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Saturday, September 26, 2015

50 Favorite Albums: 20

Forgive me, for the most famous album cover of all-time is merely ranked at the twenty spot on my list of fifty favorite albums. Now, I know this is not a spot to scoff at (and there are still more Beatles to come), but some hardcore fans might consider attacking me. But I stand by my choice! Essentially, Abbey Road was the final album from The Beatles. Let It Be was the last one released, but Abbey Road was the last one recorded. And you can really feel how the end was coming in this album. Not only had their looks radically changed, but so did the songs. Gone were the days of psychedelic rock, but instead each and every installment had shades of the entire discography from The Beatles combined to form one last hurrah. Ringo was given the controls on Octopus's Garden, Paul on Oh! Darling, John on Come Together, and George on Here Comes the Sun. It was a blend of the best of their geniuses. Oh, and Something is just beautiful, as well.

Abbey Road: 1969 blend rock album from The Beatles.

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  1. Classic that definitely deserves a spot on your list!