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Friday, September 4, 2015

What Next? with Creed Bratton

"What Next? with Creed Bratton" (Pilot Episode)“The most important thing in this life, in this business, is relevance.” ~ Ray RyanLOGLINE:In an attempt to stay relevant an out of work actor takes on ordinary day jobs resulting in unpredictable, extraordinary results.SYNOPSIS:This fictional story, based on factual events, delves into the biological ether that is Creed Bratton. After 9 years of being “on top” in a hit tv show, Creed is faced with the harsh realities of accepting the third act of his extraordinary life and career. Unsure of his aging client’s future, Ray Ryan (Creed’s arrogant, smarmy, leach of an agent - and barely out of the mailroom) concocts a scheme; under the guise of “1st person research”, Ray convinces Creed that he can keep him “relevant” by getting him real world, young­-people­-work in exchange for 15% of his daily wages. A ridiculous proposal that Creed accepts with open arms. Each episode chronicles Creed’s enthusiastic first day of work on a new job, but inevitably ends with him being fired. Simply for being himself. However, all is not lost as the Tao of Creed (ever present) results in a lesson learned for all involved. Equal parts humor and humility, this series tackles those big life questions; legacy, work, purpose, happiness and animal spirits. Yes, animal spirits. This is a raw, hilarious, scripted, yet unpredictable look into the multi­dimensional life (and mind) of an intriguing artist, a public figure & an overall bizarre human that is being.
Posted by What Next? with Creed Bratton on Monday, July 13, 2015

For his follow up to The Office, Creed Bratton released a new "show" on his Facebook page titled What Next? with Creed Bratton that deals with the "third act" of the actor's life. It's a peculiar thing, but worth sharing because, hey, he's a part of The Office forever.

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  1. Interesting and odd. Pretty much what Creed has always been about! LOL