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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

5000 Posts!

We did it? We did it!

Can you believe it? 5,000 posts. I certainly didn't think we'd ever make it here. Especially after July 2009 when I only posted seven times. On May 3, 2009, this blog was born and with it, a legion of power and all things that are awesome. Thanks to this convenient website, this blog has been around for

1,816 days or rather, 4 years, 11 months, and 20 days.
259 weeks.
43,584 hours.
2,615,040 minutes.
156,902,400 seconds.
In four days, it will be the blog's five year anniversary! How about that? It all started with the Hoedown Throwdown and look at it now. Now this blog is an empire to herald the greats.

When this blog began with post number one, 5,000 was obviously so far away, but this post is the 5000th one. What an accomplishment. I'm not even ashamed to say that.

5 years ago, or 5000 posts ago, rather, Michael Jackson was alive! Oh yes. Let's do more of this. Scrubs was still on the air! The reigning Super Bowl champion? Pittsburgh Steelers. Barack Obama? Why, that was the year he was inaugurated. For the first time. The Simpsons turned twenty. Spongebob turned ten. The last episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien aired just three months before this blog began. How crazy is that? Two months before this blog began, Jimmy Fallon on late night wasn't even a thing yet, never mind any speculation of him becoming the host of The Tonight Show. American Idol was relevant! Kris Allen won seventeen days after the blog's birth. Paul Abdul had yet to leave that show. Bob Greenblatt was not the president of NBC. Marvel was still independent. There was no such thing as The Cleveland Show when this blog started and now it has been cancelled. There was no New Girl, and no Community. Avatar was the year's most profitable film and the sixth Harry Potter film was released. When this blog started, The Hangover hadn't yet been released, never mind The Hangover 2 or The Hangover 3. Toy Story 3 was just an upcoming thing. Jim and Pam were not yet married when the blog started. You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift was not famous. Tim Tebow was at Florida in 2009. The Orlando Magic were in the finals. I'm sure someone famous was born in May 2009, but we just don't know it yet. The Hurt Locker was the top film, 30 Rock and Mad Men were top shows, Viva la Vida, the top song, according to the award shows. 2009 certainly seems so very long ago.

Now, 5000 posts have elapsed and here we are. I've seen it all through this blog. We've gone through so much together. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, and Jimmy Fallon! Muppet Mania in November of 2011. The incredible run of Tim Tebow. A Red Sox World Series title, a Bruins Stanley Cup title. We watched the finales of so many shows. The Office, 30 Rock, Chuck, and more. B.J. Novak's book rocked the world of this blog. I, myself, have participated in NaNoWriMo three times, but I do not dare call them books. I started in fifth grade and now? I am in tenth. So many covers, comics, videos, photos, stories, greatness. So so so much. And it's all here in 5,000 posts.

I try hard not to think of the end game of this blog, but posts and milestones like this always evoke it within my mind. However, it's just better to focus on the pure joy and ebullience of 5000 posts. What? That's insane. Most blogs never see the day. But that's what's different about the power blog. It's special. There is just something special about it. As 5000 posts have shown, the blog and I have developed over time. The identity has long since been realized. And my god. I wouldn't change a thing. Here's to many more! And oh my goodness.


How about that.

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  1. Wow. Incredible milestone! It has been fun reading and watching and listening to all the posts. Here's to a great run, so far, and to much more along the way! Kudos!