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Saturday, January 31, 2015

2014-15 Fantasy Football Third Place

This year, after a first-place finish in the regular season, my fantasy football team finished in third place in the playoffs with a final score of 89-76 in the third place match. The season did not go as planned, but it was still exciting and fun to do with friends! This post is meant to serve as a thank you to the players who propelled me to that lofty position.

QB - Andrew Luck - Indianapolis Colts
RB - Le'Veon Bell - Pittsburgh Steelers
RB - Mark Ingram - New Orleans Saints
WR - Vincent Jackson - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
WR - Kelvin Benjamin - Carolina Panthers
TE - Delanie Walker - Tennessee Titans
WR - Calvin Johnson - Detroit Lions
WR - Reggie Wayne - Indianapolis Colts
RB - Chris Ivory - New York Jets
D/ST - New England Patriots
K - Cody Parkery - Philadelphia Eagles
QB - Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints
RB - Reggie Bush - Detroit Lions
RB - Shane Vereen - New England Patriots
TE - Jordan Cameron - Cleveland Browns
WR - Steve Smith - Baltimore Ravens
K - Nick Novak - San Diego Chargers
D/ST - Detroit Lions
WR - Brandon LaFell - New England Patriots
TE - Dwayne Allen - Indianapolis Colts
RB - Jonas Gray - New England Patriots
RB - Ahmad Bradshaw - Indianapolis Colts

Those who weren't on the final roster:

WR - Dwayne Bowe - Kansas City Chiefs
WR - Michael Crabtree - San Francisco 49ers
WR - Tavon Austin - St. Louis Rams
K - Matt Prater - Detroit Lions
D/ST - San Francisco 49ers
TE - Kyle Rudolph - Minnesota Vikings

Good season!

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