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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Latest In Gatriots News

That's right. The Gatriots. Half Gators. Half Patriots. My two favorite football teams, combined into one news post. Let's begin with Florida.

The Gators are, at long last, a Top Ten NCAA Football team! Ranking, number ten, the Gators had a BYE week, but one team fell out of the Top Ten, which bumped the Gators up! A tough schedule lies ahead, however. #4 LSU, #5 South Carolina, #6 Georgia, and #3 Florida State are all up ahead for Florida. I bet they beat 'em and go to numero uno!

The Patriots had me in a tizzy early today. I was so very angry at them. I was furious with the defense, the offensive line, the hands of the receivers, and most of all, Stephen Gostkowski. The opening drive was great, but it wasn't truly spectacular until the Patriots forced the sixth Bills turnover, until Tom Brady threw three touchdowns, including a GRONK TD! He finally got his spike! The running game was also awesome in the 52-28 victory. Lots of room for improvement though.

Oh My God, This Wilfred Show

SPOILER. Do not read if you have not seen the Season Two finale of Wilfred.

Why does it take so long for this show to come back? Every episode, it makes me needing more to see. This finale was even more whoa than last season's finale. Well, first, Drew and Jenna got married and then Ryan finds out that Amanda might be a tad bit psychotic. But the weirdest thing was yet to come. Earlier in the episode, Wilfred confronted Ryan about a picture he drew as a child with his family, the sun, but then a tree. With Wilfred peeking out behind the tree. Ryan gets angry with Wilfred and insists that he drew it just recently. But then Ryan sees an actual photo from his childhood...with the picture...and Wilfred peeking out from the tree. Mind blown. Gone until June. Oh my god.

Friends Challenge - #30 Favorite Flashback Scene

I loved this college party with Rachel, Monica, and Chandler's hair.

Good challenge! Very suitable for September, I think.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Carrying Into September!

You can even count it as August, but the great commercial dominance run has continued!

Fenway Centenniel Ceremonies

I liked both of the ceremonies. The 2004 team one was very goosebumpish. It would have been cool to see some kind of something from Schilling, Damon, Mueller, Bellhorn and Manny, but what can you do? Still good to see some others like Foulke, Dave Roberts, Pedro and Millar. Cool to see Varitek jump into Foulke's arms like last time. The All Fenway team was also awesome. Cool to see Pedroia as the starting second baseman! The entire starting lineup was what I predicted. Lots of good players on all three teams. Don't know why Cy Young wasn't picked. Here are the clips:

Friends Challenge - #29 Least Favorite Actor/Actress

I don't know what it is about Lisa Kudrow, but I always thought that she seemed like an arrogant person.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Roy's Wedding Recap


  • Kind of weird to see Roy again. I also do not understand why Phyllis was at his wedding.
  • In regards to Roy, he and his wedding didn't have a lot to do with the whole episode.
  • I wish Dwight actually did cut of Nellie's hand.
  • Oscar and Darryl had some humorous scenes, in my opinion.
  • This Jim and Pam story line is really intriguing and I hear it will only get better next week!

Argument 25: What Was The Most Embarrassing Off-Ice Moment In Bruins History?

Book Answer: Ray Bourque Wins Stanley Cup In Colorado, Celebrates In Boston

That does seem depressing, but it doesn't seem embarrassing. This is though. Tim Thomas, the toast of the Bruins and the NHL. The hero of Boston. Best player in the NHL. Stanley Cup championship. Then, he's invited, along with the rest of the Bruins to the White House to celebrate the Cup. He refuses to go, join his team, and relish the championship because he disagrees with Barack Obama. So, bringing political views to his team didn't work out to well. Then, shortly after he backs up Chick-Fil-A, he says that he's going to take a year off from hockey. Total betrayal to Boston and the Bruins. My how far he fell.

Friends Challenge - #28 Favorite Actor/Actress

I like David Schwimmer. You have to admire everything that he put into the role of Ross.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome Back Varitek!

Jason Varitek is back with the Red Sox! That didn't take long. He was hired as Special Assistant to the General Manager. I imagine this is the first stepping storm to the path of becoming the new manager. I definitely trust him!

In other sports news, the NFL refs are back. Thank the Jesus!

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Argument 24: What Was The Most Embarrassing On Ice Moment In Bruins History?

Book Answer: Too Many Men On The Ice In 1979

I agree that that was very embarrassing, but it shouldn't happen again, right? Of course not. Well, it happened again. In the playoffs, again. The only difference was that it was against the Hurricanes. The Bruins were the number one seed in the playoffs that year and they would lose that series to the Hurricanes. Do it once, shame on you. Do it twice, shame on you. Hopefully they won't do it a third time.

Friends Challenge - #27 Did You Watch The Joey Spin-Off Show?

No. That is the most I'll ever speak of that show.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Momentum Takes The Notice Away

I glanced at my blog archive and noticed that I had 1003 posts in 2012. That means I've surpassed 1000, hence the +. That's my second consecutive year of reaching 1000 posts in a year. Last year, I got to 1126. I reached 1000 by the end of November. It's safe to say that the record's gonna be broken. Happy 1K!

R.I.P Andy Williams

Easily one of my Top Three favorite singers, Andy Williams was the greatest singer to ever sing Christmas songs. Today he died at the age of 84 due to cancer. It makes me really sad. I'm going to share with you now my favorite song and Christmas song of his. I miss him.

: (

Argument 23: What Was The Greatest Non Game Moment In Bruins History?

Book Answer: Ray Bourque Changes His Number For Phil Esposito

I didn't know of this before I read the book, but I loved it when I found out about it. When the Bruins were retiring Phil Esposito's number 7, Ray Bourque was to be the last player on the Bruins to ever wear the number 7, because he already had it. But at the ceremony, Bourque skated over to Esposito, gave him a toothless grin, took the jersey off his back, gave it to Esposito, and showcased his new jersey, the number 77. I like that story.

Friends Challenge - #26 How Did You Feel When Friends Ended?

I don't remember how I felt, but I imagine it would have felt bittersweet. Just like I feel with The Office now.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Official Now, Right?

Many have said that I Love Lucy is the greatest television show ever. My readers voted it as the best. And many others have too. But here's another notch on the Best Ever tally chart. In a survey conducted by ABC News and People Magazine, I Love Lucy was voted as the best over Seinfeld, M*A*S*H, All in the Family, and Cheers. I think it's deserved!

Argument 22: Does Dom DiMaggio Belong In the Hall of Fame?

Book Answer: No.

He's in the Red Sox Hall of Fame, but we should look at the resume. "The Little Professor" was a seven time All-Star, had a career .298 batting average, 1,680 hits, batted .300 four times, led the league in runs twice, triples and stolen bases twice, putouts and assists three times, Boston record 34 game hitting streak. If he didn't lose prime seasons to the war, he'd be there, but I believe that he should be regardless. Who's better than his brother Joe? Dominic DiMaggio! I don't know if I'd go that far, though.

Friends Challenge - #25 Most Touching Episode In Your Opinion

It has to be the series finale. The reunion of Ross and Rachel. The birth of Chandler and Monica's twins. Joey and Chandler's sad goodbye. The closing scenes. Awesome episode.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Argument 21: Which GM Was The Most Responsible For The 2004 World Series Title?

Book Answer: Dan Duquette over Theo Epstein

I have to agree. Epstein may have brought Schilling and Dave Roberts into the mix, but Duquette brought Ortiz, Ramirez, Millar, Pedro, Damon, all of the Idiots to town. Yes, you wouldn't win without Schilling's barbaric efforts or Dave's epic steal, but you don't get there even more without the Millar dynamic, Damon's slam, Pedro's pitching, Manny's MVP, and Papi's clutch. How about they're both responsible? It's not a contest, it's a World Series.

Friends Challenge - #24 Favorite Quote

Love this.

Oh my God, you know what, I think you're right! I think, you know what, listen, listen... a pigeon... no, no, wait, an eagle flew in, landed on the stove, and caught fire! The baby, seeing this, jumps across the apartment to the mighty bird's aid! The eagle, however, misconstrues this as an act of aggression, and grabs the baby in it's talon! Meanwhile, the faucet fills the apartment with water! Baby and bird, still ablaze, are locked in a death-grip, swirling around the whirlpool that fills the apartment!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ed O'Neil's Newspaper

George Takei posted a picture on Facebook that pointed out that Ed O'Neil has been reading the same newspaper for 30 years with a photo of him on Married with Children with the paper and him on Modern Family with the paper. Then O'Neil posted a picture of him with the picture. That's mint! Neat!

Friends Challenge - #23 When Did You Start Watching Friends?

I'd seen episodes here and there, but really started getting into it in February of 2012. Also, I always remember seeing this box on the top of our bookshelf. Not there anymore, though.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Red Sox Ceremonies

On Sunday the 23rd, the Red Sox will once again celebrate Johnny Pesky with many guests in attendance such as Dustin Pedroia, Pedro Martinez, Luis Tiant, Carlton Fisk, Bill Lee, Jerry Remy, and Bobby Doerr. I miss Pesky.

On Tuesday the 25th, the Red Sox will celebrate the 2004 World Series championship team. Every member will be invited and hopefully they'll attend (Millar probably will. Manny probably won't.) But I strongly look forward to that!

On Wednesday the 26th, Boston will unveil their all-Fenway team. Ted Williams is expected to be announced, but there's some wild cards! Pedroia or Doerr? Fisk or Varitek? Anything goes!

All should be cool. A good way to conclude Fenway's 100th year!

Friends Challenge - #22 Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

I get to pick? I'll go for the bloopers!

Friday, September 21, 2012

'New Guys' Recap

I said that I would recap each Office episode of the final season. So, here goes with the first episode! I'll have a bullet list of my thoughts. Also, Spoiler Alert.

  • I'll be fine with Nellie as long as Andy continues to trash her. That's awesome.
  • I hope Oscar and the Senator keep dating so Angela can't get him. That was surprising though!
  • The New Guys should be just fine. I like Jake Lacy and they seemed to fit in well. I like their nicknames, too.
  • Is Creed ever not hilarious?
  • They said they would set up one last Jim and Pam story. That was extremely clear. Wow.

Argument 20: What Was The Most Overhyped Moment In Boston History?

Book Answer: Rick Pitino's Ceremony After Signing With the Celtics

That does seem overhyped, but I must go with this one. I know it's recent, I do. But it was just so overhyped that I cannot wrap my mind around it. Chad Ochocinco signed with the Patriots. People were saying that he was going to perform better than Randy Moss. People were saying the deep threat is back. The answer to win it all. The best receiver in Pats history. 15 receptions, less than 300 yards, and one touchdown. And no one ever liked Ochocinco again.

Friends Challenge - #21 Least Favorite Couple

The only story line that I didn't like on Friends. Joey and Rachel. Ugh. Unnecessary.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

In Honor of The Office's Premiere

THE OFFICE IS BACK!!!!! YES! That's the last time I'll ever say that, sadly, but in honor of the AWESOME RETURN, here are some FINAL SEASON PROMO VIDEOS to get you PUMPED! YEAH!

Argument 19: What Was The Biggest Home Run In Boston History

Book Answer: Carlton Fisk Waves It Fair, 1975 World Series Game 6

The book lists their eight favorites, but I think this goes without saying. Sure, they lost the World Series, but they would not have gotten to Game 7 without it. And it was so awesome that wave too. You kind of gotta have the wave. Walk-off fashion. Highlight reel. One of the biggest ever. It takes the cake. Nice job, Fisk.

Friends Challenge - #20 Favorite Wedding

Chandler and Monica's was nice, but Phoebe and Mike's was so wonderfully weird. Especially since it was on a whim.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tebow for President?

"I haven't ruled it out. Whatever avenue I feel like I can make a difference in, I'd love to do. I haven't ruled out anything like that. It won't be anytime soon in my future, but it'll be something I'll at least look at and consider one day."

That's what Tim Tebow had to say about running for political office. What do you think? Would you vote for Tebow? I know I would!

Argument 18 - Boston's Greatest Hockey Myth

Book Answer: Johnny Most's Call "It Hit The F-ing Post!"

I don't know too much about the Most call, but this seems pretty clear to me. On May 10, 1979, the Bruins were called for too many men on the ice and then they were penalized, which led to a Montreal goal and the Bruins lost that Game Seven. After the game, Coach Don Cherry said "It's my fault, the guy could not have heard me yell. I grabbed two other guys trying to go over the boards. That would have made eight on the ice. Might as well have let them go." This is a blatant lie. Not only is the rule of too many men on the ice regarding six men, so if he "grabbed" two guys and that would have made "eight," then it should have been six when he grabbed those guys and all would be fine. This means he's lying about grabbing those guys. If he had truly stopped them, six on the ice and it's fine. One of 'em got away, I guess. Or he's lying, as it seems clear.

Friends Challenge - #19 Favorite Phoebe Song

Smelly Cat's good and all, but I love this one.

Please tell Joey that Christmas will be snowy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Congratulations to Community!

The awards just keep on rolling! Community was nominated for Best Writing at the Emmys for Remedial Chaos Theory, but it's clear that it should have been nominated for more. Easily the biggest snub. However, it did take a lot of EWwys! Those are the Entertainment Weekly Snub Awards! Community came away with  Best Comedy by 30%, Best Actor in a Comedy by 26% (Joel McHale), Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy by 2% (Danny Pudi) (Runner-Up was Ron Swanson, so it's cool), and Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy by 30% (Alison Brie). Awesome! The only one they didn't win was Best Actress in a Comedy. Sorry Britta, you Britta'd it.

Friends Challenge - #18 Favorite Episode

There is no other option than The One With The Embryos. Sure there's lots of awesome ones, but this one is beyond perfect. I like The One Where No One's Ready and all, but this is amazing:


Why do people make embedding disabled if they don't own the video in the first place? Not cool. There's the link, though.

Argument 17: Was Freezing Ted Williams Really All That Crazy?

Book Answer: No

Hells yes it was! The book says to think about the traditional ways bodies are taken care of after death. Cremation, burying, the usual. They describe it with in depth grossness and brutality. But the tradition is normal and normal's not crazy. Freezing Ted Williams? That's crazy. The nail in the coffin? Ted didn't even want to be frozen. He thought he didn't have to worry about it, so he didn't even mention it. Yes. It's crazy.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Latest in Disney News

Lots has been going on in the World of Disney. Let me recap for you.

Actualchad created this combination of It's A Small World and the Haunted Mansion. Pretty cool!

A website for the New Fantasyland has been set up. Along with a teaser trailer and an adventure!

It seems that Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party has begun once again! It's that time of year. From September 18th to November 2nd. Lots of days in between!

Finding Nemo is an awesome movie. Everything about just totally rocks, dude. So why not experience it in 3D? It was very cool and an awesome experience! 10 out of 10 stars!

Now you're all caught up on the latest Disney news!

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Friends Challenge - #17 Least Favorite Guest Star

Yeah, I never really cared for Tom Selleck as Dr. Richard Burke. Kinda creeped me out a little. The girl who played Charlie, I didn't care for her either.

Argument 16: Should Celtics Broadcaster, Johnny Most, Be In The Basketball Hall of Fame?

Book Answer: Yes

"Greer is putting the ball in play. He gets it out deep and Havlicek steals it!! Over to Sam Jones...Havlicek stole the ball!! It's all over...it's all over!!"

That should be convincing enough for you to put him in the Hall. They have the quote plastered on one of their walls. So brilliant. So marvelously executed. Yes, Johnny Most should absolutely be in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Watch for yourself:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Live On Mr. Pink

 It's a sad day for the lives of many. The 2011 Pink Hyperdunks have been retired. They had a run that was unprecedented for any kinds of shoes. I received nods of approval from people in Washington DC and Six Flags. Complete strangers, but they liked the shoes. By far my favorite shoe to this day, I loved them so. I went through a lot with them. It's a sad day.
However, the legacy will live on. My awesome mother created these on Nike ID! Red white and blue with Mello #84! The legacy is in good hands.

L.I.M. Pink.

Cherry Valley Mastodons

My friends and I have created a football team known as the Cherry Valley Mastodons. Our plan is to practice, get better and then join a flag football league in August 2013. It's awesome and it's going strong. Seriously! You should check out the Mastodon Twitter, Mastodon Facebook, Mastodon Home Page, Mastodon Athletics Page.

I love this team!

Friends Challenge - #16 Favorite Guest Star

I might be a little biased, but come on, Jim Rash.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Star Studded Today Show

It's not often that you get a group of Hall of Famers together for a morning show. However, the Today Show did just that. Host Matt Lauer not only interviewed Jason Ritter on September 12th, but also Matthew Perry.  That's right THREE Power Hall of Famers were in one morning show. Awesome.

The Triumphant Return of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

In 1927, Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks, and Charles Mintz worked together to create Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. It was a quiet success to begin, but eventually Mintz stole it and kept it for himself and his company, Universal. The last thing Oswald appeared in before the 21st century was a cameo in The Woody Woodpecker Polka in 1951. However, in 2006, Oswald returned to Disney, finally being avenged. Disney traded sportscaster, Al Michaels to Universal for Oswald. Oswald didn't do much for Disney until 2011. He appeared in the Epic Mickey video game. Now he can be found in any store on merchandise! Posters, clothing, plush toys. Oswald is back and Universal can take that.

Friends Challenge - #15 Favorite Ross Moment

It would have been a tie with the closing scene of the Unagi episode, except I couldn't find it for embedding on Youtube! Congrats to the following:


Friday, September 14, 2012

I've Always Wanted To Do This, But I Never Knew It

That whole Broadcast Yourself slogan might go to the next level. You might be able to upload your dreams to Youtube soon. I've never known how awesome this would be, because I never imagined it possible, but it would be amazing!

"Scientists at UC Berkeley have achieved a major milestone in their quest to create a technology that would let us tap into our brain's imaging systems. They used functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and computational models and they succeeded in decoding and reconstructing visual experiences of their test subjects. 
The tests they ran had people watching a movie trailer. Then, they reconstructed the images using their new technology. While that's as far as they can do right now, it puts them one step closer to being able to tap into your dreams."
-OMG Facts

How awesome would this be? Answer: very.

Friends Challenge - #14 Least Favorite Male

I don't want to say Ross, Joey or Chandler, because they're all cool, so I'll go with Gunther, even though he's not in the core six. But even Gunther I like. Tom Selleck?

Argument 15: What Is The All-Time Red Sox All-Star Team

Book Answer: Fisk, Vaughn, Doerr, Nomar, Boggs, Ted, Speaker, Evans, Ortiz, Clemens, and Radatz.

This one's hard because of that left field position, but alas, a valiant effort will take place.

C - Carlton Fisk. It's a coin toss for Fisk and Varitek. Both of them were model Red Sox players and both could call a game, but Fisk's offensive statistics were a touch better. Although, I wouldn't be angry if you went with Varitek.

1B - Jimmie Foxx. Mo Vaughn is the tempting choice because Foxx was only in Boston for six seasons. He was an All-Star every season, won the MVP, and narrowly missed out on the Triple Crown. Plus he's in the Hall with a B on his cap.

2B - Dustin Pedroia. A strong argument can be made for Bobby Doerr, but the Laser Show is well on his way to breaking Doerr's Sox second baseman records. Not to mention that MVP and Rookie of the Year.

3B - Wade Boggs. He's really the only option here. Who else will you pick? Lowell? Mueller? No one really like Boggs. He's got a career .328 average along with over 3000 hits and eight Boston All-Star appearances and five batting titles.

SS - Joe Cronin. It's a four horse race with Cronin, Petrocelli, Nomar, and Pesky, but you really gotta say Cronin. Not only because his #4 is retired, but he was a Red Sox player from 1935-1945, but here's the kicker: their manager from 1935-1947.

LF - Ted Williams. We all know the Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived. The barrage of homers easily slides Teddy Ballgame into the spot, but it's hard to know that guys like Yaz and Jim Rice aren't on the team.

CF - Fred Lynn. I almost picked Dom Dimaggio. I almost picked Tris Speaker. But this guy was so incredible in Boston. Rookie of the Year and MVP in the same year. In an equally impressive feat: in his six years in Boston, all six were All-Star years for him.

RF - Dwight Evans. In his eighteen seasons in Boston, he totaled over 350 home runs. Tony C is the sentimental pick. J.D. Drew is the awful pick. Dewey is the right pick. And it's kinda hard to go against eight Gold Gloves.

DH - David Ortiz. This is the most lopsided category. More lopsided than third base. Big Papi has over 400 career home runs and has long been a fan favorite. With 2004, in mind, you kinda have to give it to him. But with 2006's 54 home run season in mind, it's mandatory.

SP - Cy Young. How can you not pick the guy who the best pitcher award is named after. Cy Young! Sure, Clemens, Pedro, Lefty and Tiante were all dandy, but this guy named Cy had 511 career wins. I can personally guarantee that that will never happen again.

RP - Bob Stanley. He set the MLB record for relief innings and had 132 saves in his Sox lifetime. It's a coin toss for this position, but Stanley really does hold an edge over Foulke, Papelbon and Radatz.

So there you have it. This team could probably finish above .500 unlike a certain 2012 Boston team.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Play Pyramid Online!

Plot twist! It's kind of a choose your own adventure thing, except you're playing Pyramid. Just give it a try, it's a cool and unique:

Argument 14: Do The Celtics Have Too Many Retired Numbers?

Book Answer: Yes

You can have a total of 101 different numbered players on a team in the NBA. The Celtics have retired 22 of them. A tad excessive? Probably. The list of guys:

Walter Brown
Red Auerbach
Dennis Johnson
Bill Russell
JoJo White
Bob Cousy
Tom Heinsohn
Tom Sanders
John Havlicek
Dave Cowens
Don Nelson
Bill Sharman
Ed Macauley
Frank Ramsey
Sam Jones
K.C. Jones
Cedric Maxwell
Kevin McHale
Larry Bird
Reggie Lewis
Robert Parish
Jim Loscutoff

Only 11 deserve it. They have 50% too much retired numbers. Think about it. Frank Ramsey? Jim Loscutoff? Let's get real, Celtics. You don't need that many. Sure you have a strong legacy, but come on, no one should have more retired numbers than championships. Other than the Astros of course.

Friends Challenge - #13 Favorite Joey Moment

I love Joey moments like when he found about Monica and Chandler, or where he put on every article of Chandler's clothing, and when he tried to learn French. But this takes the cake.

Paper! Snow! A Ghost!

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