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Friday, April 26, 2013

Paper Airplane Review


  • Pretty crazy that The Office has yet to do an episode featuring paper airplanes. The elite seven and Toby. Oh, Toby. Of course he gets hit in the eye.
  • Creed throws a cantaloupe and takes a bow. Ah, Creed. You make no sense.
  • I get the feeling that something is up with Erin freaking out at losing the contest. Andy got mad once or twice before, didn't he?
  • Why did they let Kevin make 140 paper airplanes before telling him to pick one. Lol, my goodness.
  • I couldn't actually remember what Wilbur and Orville's last names really were after Kevin said Redenbacher.
  • "I like a little feather in my nuggets."
  • "Two grand, huh? I know a guy that can turn that into $800. Hint, it's me."
  • It had to come down to Dwight and Angela, didn't it? Those two aren't getting together without being put through the ringer, huh? Lordy.
  • First time that I haven't seen Dwight so pumped up about winning something. "Don't you dare tank this."
  • Some of those paper airplane tosses were really really good. Like scary good.
  • Angela seems to have loosened up a little bit during this season. She should have taken the chance with Dwight, though. Don't like Esther.
  • I love that Darryl went with Andy to his first role. I thought that their friendship had been forgotten.
  • By the way, does Andy know about Jim, Darryl and Athlead?
  • "I'm ready for my close-up!"
  • "Hold up, I'm looking at my spit in this microscope."
  • I could never wash my eyes out like Andy did. He's on his way though. "Kid can act."
  • Oh, god, the Jim and Pam tenseness was too much to bear. I didn't appreciate it, but I am glad that I acknowledged it. Loved Clark's line though, "Are you guys high?" He's growing on me.
  • Loved the little things that they did with Jim and Pam. Jim forgets his umbrella and it was raining when he proposed to her. Jim goes to wave to Pam and she doesn't see it and he awkwardly pulls back like in The Secret and The Carpet. The silence of being so scared that now words come out like in Booze Cruise and Casino Night. Greg Daniels was right. Office fans are really getting off on all of the little things thrown in here and there.
  • I don't believe that Jim and Pam are 100% better now, but they both realized at the same time how much is on the line and how much they're fighting for.
  • She hugged him back.
  • One of the top ten Jim and Pam moments EVER. So great. After a year of tumultuous moments with these two, it was such a great pay-off, it was so goddamned rewarding.
  • Plus, I loved the return to the wedding. That was done so so so so so well. Tom reading the thing about love. The revisit of Andy's uncomfortable scrotum, seeing Michael and Ryan in the crowd and Jim and Pam who, for the first time, we heard words spoken at their wedding. SO AMAZING. Heart unblocked.
  • Only three episodes left now :(. Livin' the Dream, A.A.R.M. and Finale. Oh, god.
  • You should really watch the great Jim and Pam moment. I already have about ten times. Here it is:

Awesome episode.

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  1. Was definitely a great episode for the season. Glad Jim and Pam seem to be reconnecting now, too. About time!