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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 2

The Contest. I'm no contrarian. Everyone loves this episode of Seinfeld. Everyone thinks it's one of the best. I agree completely with them. It's a work of genius. Not just that it never uses the word, "masturbation," once, but rather that it is an episode about masturbation that is both funny and tasteful. Elaine is queen of the castle, Jerry is having fitful nights, and, as we learn in the series finale of Seinfeld, George just might have cheated. As Jerry becomes more and more frazzled, he becomes funnier and funnier, but the most spit-take-worthy scene will always be Kramer, spotting a naked woman across the street, leaving Jerry's apartment, and returning within two minutes, slamming money down on the table, and proclaiming, "I'm out!" I can't begin to describe my adoration for The Contest.

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  1. A classic for good reason. Funny well done from all involved.