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Friday, June 12, 2015

45 Favorite Episodes: 5

I've often seen Dinner Party subtitled as The Best Episode of The Office. And it is, without a doubt, my second favorite episode of the show. It is hilarious, awkward, and a bit sweet. The three classic elements of a classic episode of The Office. Only the cold open takes place in the office (see: Dwight crying) while the rest take place at Michael's condo, anchored by Mr. Scott, Jan, Jim, Pam, Andy, Angela, and then, later, Dwight and his former babysitter. But their relationship is purely carnal. This show is outright and undeniably hilarious with so many amazing, jealousy-inducing scenes that were brilliantly written. ("Except for one flower which is for my flower." "What am I supposed to do with this?") The best example is Jim toying with Michael during the game of Celebrity, but I also love Jim's face when he sticks his head out of Jan's candle workspace. Gosh, I could gush about the best parts of this episode forever. That one night (one night) you made everything alright.

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  1. Amazing episode of the show, but one you need to watch after seeing how the characters behave and interact beforehand. So great when you appreciate it all.