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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Glowing Review

Wet. Hot. American. Summer. First. Day. Of. Camp. This might very well be the greatest television program I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. It's about time I talked about it here. A few years back, I stumbled upon a late night Comedy Central airing of Wet Hot American Summer, an obviously low-budget comedy from (as the info button told me) 2001 and my attention was caught by Paul Rudd. I watched the whole film that night and loved it. After that, I kind of forgot about it until the brand new Netflix buzz took the world by storm. An eight-episode prequel series which took a lot out of me to not simply binge, but savor over the course of two days. That's how long I managed to stretch out the greatness. I don't want to spoil anything about it if you haven't seen it yet, but let's just say that it's genius with genius writers and genius actors and the whole thing is so tight and perfect and smart and hilarious and I cannot wait to watch it again and again. A beautiful program. Run, don't walk.

Enjoy this great moment again if you have already seen the show!

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  1. Weird and wacky fun, that's for sure. A great summer series!