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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 Recap

 The Patriots grounded the Jets 49-19. Mark Sanchez walked into his own lineman and fumbled the ball. There were numerous fumbles. Steve Gregory had a fumble recovery returned for a touchdown, two forced fumbles and an interception. Edelman had two touchdowns. Welker had one. It was a good Thanksgiving for the Patriots.
 Not for the Lions. On a bad call for the refs, Jim Schwartz made the wrong decision and threw a challenge flag. It's a messed up rule, hard to explain, but it cost the Lions the game and probably their season.
The Macy's Parade was great. No better place than Rock Center with Matt Lauer. The Elf on the Shelf balloon debuted.

It was a great Thanksgiving with family, fun and food! I hope yours was well. A very good day.

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