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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another GOAT: Greatest of All Time

Alright so last Theme Thursday the site was http://whatihavetosay2day.blogspot.com/2009/06/pitchthe-swingthe-play-at-plate.html. They made a great story about baseball. I bet I can top that. It's a great day for baseball. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The players are sweating and we're playing the team that Cam got a no-hitter against. The Tampa Bay Rays. The Baltimore Orioles are looking to clinch 1st Place in this game. It's the final game this season. Cam struggles a bit in the 1st and 2nd so Jack comes in to relieve. Now we're in the 5th. Kyle is pitching. He got out of the jam that was so critical. But now there is a major hole for the Orioles. They're down 17-12 in the last inning. Conner is up a hit! And he's out trying to go to second. Kyle gets a single. Cam a double. Jack strikes out. Connor a walk. Sam a triple. It looks like he's going to go home. Stand up home run. His second of the year. Didn't even have to slide! What? Come on it's 17-17! Sam didn't slide he's out! Jeers come from the O's bench and fans. One fan yells "Leave him at third!" Now Matt get's a single. Paul a single. Trevor out! Sam walks. Bases loaded. And Dave comes up. (Dave is me) he hits a single down the 3rd Baseline. Paul scores! 17-17! Trevor goes home! He's out that's three! Dave does a flip in the air. But we go to extras. Sam makes a good play at third. Then he catches a pop fly in center. For the other team Jack gets a single. Trevor a walk. John a single. Bases loaded. Jacob gets a triple. 20-17 Rays. Jack gets the runner out at second by a foot. Now Conner gets a walk. He goes to second on a Kyle single. Coach Joel tells him to go he stay then goes. He's out. Cam hits a double and Kyle scores. 20-18. Jack gets a hit and gets Cam home. 20-19. Jack get's out going to third. Now Connor gets a triple. A Oriole player yells. "Did he have to SLIDE!!!!???" Sam hits it to center over the head. Connor scores! Sam scores. Walk off. 21-20!! The team pounds everyone. The O's win! Awesome. Just awesome. The greatest ever!


  1. ahhh...baseball. love the game. it's never over until the last swing of the bat.

  2. That was the best game ever!

  3. Great post! You really caught the excitement that the game held last night! Was a nail-biter to the very end! Woohoo! Congrats!