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Thursday, April 16, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 40

"I settled on a truth that is always going to be true. That I would do anything for my friends, which i think finally makes me understand war." Community is really something special and this is the first of many Community episodes on this exclusive list. The season three episode, Pillows and Blankets, was an example of so many things that Community does right. Primarily of which is the parody episode. Ken Burns-style documentaries were poked fun at by the war over pillow forts and blanket forts between Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir. And so many of the gags are great and work (Pierce's pillow machine, "Leonard likes this post," Real Neil with Pipes of Steel, Admiral William North), it's Jeff Winger who steals the show. On the surface, it's an episode about Troy and Abed, but at the heart, it's a Jeff Winger episode. And I love myself some Jeff Winger episodes.

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  1. Must be tough for you to choose favorites from a show that is literally filled with episodes you love.