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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Visit to Salem

My sister visited the tour of Salem State and my father and I walked around the town for the day. So I wrote a song and if you sing it to Allentown by Billy Joel it sounds better.

And we just had a visit in Salem, Mass
There was a store with some old witch grass
Some tarot cards and crystal balls
There were some very creepy voodoo dolls
We went out and we looked for an orgy
Instead we sat on a bench by the shore, Gee
It was very windy near the beach
This town would be a great place to teach
There was a house built in 1701
Now I bet you think this song is done
But we also saw a homeless man
Near an odd sign, Dad fixed a plant
The Hess station produced a chicken sign
There was a book that had gypsy on the spine
We thought it was a regular bookstore
But it had some really weird gypsy gore
We walked down a mile-long wharf
Saw a metrosexual, Swedish dwarf
Some girls got ruined by a sandstorm
I freaked some drivers out of the norm
We got picked up as it rained
I think that the song now has Salem explained

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