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Friday, June 12, 2009

Top 10 TV Characters that Need To Leave

Everyone who reads my blog or will read my blog please continue this on.

#10- Meg Griffin- Family Guy

#9- Dwight Schrute- The Office

#8- Leslie Winkle- The Big Bang Theory

#7- Scrappy Doo- The Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show

#6- Steve Urkel- Family Matters

#5- Ta- Land of the Lost

#4- Nevel- iCarly

#3- Enik- Land of the Lost

#2- The Sleestak- Land of the Lost (I have a problem with some of the characters on this show)

#1- Mady Gosselin- Jon and Kate Plus 8


  1. Hahahaha - Great list! Ta is a jerk, but he is no where near as creepy as the Sleestak! And Enik is just looking out for himself, I guess. Leslie Winkle is sort of like Enik! hahahaha

    And yeah, SCRAPPY DOO stinks!

  2. hating on the Sleestak! sorry, a fan, of the show, not the movie...

    have to think...don't watch a whole lot of tv. nice list though.

  3. I can't live in a world without Dwight. But Scrappy Doo, oh how he needs to be destroyed.