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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If Baseball Had A Walk of Fame Based On Current Players....

37 of the current players would be on that Walk of Fame. Who are they? Here they are:

Andre Ethier: Dodgers: Right Field
Ubaldo Jimenez: Rockies: Starting Pitcher
Adrian Gonzalez: Padres: First Base
Heath Bell: Padres: Closer
Tim Lincecum: Giants: Starting Pitcher
Albert Pujols: Cardinals: First Base
Prince Fielder: Brewers: First Base
Corey Hart: Brewers: Right Field
Joey Votto: Reds: First Base
Chase Utley: Phillies: Second Base
Jayson Werth: Phillies: Left Field
Roy Halladay: Phillies: Starting Pitcher
David Wright: Mets: Third Base
Hanley Ramirez: Marlins: Shortstop
Brian McCann: Braves: Catcher
Torii Hunter: Angels: Center Field
Josh Hamilton: Rangers: Center Field
Vladimir Guerrero: Rangers: Designated Hitter
Ichiro Suzuki: Mariners: Right Field
Joe Mauer: Twins: Catcher
Justin Morneau: Twins: First Base
Paul Konerko: White Sox: First Base
Miguel Cabrera: Tigers: First Base
Derek Jeter: Yankees: Shortstop
Mariano Rivera: Yankees: Closer
Mark Texiera: Yankees: First Base
Evan Longoria: Rays: Third Base
David Price: Rays: Starting Pitcher
Carl Crawford: Rays: Left Field
Carlos Pena: Rays: First Base
Nick Markakis: Orioles: Right Field
Jon Lester: Red Sox: Starting Pitcher
Kevin Youkilis: Red Sox: First Base
Dustin Pedroia: Red Sox: Second Base
David Ortiz: Red Sox: Designated Hitter
Jonathan Papelbon: Red Sox: Closer
Josh Beckett: Red Sox: Starting Pitcher

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