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Thursday, May 7, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 30

This season seven episode of Parks and Recreation was one of its finest. Leslie and Ron (yes), another bottle episode, let the viewers know that the final season was going to be a special one. Sure, the whole Leslie and Ron friendship being torn asunder thing was a bit contrived, but it became oh so worth it after seeing this gift of a half hour. New foes Knope and Swanson are forced to stay in the parks office together, alone, and for the entire night in the hopes of resolving their issues. There is initial reluctance, but once everything is explained, the beauty begins to unfold. And as we watch these two having fun together one last time as Buddy by Willie Nelson plays, all of our troubles melt away, too. Why would anyone watch anything besides Parks and Rec?

People are idiots, Ron.

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