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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Agree, Franco

James Franco recently told The Hollywood Reporter This Is the End was the best comedy film of 2013. I wholeheartedly agree. My second favorite film, favorite comedy film. Here is James Franco's rationale behind his bold statement.

"One of the things Seth and Evan are so good at is bringing different genres and tones together into one movie and making it work. To have us play ourselves was just one more element that pulled this movie beyond what was expected. Within the world of reality entertainment, you don't expect the cast of Jersey Shore to have to deal with the end of the world. That's what this movie is like, with all these familiar people in these extreme circumstances. It's so much more impactful that Michael Cera dies in the beginning and not some partier played by Michael Cera. Some pretty lady doesn't die. Rihanna dies. It let us riff on our actual selves, the public's perceptions of us and our fictional versions of ourselves. There's a lot more energy in that."

Please, read the full article at The Hollywood Reporter, if you wish. Franco's a smart man. Smarter than I used to think.

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  1. Good thoughts on it. I enjoyed it, as weird as it was. Crazy but fun.