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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Theme Thursday- Climate Change

What's happening?
The world was calm when Jackie Robinson entered the MLB.
When President Kennedy was still in office.
Now what we need more than MLB change is for people to stop burning fossil fuels.
With the burning of these fuels.
The world might never be the same.
When the future comes will we have to end up ina far distant universe with a second sun?
We don't want that to happen.
It's not just people that are affected either.
Think about it.
Who else saw the Mother Nature Glacier crying?
It's polar bears, penguins and it even affects jaguars.
Too warm, too cold, too bad.
Stop burning the fuels.
There's only 3% of fresh water on Earth.
85% of that 3% are in glaciers.
We need the fresh water.
We can't just let glaciers die.
We need to do something.
Barack, economy: almost there.
Health care: inching closer.
The Fate of the world: ....
Barack, we need change not only in this nation.
But in a world over.


  1. Really nice post on the theme! Great job!

  2. Your crying glaciers melt my heart...Great post!

  3. If only Superman was real. ;)
    Because he's not, we need to be the supermen and women. =D

  4. wonderful post

    The glacier is crying
    Morning her children
    Already lost to the greedy sea.
    The banks of water
    Being robbed
    Even as we seek
    A way to keep them free.