Stanley has worked at Dunder Mifflin just as long as Michael. Michael gives him felt and I don't know why, but the better moment of Stanley and Michael is in one of Michael's perfectly appropriate meetings. "Conference Room. Five seconds." Stanley does not like the meetings and when Michael introduces Ping for the final time, that's when Stanley has had enough and exits a Michael Scott meeting. For the last time.

Mike has had a strange obsession with Ryan since the first day he became a Temp at The Office. Their final moment was brief as Michael passes on his neon sign to Ryan. "This is totally unnecessary." Wuphf.

"I've given up expecting Michael to do the right thing. Or the decent thing. Or even the comprehensible thing." Dwight, who has idolized Michael for the longest time has also had it up to here with him and his ignorance. But in Michael's letter of recommendation for Dwight, Mr. Schrute even gets teary-eyed. "The dictionary defines 'superlative' as 'of the highest kind, quality, or order, surpassing all else or others; supreme.' I definite it as Dwight Schrute. As a sales executive, as a leader, as a man, and as a friend, he is of the highest kind, quality, and order; supreme. Lots more like that. Really repetitive." To which Dwight chokes up. Then, they play paintball.

Michael questions leaving all his friends and co-workers but he calls Holly and her voice makes all the difference.

"What a great boss, you turned out to be." And we've gotten to Jim. You've seen this so there won't be too much details. But Jim is saving the goodbye between them for 'lunch' tomorrow despite Scott is leaving that day. My god Jim. Remember back when Michael encouraged Jim to never give up with Pam. "Don't give up. Don't ever give up." Michael has had his moments.

Finally we've reached Pam. Good ol' Pam who put up with Michael and took notes for Michael and did EVERYTHING for Michael. Pam who actually invited Michael to the wedding. Pam who was driven to the hospital by Michael. Pam who told Michael there was still hope for Holly. Pam who had a painting bought by Michael when no one else would go. Pam who joined the Michael Scott Paper Company and got promoted to saleswoman by who else but, Michael. Pam went to see The King's Speech so it looked as if all was bleak for a goodbye between the two. Just as Michael leaves though, Pam arrives. Michael gets to the airport and takes his microphone of. He walks away from the camera for seemingly the last time. But all of a sudden, Pam comes speeding through security and stops Michael. The two hug and then Michael says something. They hug again and that's when Michael walks away. Pam was crying and said that Michael was just happy to see Holly soon. She watches his plane take off and fly out of sight. Goodbye Michael.

But if you notice when Michael was taking off his microphone he mouthed something. He said "I've been waiting so long to get this off my body." He takes off the microphone and so fittingly and perfect for this one moment he mouths; "That's what she said."

See ya on the flippity-flip. Oh yeah Casey got eliminated too. :( not a good night.

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