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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Will Arnett Guest Hosted The Late Late Show

Since Craig Ferguson departed The Late Late Show back in December, CBS has been trotting out a slew of guest hosts ranging from Adam Pally to John Mayer, in anticipation of James Corden taking over the institution just last week! The best episode of the guests came from Will Arnett. We already, as a country, know that Will Arnett is amazing and this episode of The Late Late Show simply confirmed it. The legendary John Krasinski, the hilarious David Cross, and the eh Jimmy Kimmel were Arnett's guest and each one of them crushed the bit that the entire hour was one big farewell to Arnett's storied tenure on the show. (Cross not being given a spot close to Will and Will's sidekick were also great bits.) All in all, the show was mostly emotional as we relived great moments of Will on The Late Late Show and bid farewell to a pioneer in the late night talk show industry. Thank you for everything, Will.

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