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Friday, February 13, 2015

VH1 Classic's SNL Marathon

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Saturday Night Live, VH1 Classic boasted the longest marathon of any one show. The marathon that was 433 hours long and featured hundreds of SNL episodes began on January 28th with the most recent available for syndication and rewound through the seasons all the way back to when George Carlin hosted the first episode. The marathon ended at 8:00 on February 15th when NBC's primetime special aired. The marathon was so much fun to watch as you could see so many different constants and changes, too. It had fun blocks like the Justin Timberlake Block and the Steve Martin Block and the bumpers (Lazy Sunday, Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, and more) were always entertaining to watch. Some movies like The Blues Brothers and MacGruber were interspersed in the marathon, as well. Thanks to VH1 Classic for doing it! I recorded many episodes, including:

George Carlin/Billy Preston and Janis Ian
Paul Simon/Randy Newman and Art Garfunkel
Richard Pryor/Gil Scott-Heron
Paul Simon/George Harrison
Steve Martin/Randy Newman
Chevy Chase/Billy Joel
Steve Martin/The Blues Brothers
Carrie Fisher/The Blues Brothers
Eric Idle/Bob Dylan
Donald Pleasence/Fear
Michael McKean/The Folksmen
Ringo Starr/Herbie Hancock
Eddie Murphy/Robert Plant
Martin Short/Randy Newman
Robin Williams/James Taylor
John Malkovich/Anita Baker
Leslie Nielsen/Cowboy Junkies
Bruce Willis/Neil Young
Rob Lowe/The Pogues
Alec Baldwin/The B-52's
Alec Baldwin/Whitney Houston
Macaulay Culkin/Tin Machine
Jerry Seinfeld/Annie Lennox
Tom Hanks/Bruce Springsteen
Christopher Walken/Arrested Development
Bill Murray/Sting
Charles Barkley/Nirvana
Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger/UB40
Courtney Cox/Dave Matthews Band
Phil Hartman/Gin Blossoms
Phil Hartman/Bush
Matthew Perry/Oasis
Chris Farley/The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Rudolph Giuliani/Sarah McLachlan
Ben Stiller/Alanis Morissette
Bill Murray/Lucinda Williams
Jerry Seinfeld/David Bowie
Ben Affleck/Fiona Apple
Tobey Maguire/Sisqo
Katie Holmes/Dave Matthews Band
Winona Ryder/Moby
Christopher Walken/Foo Fighters
Justin Timberlake
Tom Brady/Beck
Tom Hanks/Red Hot Chili Peppers
Justin Timberlake
Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters
Brian Williams/Feist
Shia LaBeouf/My Morning Jacket
Jon Hamm/Coldplay
Steve Martin/Jason Mraz
Justin Timberlake/Ciara
Will Ferrell/Green Day
Jon Hamm/Michael Buble
Zach Galifianakis/Vampire Weekend
Jon Hamm/Rihanna
Paul Rudd/Paul McCartney
Ed Helms/Paul Simon
Justin Timberlake/Lady Gaga
Alec Baldwin/Radiohead
Jimmy Fallon/Michael Buble
Mick Jagger/Arcade Fire
Bruno Mars
Martin Short/Paul McCartney
Justin Timberlake
Kristen Wiig/Vampire Weekend
Ben Affleck/Kanye West
Paul Rudd/One Direction
Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake
Melissa McCarthy/Imagine Dragons

Suuuch a good marathon.

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  1. Was a great trip back through time, that is for sure. For the 50th, some network should do a complete marathon of every episode! That would be epic!