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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

31 Day SNL Challenge Recap

Well, we have come to the end of our month long endeavor to relive the best of Saturday Night Live. March really flew by, huh? That did not feel like thirty-one days worth! Ah, well. If you feel like it went by fast, allow me to let you regroup by taking a look back at the journey through the history of Saturday Night Live in March.

  1. Favorite Cast Member from the 1970s - Gilda Radner
  2. Favorite Cast Member from the 1980s - Eddie Murphy
  3. Favorite Cast Member from the 1990s - Norm Macdonald
  4. Favorite Cast Member from the 2000s - Will Forte
  5. Favorite Cast Member from the 2010s - Andy Samberg
  6. Favorite Sketch from the 1970s - Extremely Stupid
  7. Favorite Sketch from the 1980s - Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood: Scumbucket
  8. Favorite Sketch from the 1990s - Celebrity Jeopardy: Cruise, Sandler, Connery
  9. Favorite Sketch from the 2000s - Debbie Downer at Disneyland
  10. Favorite Sketch from the 2010s - Baby It's Cold Outside
  11. Favorite Character from the 1970s - Nick the Lounge Singer
  12. Favorite Character from the 1980s - Garth Algar
  13. Favorite Character from the 1990s - Alex Trebek
  14. Favorite Character from the 2000s - Vance from What Up With That?
  15. Favorite Character from the 2010s - Stefon Meyers
  16. Favorite Impression - Bill Hader as Alan Alda
  17. Favorite Presidential Character - Will Ferrell as George W. Bush
  18. Favorite Episode - Jimmy Fallon/Michael Buble
  19. Favorite Audition - Phil Hartman
  20. Favorite Weekend Update Anchor - Seth Meyers
  21. Favorite Musical Guest - Paul Simon
  22. Favorite Host - Justin Timberlake
  23. Favorite Writer - John Mulaney
  24. Favorite Season - Season Thirty-One
  25. Favorite Short Film - Lazy Sunday
  26. Favorite SNL Movie - The Blues Brothers
  27. Dream Host and Musical Guest - Mindy Kaling/The Beatles
  28. A Quote You Use Regularly - "Quit being so selfish, Gene!"
  29. Least Favorite Cast Member - Gilbert Gottfried
  30. Least Favorite Character - Pat
  31. The Episode That Got You Hooked - Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake
It all means so much to me.


  1. Was a great challenge and seeing what you love about the show. Thanks for sharing it all.

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