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Saturday, February 1, 2014

28 Day Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Challenge

To celebrate the month of Jimmy Fallon's departure from Late Night and move to The Tonight Show, I will be bringing back the month-long challenges! Haven't done one of these in a while, but it's good to be back. So, a cool thing about February is you get four posts a day. Awesome! Without further ado, let's begin. (Note: I created this challenge from scratch).

Day 1: Favorite Quality of Jimmy Fallon (Sorry I didn't know how to begin it).
Day 2: Favorite Higgins Moment
Day 3: Favorite Member of The Roots
Day 4: Favorite Late Night Writer
Day 5: Favorite Member of Late Night
Day 6: Favorite Weekly Sketch
Day 7: Favorite Annual Celebration
Day 8: Favorite Comedy Sketch
Day 9: Favorite Digital Original
Day 10: Favorite Musical Moment
Day 11: Favorite Game with the Audience
Day 12: Favorite Game with a Celebrity
Day 13: Favorite Interview
Day 14: Favorite Celebrity Ever on the Show
Day 15: Favorite Monologue Joke
Day 16: Favorite Thank You Note
Day 17: What You're Most Looking Forward to on The Tonight Show
Day 18: Favorite Late Night Hashtag
Day 19: Favorite Late Night Superlative
Day 20: Favorite Running Gag
Day 21: Favorite Moment from the Best of Fallon Special
Day 22: Favorite Viral Video
Day 23: Favorite Cold Open
Day 24: Favorite Recurring Character
Day 25: Favorite Musical Guest
Day 26: Favorite Recurring Sketch
Day 27: Favorite Promo
Day 28: Favorite Impression

So, to begin with the first day, I would have to say my favorite quality of Jimmy Fallon is how he'll do anything to have fun. He's very personable and seems like the nicest guy. The way Jimmy makes sure everyone is in on the joke is unparalleled.

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