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Monday, December 6, 2010

1,000 Posts!

1,000 posts! The big 1-0...-0-0. And to think it all started with the Hoedown Throwdown from the 5th grade! Now I'm in the 7th grade. Many people have sent me congratulations such as

Rajon Rondo
Tom Hanks
Jason Mraz
Dustin Pedroia
Tim Tebow
Slinky Dog
The Awesome Guy Who Told Me Not To Be Nervous On The Tower of Terror
Hector the Lifeguard
Tomie DePaola
Paul Blart
Jon Favreau
Lenny and Squiggy
Papa Smurf
TJ & Max
Jason Ritter
Nick Palatas
Rowland Hussey Macy
Fozzie Bear
Adam Richman
The Berenstein Bears
Marshall, Will, and Holly (and Cha-ka)
Jim Halpert
The Founder of Sports By David
Babe Ruth
Bugs Bunny
Urban Meyer
Blue and Steve
Roger Federer & Kyle Busch
The PI Car
Keith Thibedeaux
Ice Bear
Paul from Cracked Like An Egg
Jeremy from Zits
Dr. Seuss & Santa Claus
Eric Chavez
Tim Urban
Dan Walsh
Beetle Bailey
Cookie Monster
The original cast of TRON
David Blaine
Jeffy from Family Circus
William Rosenberg
(I hope) Brian Miller and my dad
Brer Rabbit
The many GOATS (Greatest of All Time)
Halloween Month and Theme Thursday Creators
Jason Campbell
Acapella Groups
The Rooftop Skaters
Pirogie Mascots
Mark Zuckerburg
Sock from Reaper
Dylan & Nick
Larry Bird
Dwight Howard
Hannah Montana
The Phoenicians

and people who have not sent me thanks are the ones I dislike most:

Mady Gosselin
Robinson Cano
Armond White
Ta from LOTL
Cold Showers

(In case you didn't know those were major posts I did throughout)

Where 1,000 comes about in the real world

1 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000
There are 1,000 years in a millenium
A picture is worth a thousand words
Thousand Oaks, California
Thousand Foot Krutch is a band
ESPN 1000 is a Chicago radio station
Noah Ngeny holds the record for fastest run in a 1,000 meter race
The roman numeral is M
Hrosvit died in the year 1,000 A.D. she was a nun
On Christmas, 1,000 A.D. Stephen the First became King of Hungary

Happy 1,000!

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  1. Zoinks! That is A LOT of posts!!! Congrats, and here's to many, many more!