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Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 DFTBA Tournament Elite Eight

The DFTBA Elite Eight of 2013 has finally been decided! Two number one seeds fell during the Sweet Sixteen and the inspirational stories of the Bruins, Red Sox and Patriots came to a close. NBC suffered a heartbreaking loss, Man v. Food was shockingly upended, the resurgence of Christmas fell short. Yet these eight remain. The number-one overall seed, Family. The Cinderella team making a name for themselves, Tower Heist. The highest seed alive (13), Leicester. The consistent powerhouse, Florida Gators. The Final Four or bust, Maine. The rookie surprise, Christmas Films. The sophomore up and comer, MexiCali Grill. And the team of momentum, The Office. Here are the official matchups:

Family v. Tower Heist
Leicester v. Florida Gators
Maine v. Christmas Films
MexiCali Grill v. The Office

In addition to this, the champion of the 2013 Consolation Tournament was decided. Disney World proved that their early exit was a fluke and that they'll be back next year with that fourth number one seed in tow.

And, as it always happens with the DFTBA Elite Eight, the uniforms of the remaining teams!

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  1. Cool! Here are my choices (and I like the uniforms!):

    The Office