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Friday, November 13, 2015

60 Favorite Television Characters: 36

Scrubs has a lot of great characters, but far and away the most tortured one is Perry Cox (though, I'd argue that Bob Kelso is a close second). And if you know me, I love tortured characters that make you feel and root for them simultaneously. And Dr. Cox is a good guy, deep down. He just has a very tough exterior. Fortunately, J.D. came into his life and helped break down the walls. It's no coincidence that some of the best, most memorable moments of Scrubs came when Dr. Cox was not arrogantly condescending J.D. or swaggering around the hospital exuding an aura of haughtiness. No, it was when he was vulnerable. Because it made the audience know that we were vulnerable, too.

Perry Cox: Supporting character on Scrubs portrayed by John C. McGinley.

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  1. Glad they made him more than a one-dimensional villain type.