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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Finally Finding Dory!

The long-awaited, long-anticipated, long-talked about sequel Finding Nemo is coming to fruition! Confirmation is here! We've already got the amazing Toy Story trilogy and Monsters University is slated for the summer. Now, Ellen DeGeneres (and Albert Brooks too) have finally had their wish come true! Ellen said, "it's got a lot more Dory," and "I don't mind that it took this long. I know the people over at Pixar were busy making Toy Story 16." Brooks and DeGeneres will both return with Andrew Stanton (awesome) at the helm. Apparently, it will star Dory, Marlin, (probably Nemo), and the Tank Gang. Not a bad crew. I'm holding out hope for Crush. 2015 will bode well for Pixar! Awesome!

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