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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

60 Favorite Television Characters: 38

I should tell you all about this next character by looking right into the camera, right into your eyes, should I not? Breaking the fourth wall is so overrated. Francis "Frank" Underwood is the main character on the American version of House of Cards, which, as I currently stand, is the only version I intend to watch. Three seasons deep and we have seen a lot from Frank. (Spoilers ahead, by the way.) He was majority whip before becoming vice president and then, ultimately, president. But he did it all without a single vote cast in his name, as he'd be quick to tell you. He is an evil, ruthless man whose Shakespearean qualities are worn right on his sleeve. Unfortunately, everyone in Washington D.C. seems to be illiterate. Or, at least, their literacy died with Zoe and her words.

Frank Underwood: Lead character on House of Cards portrayed by Kevin Spacey.