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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


‘Twas right around Christmas, nearly 15 years ago When along came a champion – seven feet, head to toe. Eager to give, and to further a cause, Kids in need would soon know him as Shaq-A-Claus. With a siz...e 23 shoe, and even larger a heart, Shaq planned to help kids, but where would he start? ‘At The World’s Greatest Toy Store™ – of course!’ he thought, ‘I’ll give mountains of toys…more than anyone’s bought!’ And so he did shop at Orlando’s Toys“R”Us store, He bought basketballs, trains, dolls and much more. Meanwhile, nearby children snuggled, tucked in their beds, With dreams of unwrapping presents filling their heads; Little did they know, wishes would soon come true, Shaq-A-Claus began wrapping, and packing toys, too. Once his big truck was filled, he was ready indeed, He set off to a shelter – home to children in need. The door swung open and to the children’s surprise, Was a mighty tall man with a bag of gifts twice his size! The kids’ eyes were glowing, they had grins ear-to-ear, Joy lit their faces at the sight of such cheer; A cute doll for Lucy, a cool train for Drew, A basketball for John, and one for Phil, too. But it was more than the presents that made the kids smile, He made them feel special, extra loved, all the while; Since then, Shaq-A-Claus has visited needy kids every season, Now he’s joining Toys“R”Us to help Toys for Tots – Here’s the reason; Together, their goal is to collect millions of toys, And make the holidays merry for countless young girls and boys.Read More

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