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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

28 Day Mario Challenge

01. When did you start playing Super Mario Brothers

02. Favorite part about the game?

03. Favorite Super Mario Bros. character

04. Least Favorite Super Mario Bros. Character

05. Favorite Super Mario Bros. game

06. Least Favorite Super Mario Bros. game

07. Favorite Super Mario Brothers World

08. Least Favorite Super Mario Bros. world

09. Highest level you have reached

10. Did you see the Super Mario Bros. movie? If so, your favorite scene

11. Favorite piece of Super Mario Bros. merchandise you own

12. A Super Mario Bros video

13. A Super Mario Bros fan art

14. Most anticipated Future Super Mario Bros. Game

15. Favorite Super Mario Bros. spinoff game (Wario, Donkey Kong, etc).

16. Favorite Mario Kart race

17. Favorite power up

18. Favorite system to play on (e.g. Wii, DS, Super Nintendo)

19. Favorite Mario Party

20. A picture of you with Mario

21. Favorite Mario article of clothing

22. Favorite Mario game from 1980's

23. Favorite Mario game from 1990's

24. Favorite Mario game from 2000's

25. Favorite Mario game from 2010's

26. Favorite Mario quote

27. Favorite villian

28. Dream Mario Kart Team

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