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Friday, October 26, 2012

Here Comes Treble Recap


  • Wow. This is the last Halloween episode of The Office. Sad. No more costumes...
  • I wish Jim dressed up for the last one, but he had that made-up costume. One of the Men in Black? Hahaha.
  • Stanley as Usain Bolt = best costume.
  • I think Toby had a mental breakdown in this episode. But that's what made The Office great in the glory days, the awkward scenes. Toby provided one.
  • Jim-Pam storyline isn't resolved quite yet.
  • Oh my god Creed and Erin always steal the scenes.
  • Finally saw Broccoli Rob! Here Comes Treble was quite the a capella group.


  1. Creed was great. But I see some trouble down the road for Jim and Pam...

  2. I didn’t register until just now that this will be the last Office Halloween special! That makes me so sad to think of it this way, so I’m glad that I’ll be able to permanently save it from my Hopper’s Primetime Anytime recordings into my own special Halloween folder on my hard drive. This way I can have a little bit of The Office for future Halloweens. I loved the costumes, and I thought Stephen Colbert did a great job on the show! Some of my co-workers at DISH and I took a poll of the best Halloween costume, and Creed clearly won as the best dressed, even though he didn’t realize it was Halloween- lol!