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Friday, April 17, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 39

The Mindy Project's best episode of its three seasons so far came about halfway through the second season in an installment titled, You've Got Sext. In it, Morgan and Peter procure Mindy's phone and begin sexting Cliff. Fortunately, they have no idea how to sext, but Cliff's responses are enough to keep them going (as you can see above). The episode is the funniest in the entire run, at least in my opinion it is and this exchange will never fail to make me laugh.

Peter and Morgan as Mindy: What are you wearing?
Cliff: A sweater and sweatpants. You?
Morgan: A tasteful cardigan, corduroy slacks, and a breast cancer awareness pin.
Peter: And no panties.
Cliff: That sounds really hot.
Morgan: Yes!
Cliff: I'm coming over.
Peter: No!

Just so good. Love Morgan and Peter pretending to be Mindy.

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  1. It was a show I was unsure of in the beginning but it has become a favorite. So funny and well done. Hope it is back for another season!