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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 31

Three words. Digital. Estate. Planning. If there's one thing Community does well, it's theme episodes. Cooperative Calligraphy? Gold. G.I. Jeff? Gold. Geothermal Escapism? Gold. Digital Estate Planning? The goldest. There is so much in this episode that it might actually be the overall funniest in the show. ("He was suffering!" "Yeah from axe wounds!" "He's shooting lightning and I'm naked!" "Which one am I? I assume nothing because I'm not racist.") There's so much to love in Digital Estate Planning and aside from the great jokes and quality storytelling, it almost entirely takes place in the eight-bit format. Only Community could pull off such a feat. There's also some heart to this episode that does not come solely from Pierce's relationship with Gilbert, but from Abed's with Hilda. Cool, cool, cool indeed.

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